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@Kayin - I'd say you moving into position was your one act, IIRC. So DC 11 and 10 minutes on a fail.

@Titan - Titan's Bow on the wiki. It is a +1 Longbow with Undead Bane: The zombie’s essence of death bonds with the bow turning it black as midnight. It excels against undead. Against an undead foe, the weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against such foes. (Death1: Zombie)

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Hey all. Sorry, been an up and down last week with illness rampant. I'm doing well and trying to get the game back going. Lot's of things to get altered and set for the next stage.

Next week is busy for me as my company's Board is meeting for 3 days. I'll post today, and then should be back with a vengeance come the 26th or so.

Updated rules on finding and imbuing essences for this campaign can be found HERE. I'm still filling out the possible magical abilities that result from imbuing essences which can be found HERE. These are just a few of the abilities. You will have a lot of flexibility to request different abilities. If you have something in mind, just ask.


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@Niyut - Sounds good.


@All - Truk & I are working out a few ideas via PM. They should be resolved before we move forward. I have a good idea of what actions everyone wants to do next. Is everyone agreeable to let me do a cinematic scene to wrap everything up as the next post?

In that scene, I will have:

1. Niyut collect the essences from Prisca and take possession of Prisca's staff;
2. Garidan's bunny situation resolved;
3. Raektov rejoin the group;
4. Asulad & Yazgah rescued from the trees;
5. Truk'tosh & Gruskorb banishment to the Dreaming resolved; and
6. A few other surprises.

Additionally, I will summarize some of the party's options to move forward in the campaign. Of course, if you all agree, you can take off in any wild direction you want.

Lastly, let's discuss Gruskorb. While every character has a 'bound soul' arc, none of those arc's were part of the original plot to gather the Hazards for Bærwynnd. However, Gruskorb does carry the Sapling of the Ancient Chestnut Tree which may prove useful in the future.

So, the question is: Do we want to recruit someone to take over Gruskorb? Or recruit another player to create a fifth character that takes over the role of Gruskorb but not the character? Or do we want to continue as a foursome with the sapling recovered from the Dreaming?

Or does anyone have another option?

With all that said, welcome to 10th level... finally!

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Ysildaë rifles through the desk to find a stack of high quality parchment, a pair of ink vials, a fine quill and a small length of sealing wax. The open crate in the middle of the room is filled with wood shavings. The workbench has several small vials filled with different liquids. Two larger flasks sit in the back left corner of the bench. The small, unopened wooden box is nailed shut. A small brand on top of the box says "QUONOS sü MÉHNSARRI".

The Bank of Quonos.

As Ysildaë reaches down to remove the lid from the partially opened large crate, she feels a draft coming from the southern wall. Stepping to the wall she finds a loose stone wall which removes easily from the wall revealing a small metal lever.

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@Truk'tosh - Well... given that you wrote that awesome piece of RP with your armor and dedicated your day to Mylesar (and did it well before you ralized that stacking issue)... and just inspired me to write Mylesar's deific obedience entry... I'll do ya one better.

Provided that Truk'tosh makes the same or a similar dedication to Mylesar on a daily basis, Mylesar will infuse Truk's Magic Vestment spell with his divine power, making the spell impart a sacred bonus to your AC rather than an enhancement bonus.

That dedication to Morgrym's god has been brewing for a while. I really liked how Truk has been struggling with that part of himself and his guest for some time. Great job!

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Niyut wrote:

What is the universe of things Rage-Related that Truk can do with that Enchantment Arcane Essence?

1. Could he upgrade the minor rage granted by the axe into a full rage/blood rage?

2. Could he add rage powers to his rage?

Sure, the Enchantment essence imbued to his axe will alter that ability to a full unchained barbarian rage. I'd allow ethereal essences added to the axe to grant abilities similar to rage powers. Depending on the power, it may take or 1 or more essences.

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Niyut wrote:

Awesome! What's the level of this ritual, and the skill checks required? Are these components rare and rough cost in GP? Niyut will probably end up using Blood Sacrifice to substitute in for the component once her spells refresh and "rare" components can increase the difficulty to attune the blood ruby to Ritual in question.

It's not a rare component but a specifically, unique one. So, I'd rule that Blood Sacrifice won't work. The idea is that the item is cursed by a person or an event. You will need a specific item from that person or that event, etc. For example, Juju the necromancer creates a dagger that causes damage to the wielder. To remove the curse, you may need to find Juju and use a bone from his dominate hand as part of the ritual to remove the curse. Only a real bone from Juju's right hand will work. I'll work up the base ritual soon, as well as, the components for the various cursed items.

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I'd say 1 EE would be sufficient, but I'd require some sort of action dedicated to Mylesar to grant that power to the divine casting bond. It could be calling out a kill-shot, maybe a feat of strength, perhaps even a prayer or dedication.

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You've gained 4 Ethereal Essences that were reabsorbed by Asuda's staff.

Orc #2 - Dubok, the Bloodrager: no armor, magical falchion, magical necklace of braided hair and fangs.

Orc #3 - Urul, the Warpriest: no armor, magical cestus, non-magical prayer beads made of humanoid knucklebones.

Orc #4 - Mol, the Slayer: magical leather lemellar; masterwork greataxe, potion, magic radiating from his hands which are scarred and partially deformed.

Orc #5 - Slaugh, the Barbarian: magical breastplate encased in hardened leather, magical greataxe, potion

Each orc had a leather pouch with some dried meats and a waterskin. Little else of value.

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@All - I've been emailing with Randall for the past couple of weeks. He's opted not to create a new character at this time. RL has reared up on him and he's pulling back from playing. Hopefully, we'll see him in the future.

Just didn't want all of you thinking that I killed him and never addressed it with him.

As a reminder, this campaign is suppose to be dark and difficult. I'm not pulling punches and not trying to "balance" encounters. You may run into situations that its best to run and fight another day.

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Ok, did more reading up on the leyline rules. I should and will codify them on the wiki with a few changes I've made as soon as I can.

But for now, to answer your question.

You can do an opposed CL check as Niyut did before or...

PFSRD wrote:
Dispel magic and similar effects can break a creature’s attunement to a ley line; the caster attempting to break the attunement must succeed at a caster level check with a DC equal to 11 + the caster level of the ley line.

The leyline of Death at this location has a Caster Level of 15. So, the DC is 26 to dispel her connection. This doesn't take control, but it could disrupt or at least pause the ritual as the leyline connection is required for the ritual.

My apologies, as I just realized this requirement wasn't in the ritual entry on the wiki. I've updated it.

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GM Screen:

YsilPer: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Searching the corpse, she finds a well-used dagger and a short sword. A small pouch on its belt contains 12 silver and 4 gold pieces. It's leather armor reeks of smell of death. As she rises from the body, she notices a dark birth mark behind its right ear. Looking closer it appears to be tattoo of a backwards "R" sharing the same spine to an "F". When she looks over the work bench, she finds some standard smithing tools as well as a set of parchments bearing scematics of several devices. However, the elf cannot fathom the purpose for which they would be used.

I've added the Tattoo on the google slide with the maps.

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GM Screen:


As you watch the Soulbleed perform the ritual, you begin to understand. She mutters some cosmic language that you would have never understood but for your spell. She speaks of the living nightmare that cuts into the Ether and of the end of halcyon days of the First Lands. In her left hand a glowing, opaque stone pulses with energy drawn from the fire atop the Gathering Stone. With her right hand, she reaches out carressing the Gatherng Stone. With each touch, the fire rages stronger and flashes its energy. The humanoid figures lying, shrouded upon the toppled stones, convulse slightly as the energy wraps around them. They make no sound.

You stare in wonder and awe of the necrotic power you are witnessing. Then you recognize the ley line upon which the Gathering Stone rests. It is Death... and the Soulbleed has tapped it.

Components: V, S, M (a dream stone, 5 living mortals);
Skill Checks: Knowledge (arcana) DC 37, 3 successes; Knowledge (planes) DC 37, 3 success; Spellcraft DC 37, 3 success.
Range: touch
Target: one Gathering Stone
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: none; Spell Resistance: no

The figure silently flies forward. It's penetrating stair is unnerving. It's mouth gaepes wide, but the creature does not emit a sound. It flies several feet forward, reaching out an incorporeal hand at Truk'tosh.

Please give me a DC19 Will save. Fail = You fall unconscious.

A Nightmare in the Forest - Round 1

Malthazir (62/62, PfEvil) <-- UP
Garidan (88/88, PfEvil) <-- UP
Verthag (108/113, Healing1 rd10) <-- UP
Truk'tosh (116/116, PfEvil) <-- UP
Shadowy Figure (-0)

Status Effects: Protection from Evil 4/8 min remaining

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Yes. The runes share a single, spine with the R reversed. The spine starts at the bell tower, runs through the Mother's Rest and ends at the Tower Gate. The top upperward sloping marks of the F rune connects the Bell Tower and the Constable's Príosún ending at the Griffon's Beak, a rugged cliff in the mountains. The lower mark of the F rune connects the Mother's Rest and the Old Market ending near the walled off pass to the Estates. The upper portion of the reversed R runs from the Bell Tower to the Cracked Barrel Brewery to the Mother's Rest. The lower arm of the reversed R runs from the Mother's Rest to By Hammer and Hand. The three links of chain in the tattoo run from the Bell Tower to the Tower Bridge. These eight stone structures are the only ones to have survived the great fire of 6922 E.C. I've updated your larger map to reflect how the tattoo's geometric shapes spell out the letters.

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GM Screen:

Fire6: 22d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 1, 4, 5, 1, 5, 4, 4, 6, 4, 2, 6, 3, 2, 5, 3, 4, 2, 2, 4, 3) = 77

"Create Water can make it rain," posted by Jason Bulmahn

Over the next minute the flames race across the ceiling with Toraim's prayers to Valthyra bringing a flow of water over the flames. On two occasions the flames catch the wooden beams on fire, but the dwarf is able to dowse them. Upon inspection the long dead carcass of a giant spider is found in the northeast corner of the room, tucked between the floor joists.

Combat and Crisis Over

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@Ysildae - Alchemically created haunt siphons? No. But I would allow a casting bond to be imbued with some essence to gain this power. A repose, death or necromancy could all potentially give such a power.

@Maria - If you want to give me an SOP on when to use your Inspiration for a save, feel free. It just needs to be basic and not too overly complex. If you said, "If A happens, or B happens... or Z happens, then..." then I'll say No. If it is, "If Maria has more than 1 Inspiration, she'll always use one for a bonus to Fort saves." I can work with that.

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@Ysildaë, a Haunt is not an undead but somewhere between a hazaard and an undead. I would likely not have given him the +2 save as the effect was not an undead/necromancy type effect. Either way, its moot now.

Out of curiosity, I ran the dice rolls before posting...

If Toraim missed the throw (and btw, it had 18 HP which is exactly the damage he caused), the next round would have looked like this.

The Crying Voice - Round 5

Child (destroyed)
Ysildaë (-8/21, unconscious, dying, stunned rd7)
Maria (-1/20, unconscious, dying)
The Voice (-13)
Akula (-3/20, disabled)
Toraim (0/22, disabled)

Disabled, Toraim could have grabbed another flask but not yet thrown it. Akula could have stepped up and used a fervor but would have needed a 5 (only 33% chance) to disable it. If she failed to roll enough damage, the next round would have been:

The Crying Voice - Round 6

Child (destroyed)
Ysildaë (-11/21, DEAD)
Maria (-4/20, unconscious, dying)
The Voice (-13)
Akula (-9/20, disabled, stunned rd7)
Toraim (-3/22, unconscious, dying)

Next round since everyone is unconscious or stunned:

The Crying Voice - Round 7

Child (destroyed)
Ysildaë (-12/21, DEAD)
Maria (-5/20, unconscious, dying)
The Voice (-13)
Akula (-10/20, disabled)
Toraim (-5/22, unconscious, dying)

Then if her second fervor didn't disable it (she's rolled 4 or less total between the two rolls):

The Crying Voice - Round 8

Child (destroyed)
Ysildaë (-12/21, DEAD)
Maria (-8/20, unconscious, dying)
The Voice (-13)
Akula (-13/20, disabled)
Toraim (-8/22, unconscious, dying)

And then Akula gets her third and final Fervor, which should get the 5 HP needed unless she rolled 3 consecutive "1's"... at that point both Maria and Toraim would have a couple of chances to stabilize since Akula can't heal any more...

So, net result is it was highly likely that Ysildaë dies, and that either Maria or Toraim would have died...

Close call!

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As for the Misfortune revelation:

I'd to ask each PC to "call" for the reroll for themselves in OOC if/when they want to use it. Everybody will get it 1/day.

Then, on MY next post, I will make the reroll for you. My roll will count for better or worse. Putting success conditions on the outcome, will not count as the revelation explicitly says it must be used prior to knowing the result.

This way:

1. No retcon as the "call" must be in the character's post after they roll, but before I announce the result.

2. No waiting for the oracle to post... just waiting on me.

3. No monkey business with the "preview" function. :D

I'd suggest making the call for misfortune in ALL CAPS in [ooc] to avoid me missing it.

If Kayin wants to use it on an NPC< I'd ask for some conditions in which he'd like to use it... NPC enemy rolls 20, NPC ally rolls a 5<, etc.

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Ok, I think I've got it.

I'm going to add to the Create Reliquary Arms & Shields as the 3rd level bonus feat. I'm modifying the feat in a few ways.

1. Any reliquary will affect Sacred Space the same as Consecrate.

2. Reliquaries made by a forgemaster gain Consecrate Spell metamagic 1/day for any cleric wielding the reliquary. Additionally, other casters can get this benefit if they take the Deific Obedience feat and perform their obedience that day.

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I hope everyone had a great weekend, and now it is time to get this game rolling.

My goal for today is to get the last couple of character sheets reviewed and commented on: provide a few other background and insights for every character and get the initial post completed. Secondarily, I’m trying to finish up the deities entries. You may notice several changes for them as I work through the details. Please note that these are draft versions. Until I post in the discussion thread that the deity is ready for play, it is still in draft form.

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Bright Tower Maps | Last Haven Table #1 Maps | Last Haven Table #2 Maps

Below is a list of a few things I'm working on to get us started:

1. Review character sheets. Done.
2. Fleshout the deity entries for Amus, Dasyra & Valthyra; including Paladin Codes!
3. Update Forgepriest archtype for Valthyra, specifically the 5th level feat. Done.
4. Lastly, finish adding elements of The Point from my notes to the wiki.
5. Provide some background bits for some of you and respond to questions in PM's.

Let me know if there is anything I'm missing.

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So, that's a wrap on recruitment.

I'm still working out my thoughts on the characters but will hopefully be posting something later today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

I want to thank everyone for the time and energy they put into their characters.


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I'm thinking for future reference, the razor grass is 5' tall and thick and sharp. I'm going to treat it like Obscuring Mist, but as Cover rather than just Concealment since it is a physical barrier. So, anything in the grass gets partial cover if you are within 5' of them. If beyond 5', they have total cover.

This would make the events that just played out, plausible. They got within 5' of the path and your pseudodragon sensed them just as they attacked.

If you want to take him up in the air, I'd give him a range equal to his height, max 30'. This takes into account the angle of observation (since looking down has less cover), but it also takes the sphere of his range into account.

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Garidan Vissir wrote:

If I wanted to create entirely new alchemical items, what would the process be?

Would I just tell you what effect I want, what category I think it should be in--tool, remedy, brew, etc.--and then let you determine the DC and drawbacks of the item (and recipe, if I want to be able to make it spontaneously as well normally)? Or would skill checks to actually do the research needed be required on my end (maybe with the result determing the potency of the resulting recipe)?

I would let you do research (with a crafting roll) to make some things you've encountered before. For new things, I'll either introduce them through the Collecting Things book or another source for you. Feel free to suggest things you'd like to discover and I'll consider them in the future.

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Garidan Vissir wrote:

Valjoen, to refresh your mind, here is a list of things I've been waiting on decisions about from you.

Increases from Garidan's latest life essence. The secondary ability has already been granted, as was the bonus increase to an ability score for being his fourth feat essence.

I updated the wiki some time ago but didn't post here. Sorry.

Garidan Vissir wrote:
Ruling on adding spontaneous alchemy rules to the campaign, possible recipes for stuff unique to Talanor. Related, giving Garidan access-via the ethereal essence that he took in for the skill bonus to Craft (alchemy)--to a couple of recipes to get him started until you can retreat to your GM Lair and cook up some things for him to find (or not, as the campaign dictates). I'd asked for one general recipe and one alcoholic.

I'm good with the spontaneous alchemy. I'll give you 2 recipes to start, your choices. Just post them here and I'll add them to the wiki.

Garidan Vissir wrote:
Also related to above, status of things such Ursikka saliva and oil of Vra'lithe (or at least the grape seeds from which it is pressed) possibly being considered reagents. (Or maybe something between reagent and alchemical ingredient, unique to the campaign?)

They are listed on the wiki under Components. I'll be adding items there and recipes under the grimoire, Collecting Parts, Living & Dead.

Garidan Vissir wrote:
Bestiary of creatures encountered and examined via Knowledge skills, with information revealed listed for reference purposes (if you need help with this one, I'm sure we'd be willing to chip in if asked).

I'll be adding them going forward, and trying to add the old ones as I can. If someone wanted to make a list for me to reference that would be very helpful.

Garidan Vissir wrote:

Modifying his rapier's bane ability, as per the following:

Garidan Vissir wrote:
Valjoen, per this comment on Garidan using an essence to modify his rapier's existing bane ability, I'm curious to know if spending an essence in this fashion would count towards the limit (by character level) of essences permitted to weapon abilities. Or would the essence be folded into the one already spent on the base bane effect?

Each essence would count towards the limit.

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GM Screen:

REG&G: 1d12 ⇒ 6
REG&G: 1d12 ⇒ 10

14th of Selefis, 7995 E.C., 10:00 p.m.

With Niyut...

"You are full of questions, aren't you, Niyut?" laughs the little gnome. "Zylstra is 77th Hazard of Quonos line of Hazards, They are the heir to the seat of the Evokers following the sacking of Firsthaven. The Hazard has bloodlines to several kings of Esteparon, and he is loyal to Lord Eignach Ó Daimhín, the current Duke of Quonos. The Duke is a good man. The pair of them will receive you kindly if you come with aid... as they may need it. The Broanins, as a whole, are hard working people but much of their population is rural as your companion Garidan could attest to." Rhykal smiles as though remembering some far off vision. Looking back at Niyut, she continues, "Convincing? Like many of the Hazard, she'll want to ensure the safety of her liege first, and the world second. There must be a good reason that she toils and doesn't answer Bærwynnd's call... like myself. Which reminds me, I must be heading out to the Circle soon."

With Truk'tosh...

Venturing out into the hallway, the half-orc retraces his steps and descends the stairs into the entry chamber. A few robed wizards, including the young man that had brought his bath water, are transporting a few chests toward the front door to the tower. When the young wizard spots Truk, he stops and scurries over.

"A thousand pardons, sir. I was just helping the others with the last of the... things. Chests! Yes, chests," he stutters. "What can I do for you?"

14th of Selefis, 7995 E.C., 11:00 p.m.

WIht Garidan & Gruskorb...

Over the next hour, the pair of scavengers are able to get directions to some of the shops in the upper city; including the tailor, canvasser, tanner, wheelwright, lamp maker, baker, and pack master. They locate a large loom at the canvasser, but realize quickly that the bulky contraption is nottransportable by them. At these locations, they find some general supplies and tools totaling nearly 1,000 gp in value. Additionally, they find dry goods and other bulk food items in large barrels in the attached homes of four of the shops. While in fine condition, the barrels would require Tacal and the cart to move them. Lastly, they fine a row of nicer homes that have just been abandoned. Gruskorb is able to collect a sacks worth of silver and gold adornments from the households in short order. From the total haul he would estimate a value of over 10,000 gold pieces if he was able to sell them. To Garidan's delight, he did find 3 casks of oil, a collapsible bathtub, 5 jars of ink along with a half-dozen quills, 1 vial of invisible (good) ink, a masterwork spyglass, 2 vials of cardice oil, 2 stormstones, and 5 doses of black pesh.

Entering the final house from the back, they find the kitchen and see a small backpack sitting on a wooden table. A pair of silvery gloves rest aside the satchel. Before they snatch it, a voice calls out. "I'll be right there, Gerrtie. Just grabbing my pack from the kitchen..."

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Calledrym has always been represented by a giant eagle. He would travel about the Material Plane surveying and defending his holdings which are expansive just as is the Plane of Air. His travel domain isn't for pleasure of folly, for sure. Even travel for the experience would be outside of his purvey. So, although certainly Travel wouldn't be restricted or forbidden under some circumstances, his need and use of Travel is for a particular purpose... to conquer and rule.

However, keep in mind that organized religion, in this case the Temple of the Tempest Eternal, is one culture's interpretation of their gods' tenets. Calledrym isn't nearly as authoritative and imperious as the Kingdom of Haemil portrays him. They have just latched on to that aspect of Calledrym and emphasized it to the extreme.

@Garidan - In Gruskorb's absense, any direction you can provide regarding the scavenging would get us moving faster. I don't want to make the determination of the duration that the two of you are gone from the rest of the group. I'd prefer to have you make that decision. Thx.

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14th of Selefis, 7995 E.C., 10:00 p.m.

With Niyut...

Rhykal smiles at Niyut and enters the oracle's room, taking a seat at the table. She studies Niyut for a while then responds softly. "It is a common belief among the educated that only those initiated in the rites and practices of magic can cast spells... be they arcane or divine in nature. Yet, we know that there are those Beings in the world that draw the Ether from the primal leylines that exist throughout our world. And many Beings are gifted power from patrons and muses... and other powerful immortals. Yet, the power of every mortal's souls is such that it can access the Ether if they know how. Hidden are the mysteries of another form of spellcasting, ritual magic," Rhykal stops to see Niyut's reaction. Satisfied that the oracle is interested, she continues. "These spells are rare, and they are coveted by both those eager to gain their power and those wishing to hide their existence. Most wizards consider these rituals dangerous and uncontrollable, something to be avoided or used as a last resort. They fear the power these ceremonies grant to the uninitiated, as the rituals allow those with only a glimmering of understanding the ability to interact with the underlying fabric of the Ether." The little gnome conjures a goblet of wine and relaxes further into the soft chair.

"The priests, especially those of Calledrym and Thaedymar, not to mention Kiravor's unhinged disciples," she snorts with condemnation. "They would call such practices blasphemy, just as many of them call the Artes Magicae an offense to the gods. But mind you, the process of casting these rituals is fraught with peril. The strange and intricate incantations are often challenging to perform with precision, and failure can weaken you or even unleash horrors upon the world. Even when successfully performed, each ritual has a price. Are you willing to pay that price?"

With Garidan...

Créatus shakes his head. "We would have no such things to provide you. And if we did, we would not share them, even with the faithful. The essence of the Ether is not for our use and consumption, but rather to be gifted to Calledrym." He stares deeply at the young swashbuckler. "But perhaps, I could guide you to find one." He says with a warm smile.

"I understand that you intend to leave the city soon. If I may be so bold as to wager a direction, I'd guess you're heading towards the Pass of Shamet... for any other route would take you into the Rgulblux's forces." The priest looks for an acknowledgement from Garidan. Sure that he is correct, he continues, "Deep within the Forest of the Night, among the savages of those lands, an abomination... a Being of great offense to Calledrym lives. She goes by Li'luraant. She possesses a power to create a dwelling from the stories of old. Serve Calledrym in this way and perhaps you shall find his favor... and your essence."

With Malthazir...

The young man looks distraught, but gathers himself and bows to Malthazir before heading to the door. "With your leave..." he says as he exits, shutting the door quietly.

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With additional ethereal essences, I'd allow for some upgraded furnishings. The same goes for keeping stuff permanently inside (which would be several essences as that pretty much negates a lot of the burdens of your travels). Otherwise, I'd say the items are just lost in an inter dimensional space.

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If Thomas inquires with any of the royal court or the City Command that was brought to the Vale of Talanor, he will discover that his mother was said to have perished upon the Plains of Haemil defending Earthenwork. Their family sword was not recovered. No one in Talanor would be aware of the her bank coin that Garidan now carries.

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Here are my thoughts on a few other essence related rules:

1. Extracting essences.

Some of this is reflected in the spells, although with a couple little changes. Other things here are really player knowledge not character knowledge, but I'll reveal them to you as I value your input. Hope you don't mind that I'm using your group as basically "testers" for this system.

Extracting from a Corpse - cast appropriate spell and auto success. No change

Extracting from a Consumable - cast appropriate spell and beat a Spellcraft check that is equal to 15 + CL of the creator. An ethereal essence from a consumable imbued by a caster grants the caster an extra spell slot for that day. The spell must be the same as the spell from that scroll/potion. Failure destroys the consumable. That is, you can’t get an arcane divination essence from a scroll of identify. You may only have one such essence at any given time. No change

Extracting from a Curio - cast appropriate spell and beat a Spellcraft check that is equal to 15 + CL of the creator. If the item is in the possession of an unwilling being, the DC is 30 + CL of the creator. Certain circumstances may prohibit extraction; such as disintegration, massive damage, etc. Failure may result in damage to an area around the caster. No change

Extracting from unbonded Wonder - cast appropriate spell and beat a Spellcraft check that is equal to 15 + highest HD of mortal creature previously bonded. Change to raise the DC to most powerful wielder of the item. Unbonding it from the current mortal will be based on its HD. But this way a powerful item in the hands of a neophyte doesn't instantly become easier to extract the essences. The essences should be based on the HD of the creature that imbued them. I think it's too much record keeping to determine that DC for each different essence, so I'll use the highest one.

Extracting from bonded Wonder - cast appropriate ritual to unbind the wonder and complete extraction as unbounded Wonder. Alternatively, cast appropriate spell and beat a Spellcraft check that is equal to 30 + highest HD of mortal creature ever bonded. Note changes referenced above and disclosing that a ritual exists.

Extracting from unbonded, blessed Relic - cast appropriate ritual to strip the blessing of the spirit and complete extraction as unbounded Wonder or Curio as appropriate. Just disclosing that a ritual exists.

Extracting from mortal bonded, blessed Relic - cast appropriate ritual to strip the blessing of the spirit and complete extraction as bonded Wonder. Note comments above.

Extracting from spirit bonded Relic - cast appropriate ritual to unbind the relic from the spirit and complete extraction as an unbonded Wonder. Alternatively, destroy the spirit and complete extraction as an unbonded Wonder. Just disclosing that a ritual exists.

Extracting from Mortal Being - cast appropriate spell.

2. Arcane/Divine Bonds - Which I think I'm going to generically call them "Casting Bonds"

Spells: 1 ethereal essence per level of the spell to be added; the spell must be on the character's class's spell list and the character must be high enough level to cast spell; grants 10 spell levels of casting per "day", i.e. 10 casts of 1st level spells, 5 casts of 2nd level spells, 3 casts of 3rd level spells; 2 casts of 4th/5th level spells; 1 cast of 6th/7th/8th/9th level spells


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1) Seems an adequate interpretation to me.

2) I'm assuming your wanting to feed Tacal? 2 persons would be sufficient.

3) Essences aren't common by any sense. You could certainly check with the Hazard if/when you see her next. I would allow you to upgrade a spell, but might be better to use the essence for a new spell, that way you have both. For the spell scribe armor, the EE must come from a caster high enough with that spell on their spell list... so for tiny hut you'd need a 5th level wizard, an 6th level sorcerer or a 7th level bard... or for Secure Shelter, a 7th level wizard or witch, 8th level sorcerer or 9th level bard.

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Niyut bends over the pile of gnoll corpses and casts extract essence on a bow from the elite rangers. She licked her ruby lips at the thought of the ethereal energy stored within the bows that she would soon free for her consumption. The silver tendrils of magic extruded from her finger tips and wrapped around the closest longbow. She watched as the blackened bow pulsated and a fiery energy coalesced in front of her. A bright yellow light opened in the air above her. Like a crack in glass vial, the light fractured around the oracle and absorbed the essence. It was gone. Pain streaked through her limbs and into her gut as though a meal was stolen from within her grasp and she let out an audible gasp. The nearby soldiers who still carried the bodies of the gnolls toward the pyre, stopped and looked around. Although they could not see the oracle, clearly they felt the discharge of magic and saw the flashes of lights that resulted.

@Niyut - I have your Spellcraft at 22; 24 to identify magic items. So, taking 10 only nets you a 32. That is insufficient to extract the essence from the bows. 25 of the magical bows were recovered. I'll say that you failed on the first bow and realized that you need to impart all of your strength to extract them. You may elect to try on the other 24 bows, but it will not be a subtle endeavor. I'll roll the spellcraft checks if you want to try.

@Truk - No lingering effects. Just a bit a divine intervention to hurl you toward the giant. I was looking for a moment to have Mylesar grant you a combat bonus/advantage... you gave us a great one!

@All - You've got 5 minutes of game time to take actions before the conversation between Niyut and Foramdar.


After speaking with Niyut, Foramdar ponders his choices. Turning to his soldiers, he speaks with a commanding voice. "Anskár, I'm promoting you to 1st Lieutenant of the Guard. Take horses and three men. Send word to the priests at the Circle to make haste with the evacuation. Report to the King and the Hazard. Tell them of the red gnoll and the coming of the giants of ice. I will keep the men for a final stand. May we meet again in Calladrym's fabled halls!". With that, the Captain turns and begins ordering the men to move as much of the fallen tower stones into the river to slow the flow of water. He also sends several archers and two soldiers south to look for any gnolls that may have slipped past them in the battle. Then, he pulls out a horn from under his cloak and lets out three loud bellows out toward the northern battlefield.

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Niyut wrote:

I was really aiming for AoE bleed, but it seems like a fair restriction. In that case, I would probably go for the 2 EE: 1 Bleed effect.

As for the second answer does that mean we would break up the lines.

Ability A: Swap descriptors on [Fire] or [Ice] spells. 2 EEs

Ability B: +1d6 damage on [Fire] or [Ice] spells of spell levels I-III. 1 EE.


Do I understand your ruling correctly?

Yes, but ability A & B would be a single effect... so 3 EE's gets you the swap plus 1d6 dam on levels 1-3.

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Niyut wrote:
If Redmane and the bear are invisible, the imp with its constant Detect Magic has a chance of spotting the auras.

I don't recall us using detect magic in combat. Usually, we've been out of combat so I've sped up the process. So, let's set the ground rules for it.

1. Every round you want to use detect magic to search, it is a standard action.
2. It is a 60' cone. So, I need you to place the cone on the map for the area that you are trying to detect.
3. First round, you get the presence of auras. Second round, you get the number of different magical auras and the power of the most potent aura. Third round, you get the strength and location of each aura. If the items or creatures bearing the auras are in line of sight, you can make Knowledge (arcana) skill checks to determine the school of magic involved in each.

So, after 3 rounds of standard actions, you can determine the 5' square in which an aura exists within the cone assuming that the aura has been there 3 rounds. Therefore, if you look in the right spot and Redmane stays in the cone for 3 rounds, you will only know that an illusory aura exists in a certain 5' square. You won't "see" him, so you can't target him directly. Any direct attacks in that square will have a 50% miss chance.

I'll drop a 60' cone on the map. Malthazir can place it as he wishes to search. Make sure you have the point of origin correct as it is the corner from which you can spin the triangle. This round will be the first of his search as I believe he has been doing a lot of double movement. If someone wants to reread the battle to determine how many rounds he has only made a single move and had a standard action available to search, I'll increase the rounds of the detect magic. I'm a little pressed for time this weekend, and want to get the next round of combat done rather than research this one. :)

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For now, we'll say yes to keep the relative power of the armor in check. As we progress in levels, I may allow for something different, similar to how wands don't have limit on spells.

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Run Full Round Action while Flying?

Well, here's my research and ruling:

The default assumption is: All movement modes can be used to run unless otherwise stated. And they are otherwise stated in at least some cases:

Swim: The skill entry describes that you must have a swim speed to run.

Climb: The skill entry says no run action, even with climb speed. However, using accelerated climb lets you move at double speed per action, which is effectively the same for an unladen character without special feats.

Fly: Neither the bestiary entry for "Flight (Ex or Su)" nor the skill lists any special exemptions. Therefore, fly speeds can be used to run. As long as it isn't the Fly spell or an ability based on it, since that spell description does forbid the run action. A non-trivial portion of player-accessible flight references the spell, so many PCs may not be able to run with their fly speeds, but not all of them.

Burrow: The "Burrow (Ex)" special ability explicitly forbids running or charging.

In this case, since the Imp has a natural fly speed, he can move unto X4 speed although he will lose his dex bonus to AC during the "run".

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Niyut wrote:
Hypothetically, let's say someone has a bane weapon. Is there a number of essences they could imbue into said weapon to attune that bane to a different type X number of times per day?

Garidan's rapier is the only weapon with bane so far. He got Undead bane from an EE dropped from an undead creature. Additionally, he received a 1d4 sonic proc from critical hits.

So, I agree with him, I'd want the EE coming from the type of creature that equates to the bane effect. That makes your question about having multiple effects attuning x number of times per day, as it would make sense just to added the multiple banes, like Niyut said. The only scenario that I could imagine is killing a creature who was attuned to another type of creature as its predator. For example, getting a EE from a gnoll ranger with a favored enemy of elf, might get you a single effect that let you attune to either gnoll or elf in the morning. Add another EE and I'd let you switch a few times a day probably based on character level so it automatically scales.

Or perhaps you'll kill a hill giant that had hunted down and killed powerful orcish sorcerer. Maybe I'd let that EE work as bane on both giant and orc. We'd need something like that to make your ice plausible. I try to make the custom stuff thematic as possible.

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Current Date: 14th of Selefis, 7995 E.C.

@Niyut & Truk - good questions. Earthenwork was carved from the mountains. When entering it from the plains the walls are very high. But coming from the mountain direction, you are starting at a much higher elevation than the city.... and its walls. The gate leading into the mountains (and in which the Great River flows into the city) is are protected by much lower walls... no more than 30' feet high. An army would not be able to approach from this direction as the mountains are very steep and treacherous. Only this path... the one that leads to the pass of Shamet... and the path that runs along the side of the Great River. The Pass of Shamet and the Great River converge upon Earthenwork at this similar point.

So, you have a gap in the city wall where the river enters, and that gap is guarded by a large tower built upon the wall. And just to the east of the river is the northern gate to the city which is currently closed.

The ground here is mainly solid rock, although some frozen earth and ice can be found. You would think that the earth elementals would be able to tunnel underneath it as you have seen them do before, but unsure as to the time required.

Earlier with Niyut

Reading through the grimoire, Niyut discovers another passage discussing the Rites of Procul Converto. to the silver bowl I placed an eyelash encased in gum arabic and the essence took the form of shimmering illusion having once been death. In time, I confirmed that such a reagent would cause all arcane essences to take such form... yet once, when making such a conversion under the shadow of the eclipsed silver moon, the essence became that of a shadow of the essence...

Having found no mention of Dyarendi in the grimoire, Niyut searches for more references to the first bonds to further understand what they may be, but finds nothing of note.


Truk'tosh looks intently at the tops of the walls. Through the dim light of the torches upon the siege towers, he can make out the armored warriors of Haemil defending the walls from the attacking gnolls. They would appear to be capable of defending it from the towers, if it were not for the magical assault of the arcane casters upon the mountain pass. As the group advances quietly upon the assailants, you can see that two humanoids stand with their back to you, conjuring arcane spells of destructive force upon the guarded walls. They are protected by several other gnolls. A large humanoid stands before the casters, shuffling its feet as it looks to charge upon the battlefield when called upon.

The casters and their entourage are about 300' down the path from you. The gates are another 100 or so feet beyond them. I'll get a map up soon, but feel free to discuss options/tactics.

Liberty's Edge

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Elven Rogue/1 Wizard/1 | Init +5 | Per +8 | HP 13/13| AC 13, 13touch, 10flat | Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB 0| CMD 13
Current Status:
HP: 13; AC: 17 - Mage Armor active

Blossym will take a tap of her wand of mage armor before heading out. Then will cast Vanish on herself as she starts to enter the compound.

Stealth w/ Invisibility: 1d20 + 11 + 20 ⇒ (3) + 11 + 20 = 34

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A surge of cold energy flushes over the half-orc as the raging flow of elemental waters flow over his body. Truk'tosh feels the tendrils of the ether lash at his wrist and ankles pulling him into the frigid water. A momentary panic ensues but is quickly subdued by the druid as he feels the elements protecting his fragile life. Opening his eyes, he perceives a sea of azure about him crackling with energy.

Feeling the pure energy course through his body, he feels weight of the oceans descend upon him and beating of his heart pounds in his ears. He takes a breath and feels himself sink further into the ethereal plane. Kicking his feet and swiping his arms he tries to reach the surface but to no avail. His axe. It weighs him down, yet he cannot forsake the weapon as it has grown to be apart of him. He grips it tightly and only then senses that it has become cold as ice. The leather grip grows firm and the sensation of frostbite begins to tingle his palm and fingers alike.

Closing his eyes, he takes a breath of the sea and kicks harder to find the surface. The energy leaves him with burst of coldness and enters the axe. He feels it pull him upwards and he breaks through the barrier that separated him from the earth and his twin.

Truk'tosh feels a cool breeze upon his cheeks and opens his eyes again. Around him his friends stare at him with concerned eyes. To them he had not moved more than a foot into the waters which had gone calm at his approach. A crackling of azure energy had enter him from the waters and the druid had lifted Morgrym's Axe above his head. Only a few seconds had passed, but to him, Truk'tosh had swam for hours.

The axe. Truk'tosh looks above his head at his double orcish axe. A bluish hue radiates from the its blade but quickly begins to fade. It feels heavy in his hand, but the prefect balance still holds true. Turning it in his palms, the axe seemed lively and was still surging with power. Morgrym's thoughts stirred in the back of the half-orc's mind. The cleric was confused and bewildered but he too felt the axe.

@Truk'tosh - Morgrym's Axe has gained the impact ability, so it's damage is now 2d6. This adds 2EE's, giving it 5 EE's currently towards it 6 EE cap at this level. Additionally, for a number of rounds per day equal to your character level, you can call upon the elements of water to grant it an additional 1d6 damage per attack and convert all damage to [cold] damage. These rounds do not have to be consecutive. So, during normal rounds, the axe does 2d6 normal damage while in the water elemental rounds, the axe does 3d6 cold damage.

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I'll assume that Mal heals up the others. 3 uses of the devil's oozed used for the day.

Reading through the tome, Niyut discovers that the Ursikka's saliva is a major alchemical component to liquid ice, a substance that affects several different cold based spells. Working quickly, the oracle is able to harvest enough of the saliva in the empty glass vials in Tacal's packs to give Garidan enough to attempt to make 3 doses of the liquid ice.

Garidan, meanwhile, looks out from the tower to see if the group has alerted any of the giants. He hears nothing but the howling wind. An examination of the area, reveals to him and Truk'tosh that the creature had nested in a small cave on the cliff just above the broken tower. Tracks leading to the tower from the cave, indicate that the ursikka had likely heard Tacal as they approached and came down the cliff and over the top of the tower, attacking the group through the hole in the vaulted roof.

Looking down the spiral stairwell, a cold breeze can be felt. No noise is heard nor anything else revealed by a thorough search.

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As Niyut offers the last hag's blood to the Libre Sanguinem the faint words that had once begun to form on the fine vellum pages deepen in hue to a dark red. She reads the ancient draconic language to see a spell entitled Bestow Curse written in the grimoire. After studying it carefully, she realizes that she has yet to obtain the power to cast such as spell even with the aid of the Libre Sanguinem.


Reading through the grimoire, Niyut discovers another ritual called the Rites of Procul Converto. to the silver bowl I placed a splinter of bone from my father's femur and the essence took the form of death having once been life. In time, I confirmed that such a reagent would cause all arcane essences to take such form... I know not what the Herald's Shiv would do to the transformation, but I shall seek out all the Primum Vinculum.

Rites of Procul Converto:

Rites of Procul Converto
School: Transmuatation; Level: 6
Casting Time: 60 minutes
Components: V, S, M (an appropriate gem stone worth at least 500 gp);
Secondary Casters: (up to 4)
Skill Checks: Knowledge (arcana) DC 28, 2 successes; Knowledge (planes) DC 28, 2 successes; Spellcraft DC 28, 2 successes
Range: touch
Target: one arcane essence
Duration: 1 round per primary caster level
Saving Throw: none; Spell Resistance: no
Backlash: All casters are exhausted.
Failure: The arcane essence will be destroyed causing damage to all casters and anyone with 100 feet of the ritual. The damage will be equal to 4d6 plus 2d6 for each secondary caster.
Effect: The arcane essence will be transformed into the appropriate type when placed into the mithril bowl containing the appropriate component for the type of essence desired.
Necromancy: a splinter of bone from relative

@Niyut - I believe you need to succeed with every required check, although you get 4 chances (1 chance per 10 minutes, so 40 minute ritual gets 4 chances). In both spoilers you missed at least one check. I also updated the Liber Sanguinem

With Malthazir:

Knowledge: Arcana, Caster Bonus, Secondary Caster Bonus: 1d20 + 19 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 19 + 2 + 1 = 28

Without Malthazir:

Knowledge: Arcana, Caster Bonus: 1d20 + 19 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 19 + 2 + 1 = 24

Knowledge: Arcana, Caster Bonus: 1d20 + 19 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 19 + 2 + 1 = 26

Success in either situation. Truk's elemental essence is now Fire.

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Garidan Vissir wrote:

Valjoen, I'm busy plotting out various aspects of Garidan's build, and have some questions that need GM ruling; I'm asking them now because they're occuring to me now.

1) I use Dazzling Display successfully. My rapier has the dazzling radiance ability, which triggers as a result of using the feat. Does the save penalty from the shaken condition apply to the save required by the ability's effect?

2) We established that the sharding ability doesn't make Garidan's rapier a thrown melee or ranged weapon--which is why he can't make use of thrown melee/ranged weapon magical abilities, but can use his rapier stuff with the bone shards, fair enough trade--but how does this affect the Close-Quarters Thrower and Distance Thrower feats?

3) How are ethereal essences priced for weapon/armor abilities that have a gp cost instead of enhancement bonus cost?

4) Could I somehow use essences to modify the rapier's existing bane ability to function against creatures that Garidan successfully identifies with a Knowledge check?

1. Shaken affects saves, so yes... but as Niyut pointed out it is all creatures, excluding yourself.

2. I'd allow those feats but only to the sharding effect.

3. See Niyut's post.

4. I'm going to say no. It could quickly get out of control. 3 essences and your at another +10 to knowledge nature which means your auto-identifying anything under CR8... and have a 50/50 shot at CR18. You've basically received a Bane for an entire segment of monsters.In order to offset that HUGE benefit, it would require an unjustifiable number of essences, which are limited as to how many can be imbued.

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GM Screen:

GaridanAvalanche: 1d100 ⇒ 21
MalthazirAvalanche: 1d100 ⇒ 43
Damage: 1d6 ⇒ 5
MalStrength: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (15) - 2 = 13
Gr1Niy2Truk3: 1d3 ⇒ 3
IGRock: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10 Dam: 1d8 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

@Garidan - I'd like to make a judgement call on when you can use the Charmed Life outside of saving throws. I could have just as easily made it a Reflex save to avoid being taken by the avalanche, so I allowed it to be applied... and yes, 5% per charisma bonus. Next time, however, it might not make sense.

Surprise Round

When the avalanche becomes apparent, Gruskorb turns and with a swift kick urges his steed to pounce through the snow and back to Tacal. Truk'tosh wastes no time, sliding of his horse and calling on a surge of speed from the flame drake. He quickly takes hold of Tacal's packs and hauls himself upon the beast. The oracle opens herself to the ethereal realm, casting a spell of levitation upon Tacal. The last to notice the avalanche, Malthazir lifts the Devil Ooze preparing to command it to cast fly upon himself, but at the last moment realizes that he cannot fly to safety before the avalanche would strike him. He spurs his horse forward and dives behind the rocks that may provide him some safety.

Round 1

Realizing that something is amiss, Garidan bursts forward with a surge of speed to rival the half-orc's. Upon reaching the rocky outcropping, he dives from his horse and scrambles behind the rocks next to Malthazir. The horses panic and race downhill trying to avoid the oncoming avalanche. Having reached Truk'tosh and Tacal, the hobgoblin quickly dismounts and climbs upon the oxen. Seeing Gruskorb and her brother floating to safety, Niyut calls upon the life essence she received from the storm hag, and takes flight, climbing above the onrushing wall of ice and snow.

When the avalanche hits them, Malthazir and Garidan disappear from view. While Malthazir is struck by several hard pieces of ice, Garidan is takes a sharp piece atop his head losing his grip on the rocks. 5 damage each The avalanche starts to take the young human, but luckily his foot catches another rock and he regains his grip. To the south, the horses are over taken by the land slide of ice and vanish.

As they watch the avalanche race away and the snow below them settle down upon their companions, a dark shape catches Truk'tosh's eyes. Instinctively he ducks as a massive rock hurls past him. Looking up the mountain, Niyut can see near the range of her darkvision, a white-skinned giant, reaching for another boulder.

Deep beneath the snow, Malthazir struggles to dig himself out and panic begins to set in.

See HERE regarding suffocation. Garidan can hold his breath for 4 rounds while Malthazir can hold his breath for 5 rounds. It takes a strength check of DC15 to dig 5 feet. Each of them is buried 15 feet below the surface.

The Avalance - Round1/2

Gruskorb <-- UP
Garidan (63/68) <-- UP
Niyut <-- UP
Ice Giant
Truk'tosh <-- UP
Malthazir (39/44)

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GM Screen:

RedHagWillDC18: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27
BlueHagWillDC18: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

Primum Vinculum translates to First Bond. You have never heard of this term nor have any context regarding the Wand. You know from your grandmother's teachings that many different types of arcane and divine casters use wands or other apparatuses to channel their magical energies; such as the mysterious bog wood wand that you inherited.

As the hags' blood spills upon the frozen ground and shrill cackle startles the young oracle. She spins to locate the source of the laughter but her dark vision is spoiled by the flurries of snow that surround her. Oseja hisses and clings to her adoptive mother. Niyut draws her power to the tip of her wand, ready to strike at the hag should she show herself, but she finds nothing but the howling wind. The cackle returns louder but this time Niyut casts her eyes upon the blood-soaked snow. The red liquid separates, spreading out across the river bank. A second cackle is heard and the twin voices laugh in harmony at the half-orc. She shrieks at the blood and watches it form draconic runes. Death awaits you, half-orc, she reads. With a final roar the laughter ceases and Niyut opens her eyes. Kneeling upon the ground with her hands clasped about her ears, Niyut looks up to see Oseja purring before her. The black cat rubs against the oracle's thigh and purrs sadly.


Looking at the snow fall about her, Niyut guesses that something more than nature is behind the storm, but nothing she can sense proves her correct.[/ooc]

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GM Screen:

Huddled about the campfire, the companions tend their wounds and marvel as the essences from the storm hags imbues themselves to various pieces of their arms and equipment. With each one, the fire seems to cackle at the adventurers as embers burst and dance within the flames. Rising on the warm air above the flame and smoke, the glowing embers ascend into the blackness of the night, then fade as they are overcome with the chill that has become the constant reminder of the world's destruction.

Great care is taken to keep the group safe as they take turns scanning the darkness for any signs of an ever-growing list of enemies. Malthazir's pseudo-dragon periodically takes flight and circles the encampment being mindful of the hidden forms that magic can conceal. But with every patrol, he returns to the elf with no report of sightings. No news is good news... you think to yourself.

When Niyut announces her intentions to attend to the supernatural, the mood intensifies as they all know that with her eyes fixed upon the dead hags' corpses, her sharp senses will be lost to group greater protection. As necessary as her actions are, the added risk is clear. Even Oseja is agitated but followers the oracle into the night. Circling Niyut as a predator stalks their prey, the familiar watches intently as she builds a fire and sets the pot of water to boil. As the oracle's work continues into the night, Oseja grows tired and nestles in close to her master, taking warmth from the fire. Studying the ancient blood book, Niyut comes upon a passage discussing the Rites of Converto Elementis. ...and I placed a piece of bark of an ancient oak tree in to the silver bowl and the essence took the form of earth having once been fire. In time, I confirmed that such a reagent would cause all elemental essences to take such form and would be as acid... Not until later, when I acquired her Wand, did I know that such conversion could be enhanced with the Primum Vinculum.

Later, as the companions took shifts through the rest period, each one noticed, in turn, that the winds velocity has increase and the snow has begun to fall. Before the final shift is through, a storm has descended upon all of you. Although you are protected from the elements, the way will be difficult today. The wind is howling and visibility is poor.

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Garidan Vissir wrote:
  • How many essences would it take to grant Garidan's breastplate this feature?

  • How many more to do away with the costly requirements--and Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat--needed to add spells to the armor?

Perhaps this last question could be balanced by one of the following:

  • Adding a spell requires little more than casting it upon the armor, but once added, it is permanent. Garidan can, subject to a successful UMD check, use it once per day;

  • Spells can be added, changed, or recharged by spending time and making skill checks. Weaker (low level spells) are naturally faster and easier, stronger spells more difficult and time-consuming.

  • Garidan must feed the armor an offering of his own flesh (hp damage) to induce it to accept new spells; fits well with the source of the essences. Can be further expanded to allow Garidan to feed slain spellcasting--whether by class or SLA--foes to the armor, upon which it gains--depending on the open spellscribe slots available at the time--a random selection of that foe's magical repetoire.

Presumably, the spell's variable effects would be treated as if it were cast by a caster of Garidan's character level, using his Cha modifier for DCs? So to cast stronger spells, Garidan would need a minimum character level.

If spellscribed armor isn't possible, then I'll feed one essence to Garidan for a +5 bonus to [dice=Random Skill]1d4 (1: Bluff; 2:...

Interesting idea. I've never used this feature. I'd say:

1. Since you are not a spellcaster, you need one EE infused with the armor to bypass the feat requirements. This makes the armor "spell-scribable"; and

2. Then, you can add 1 EE taken from a spellcaster to add one spell known or memorized at the time of their death. This would give you one cast of this spell per day, dependent on a successful UMD. The CL, DC, etc. would be determined by the caster level & stats of the creature of origin of the EE. All limitations to spell level and caster level apply. So adding "Whirlwind" to anything but Medium/Heavy Armor or a Heavy/Tower Shield is not possible... and the UMD Check would be DC30, for example;


3. Additionally, a spellcaster (like Malthazir) with scribe scroll or brew potion would be able to add any spell they have to the armor once the 1st EE is infused to make the armor "spell-scribable." This would act like a scroll and disappear after the first use. Same restrictions apply as above. Since we aren't using GP for these costs, I'd likely come up with a reagent or some other material that would be required. I'd make it available but limited supply.

The winter hag knew: bleed, gust of wind, whispering wind, invisibility, lightning bolt, river of wind, sleet storm, and control winds.


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Truk'tosh wrote:
Truk’tosh wouldn’t mind meeting his new familiar. =(

The familiar is coming... not tooooo soon, but he is coming.

They will happily take everything from your disposal list, but the masterwork tools since they don't have a masterwork any-tool to offer. They will provide:

Four sets of cold-weather clothing (Garidan, Grusorb, Niyut, and Truk-tosh);
10 days of Rations (people and critter both);
10 vials of Holy water;
Alchemical goods; (your choice, 1,000 gp worth)
Alchemy ingredients; (your choice, 2,000 gp worth)
Large tent;
2 Handy haversack
Rhykal will provide a scroll for Malthazir with 1x 4th level spell; 2x 3rd level spells; 3x 2nd level spells and 5x 1st level spells; spell choices are his to make. All must be from the conjuration school.
Foramdar procures from the priests of Calledrym a number of potions of your choice. You get up to 10 spell levels worth of potions... you could go 10x CLW Potions or 4x CLW and 3x a 2nd level spell potion, etc. Your choice.

I will get us underway either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Work has been hectic this week, having been home for a week following the surgery.

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Niyut wrote:
Would you consider removing the level restriction on same type elemental essences? I don't think it would unbalance anything since they are not as potent as a Life essence and there aren't a ton of them that if someone had 3 fire by level seven that there would be problems.

Considering the rarity of elemental essences, I'm fine with removing the level restrictions on them.

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