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Thank you all so much for your advice! I'll admit, I probably has some kind of internalized bias against the fighter, but I really shouldn't because wow! That is so much better than anything I was thinking of!
Another question however, would the Drill Sergeant fighter archetype (what can I say, I have a weakness for archetypes) be worth it for the Tactician ability (assuming the player wants it)? Tactician and another teamwork feat definitely seem worth it in exchange for bravery, and besides bravery, they don't really lose anything for our purposes until really high (19th!) levels.
Otherwise, thank you so much for the tips! I'll make sure to show the player that build and make sure they like it!

Isabelle Lee wrote:
I wrote the sanguine angel...

I just wanted to say I love literally everything you write, especially the Sanguine Angel! Thank you so much!

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I have an album on my phone entitled Character Pictures that I save to any artwork I find online that piques my interest or that I just like and want to make a character for. It has over 500 pictures.

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An issue I had with my group was that one player in particular had big issues in working for the guard, even though I explicitly told him prior to starting the campaign that I wanted characters that were open to that kind of thing. He also tried to incite riots during the more intense anarchy scenes, such as right after they emerged from Gaedren's den and during Trinia's execution. So, I would watch out for that kind of thing unless you specifically prepare for it, unlike me.