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A player of mine wants to make a Grey Maiden who goes into Sanguine Angel and I suggested the Cavalier archetype Sister-In-Arms, but besides that I don't really have that much advice for them. Help?

The only thing that is certain is that they want to twf with a long sword and shield and use Sisterhood Style. Assume human for the bonus feat.

My dog had to be put down two days ago and I wanted to make her in Pathfinder as a way to memorialize her.

I wanted to make her a blink dog companion with magus levels using this feat, but everything I've seen about it is that it's a bad feat. Are there any changes that could be made to it to make it more balanced? This would be used in a three person party, so it would be alright if it was a bit strong, but I would prefer something that is balanced for a normal party so it could be used in the future as well.

Any suggestions?

Specifically, the character in question is an Aasimar and is the granddaughter of Queen Tashanna.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on incorporating this background into the AP since, as far as I can tell, there aren't any notes in the AP itself.

Would people such as the Black Rider recognize the character's heritage? Some denizens of the hut seem to react to other kin of Baba Yaga (Anastasia), so would they react similarly to the PC?

I thought about this question while reading the last book of Reign of Winter, The Witch Queens Revenge.

Reign of Winter Spoilers:
In the "Continuing the Campaign" section, it talks about Dear Grandmother's Winter Collectors, what they do, where they are, etc.

I was wondering precisely how they "leeched cold energy" considering, assuming scientific principles are the same, the absence of energy makes something cold. While the answer is probably going to be "Yes, but magic," I was wondering there was some other, more logical explanation. Maybe something akin to a quantum air conditioner lol

For a friend's campaign, I'm making a character who worships a trio of gods, namely Arshea, Sarenrae, and Milani. I already cleared it with my DM and he rules that I can take anything that requires the worship of any of the three.

Are there any specific feats, traits, or otherwise that would be good to look into, maybe with synergy from the different gods abilities? The character is a Pei Zin Practitioner Oracle of Life to function as a single-classed oradin type character. Note: I plan on having her take Dervish Dance and Flame Blade Dervish, so a few feats are taken up.

One of my player is playing a magus who really likes using Wands of Magic Missile. I was thinking of making a Magus Arcana that essentially copies the Staff-like Wand Arcane Discovery.

Would just copying the details and prerequisites, changing the wizard level into magus level, be a good idea or does it need changes?

Note: The player wouldn't abuse this, if there is a way to. And if he does, it wouldn't be an issue for me to restrict the ability.