Chronicle sheets for online play?

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How do I fill them out for online play?

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You can annotate (write in the boxes and drop in signatures) using the free Foxit PDF reader on the scenario PDF, and then print the chron page to pdf writer. (You will probably wan to save an interim version with most things filled out and then fill in a variant for each PC.)

Or old school: print the chron, sign it, scan it, email.

Probably a few other ways.

This should be in the online play section.

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I go to PDF Escape, upload the PDF, delete all but the requite page, fill out the chronicle using the editing tools, and then download the individual chronicles. For a table of six, I can get all chronicles filled out and disseminated in under fifteen minutes using this method.

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I do the fairly low tech method of snapshot from Adobe PDF to Paint at 100% & add text in saving as a .png. Also, the first time I figured out to fill in all the common stuff first and save that as a blank sheet then do individual sheets was amazing.

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From personal experience, I've noticed two problems with using the screenshot method.
1. .png/.jpg tend to have low resolutions (they look crappy when printing)
2. They don't scale well when printing, leaving the sheet looking bad from the resolution and from some skewing that occurs when resizing the screenshot.

In the end, they're trivial, and maybe your editing software is better than mine.

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I open the PDF in GIMP, select the chronicle sheet page, then add text layers on top to fill it out. I'll put a tutorial for this online sometime when I get a chance.

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I normally use Foxit PDF Editor, but I hadn't heard of PDF Escape before. I just had a go at it now, and it's a far superior option.

Thanks for that one Rachel!

Yeah just tried the PDF Escape. It works great for being a free product. I have a tablet that I use to write my chronicles out with but I needed some way to get the chronicles from the pdf into my note program without the rest of the file. This will work great.

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