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BigNorseWolf wrote:

It's a known problem. Does it all the time.

Pay no attention to your computer overlords. FREEEOOOOo


(no seriously, pay it no mind)

*Looks around shiftily* Ummm alright then. Everything good here. Moving along.

((Sounds good. Thanks for the help.))

Hey all. I took some time off from PFS after a few games, and have just recently come back. Looking through the sessions of my characters to make sure I have all the info I need to get back into games I noticed that a couple of my characters have notes in their page that tells what games they have played in. The notes say that "Player has already played scenario."

The thing that's wrong is that both of the scenarios that I'm seeing this on are evergreen scenarios. One was played with a 2nd level character, but that is the only time I've played it with a 2nd level.

Where do I report this to or who do I need to talk to about this?

This looks pretty neat and very cleanly done. I wouldn't mind having a go at it.

Actually Pleiades, that's exactly what I thinking of using it for. Gaining those proficiencies for an alchemist that I want to try doing more melee with.

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I have an idea for a character, but I need to verify the way the rules works.

I'm wondering if I can use the "Adopted" trait to get "Shoanti Tattoo" even though my character is not human?

Hmmm never thought of the Elvin king idea, but that is an interesting idea.

I'm running a group of friends through Second Darkness, and in book 3 "Armageddon Echo" they checked out a temple in the city. Inside the altars they found weapons relating to one of the four gods within the temple (Calistria, Findeladlara, Ketephys, and Yuelral).

Now originally, I had only thought of these items as relics of the temple with no real purpose. But some of my players took the way I described the items and the altars so that the items must have some other purpose.

So since the temple they were found in is called the "Temple of the Watchers" what could 4 Elven gods be guarding that a group of 6 characters around level 9 to 10 might find fun or challenging?

Whooo glad to hear about more Pathfinder stuff happening in South Dakota (and so close to me as well.)


Well things like that will come up when you start looking at 3rd party stuff. Not saying some 3rd party stuff isn't great, but you are right the way the thing is written, the cavalier need to multiclass into summoner (a bad thing from what I hear).

Perhaps taking this order as a base line and turn it into an archtype, giving up the mount feature for perhaps a weaker form of eidolon.

Yeah this is the first core character I've made, so any scenario is good with me.

Kludde: Now I'm a bit confused with your list. Do we just put our names into the game we want to run in or is there still a list that we need to get our names on?

I'd be willing to run some core with a bow-style cleric.

I think the wording that Eldritch pool counts as Arcane Pool is there for feats, favored class bonuses, etc that call out specifically to modify the Arcane Pool will still work for the Eldritch Pool.

Hazrond wrote:
TobiasBlues wrote:

huh the tuned bowstring sounds neat. Though should mention that none of the characters have any perform skills.

The Lyre does sound like it would work. Thanks for that.

Really, not a single bard? also no problem glad i could help

Nope. All are lvl 6 but here's the party:

Human Alchemist
Tiefling Slayer/Nomad (Psion Class)
Catfolk Fighter (Archer build)
Human Cleric/Inquisitor
Catfolk Musket Master
Half-Elf Master of Many Styles/Evoker

huh the tuned bowstring sounds neat. Though should mention that none of the characters have any perform skills.

The Lyre does sound like it would work. Thanks for that.

Hey all, I'm running a group through the Second Darkness adventure path. They just got into the third book (Armageddon Echo) and were a bit behind on xp so I ran them through the set piece, Lament for the Emerald Rains.

Now they've finished the ghost of the place and are ready to loot the ruins, but the items that they call out for in the book seem very unreasonable for a group to be lugging around (man sized horns, a dozen porcelain dishes that can be used as an instrument, ect.)

Anyone have some suggestions for music or art flavored items that could be put into an Elvin school for music?

Huh. I just went through the adventure to acquire Gamin. It's nice to know there is something that can make it so it's not broken anymore. Too bad the guy that went through it is my brawler.

I've tried HeroLab some (just the trial version or the setup they had at GenCon). To me it's a great tool to help make a nice looking character sheet with all your numbers shown. But that's about it.

I doubt I'll ever fully buy HeroLab simply because I tend to play Society games, and I really don't want to pay twice for the same material. If HeroLab could work something out with Paizo, so that anyone that bought a hardcover book got a percentage off the datapack of that book, I might look more into it.

But HeroLab isn't needed to create a character, but it shouldn't be something that GM use as a sign to turn people away either.

This last Gencon was my first time getting out to one. But as Sabre said, once you get your badge, get a hotel room. Stuff fills up fast. The PFS games do have a cost to register, last year was $6 for most. I think there might have been a few events that were more, but they were the special ones.

And yes, there is A LOT more to do and see when at Gencon. The vendors room was a blast to walk through and see all the stuff.

Dot. Finishing up some tweeks to a character I want to try with this.

Kludde, I'm up for another repeatable scenario. Thanks for the offer.

Ah okay. Of course I go and forget to check the additional resources....

Thank you both.

Hey all, just wanted to confirm something.

I was looking through items and came across the Traveling Garden, which is a kit for a heavy wagon, and would fit pretty well for one of my characters. But when I went looking for a heavy wagon, I found some conflicting info.

Heavy Wagon (Gear) and Heavy Wagon (Combat Vehicle)

The first is in the gear section of Ultimate Equipment, while the second comes from the Combat Vehicles section. The main thing that I'm looking at is that the two versions require different amounts of animals to pull them (8 medium/4 large or 4 medium/1 large).

Which one do I use? I'm mainly asking for a PFS character.

Checking in. I'll get my character finalized by tomorrow. Sorry had a busy day here.

Wouldn't mind trying this out with one of the new Occult Playtest characters. I'll have him up and running by this weekend.

Is the armor worth is Nefreet? Just curious, looked through the piecemeal armor rules a little.

Thank you BNW, I haven't picked up the book yet and wanted to know if the rule was in there somewhere before I grabbed it. Makes my Bolt Ace a little more viable.

I would interpret it as being the points in your pool, not the maximum. Since it just says to add 1 point to the points in your pool, nothing about increasing your maximum.

Also, did you mean the Gnome class bonus, since the halfling one has nothing to do with the arcane reservoir?

With the release of the ACG, I have been looking at making a Bolt Ace. But when I began looking for special arrows (such as the durable, bleeding, etc from Alchemy Manual) I noticed that there really aren't many special bolts like that.

I had heard that somewhere there was a mention of a rule stating that the special arrows can be made as crossbow bolts, but I haven't seen that rule.

So my question, for PFS play, can the special arrows from the Alchemy Manual and any other books be made into crossbow bolts?

Ah okay.

What is this item out of? I can't seem to find it but am interested in it for my brawler.

I wouldn't mind throwing my hat into the ring with a halfling warpriest of desna. I'll work on stating her up here shortly.

Just curious, does anyone have one of these listings that has some notation on what scenarios are the ones that can be repeated by 1st level characters?

I'm in the same boat Rycky, just missed it.

Looks like we're doing Fallen Fortress. Here's what we got so far:

gosamar4/Baru (Sorc 1)
PW/Taliesin (Bard 1)
Ser Clay/Kalri (Investigator 1)
Magabeus/Kerastes (Inquisitor 1)
Billin/ ???????
RD/ (Cleric or Inquisitor)
Garrett/Pellor (inquisitor 1)

So that's 7. I can't remember what the rules are for a 7 person table, but perhaps we can just break the table up. I'll leave the recruitment up for a couple of days and see if we can't drag in one more.

We'll plan to start, new person or not, by Saturday. Thank you all for the interest.

The new factions have their good points and bad. I'm at a toss up, most of my characters are Grand Lodge (since it seemed right for the characters) and I wanted to get some characters in other groups. But some of the new factions I just can't wrap my mind around the characters and why they would be within that group.

Added in a brand new, shiny Bolt Ace to the list.

A couple of things; first are you taking into account that since the ratfolk are small sized their equipment weighs less? Also I'm not sure where you're seeing 50lbs for the crafting kit, since an "Alchemist Kit" (which includes the crafting kit) only weighs 24 lbs for medium creatures.

Finally, if all else fails you can always have the stuff you know you won't need in a fight in your backpack and just use your first turn setting it down. Or if you know you will be in town for the day, just leave the heavy stuff behind.

Thought of that after I posted. Could work but I'd still say there's probably going to be some variation.

Holy Weapon Balm:
When applied to a weapon as a standard action, the weapon deals an additional 2d4 damage to undead or evil outsiders. a creature affected must succeed at a DC 10 Reflex save or take an additional 1d4 damage the following round. Any nonmagical weapon coated affects incorporeal undead or evil outsiders as if it were a magic weapon. Any magic weapon coated affects incorporeal undead or evil outsiders as if the weapon had the ghost touch special ability. The balm remains effective until you make a successful attack with the weapon or until 1 minute has passed, whichever is sooner. Each dose can coat one weapon or 10 pieces of ammunition. Price: 30 GP Weight: 1/2 lb

There you go Dark.

As for applying this to a flask of holy water, I wouldn't think so. Since i don't think the vial is considered a weapon or ammunition. I suppose some GM's might allow it.

When I first read about this item, I thought it was just another weapon blanch, but then I noticed that this one runs out. The other ones you can apply before heading out and keep them around until you need them. These you need to take the time in combat to apply the balm. Not a bad item.

Been looking through the ACG and I'm liking the Bolt Ace Archtype for Gunslingers. Though I came up with a problem, are there any other bolts available for crossbows (or repeating versions) beyond the basics. I know there are plenty of special arrows around (blunt, flight, thistle, etc) and don't know if there are options like that for crossbows that are legal for PFS.

Gabriel Smith-Dalrymple wrote:

I'm also interested in hearing how other GMs described the hologram to their players. I tried using words the characters would understand.

Like, "a 3 dimension illusion pops up from the table, although it appears to similar to a Silent Image spell you did not hear nor see anyone or anything cast the spell. Also when you cast Detect Magic on it you detect the absence of magic. With your knowledge engineering role you can tell that this is most likely the building you are currently in."

Played in this scenario at Gencon. Our group really didn't even think of turning back when presented with the area that clearly wasn't part of the actual training (didn't help that we had a halfling that we couldn't keep away from the buttons).

But as for the description we were given for the hologram. I think it was basically, he gave us a print out of the picture and told us we saw that but it was 3-d. We could pass our hands through it with no difficulty and it didn't seem to be magical in any way.

I might have to do that. I've just recently started PFS, so something that will allow me to track what scenarios I've played might come in handy.

Pirate Rob wrote:
My tracker has notes next to the scenarios for the factions that are relevant.

Just curious, Rob. Do the numbers under played and GM refer to the character number that played that mission?

Also that is really neat. Must have taken a bit of work to set the thing up.

South Dakota for me, roughly 12 to 13 hour drive.

Okay that great. I had thought about a Klar, but didn't seem to fit with my Ulfin Skirnir.

Paladin, thank you. I'm curious when you say that is doesn't specify a type of shield, do you mean the Skirnir's arcane bond ability?

Splendor, thank you but that really doesn't answer any of my question.

Yeah just tried the PDF Escape. It works great for being a free product. I have a tablet that I use to write my chronicles out with but I needed some way to get the chronicles from the pdf into my note program without the rest of the file. This will work great.


Still kinda wondering about this one. Want to make sure I have stuff right for Gencon. And should probably say this is for PFS.

I had a question about the Skirnir's arcane bond ability. I understand that I can't have the item made out of special materials, but can I choose a quickdraw or throwing shield?

That does seem kinda strange. Like Noswald said, a lot of the games I've been in identifying yourself as a Pathfinder really isn't that good of an idea.

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