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GayBirdGM wrote:

I will say, so far, the second chapter is incredibly interesting as a read. Everything about Kharnas and his history was very interesting and I can't wait for my players to learn about it in play. It's taking a lot of my willpower to not show them the lore and all that about him and say "Man, look at how cool this part is!" ^-^


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Daw wrote:


Tegresin, if I ask A'kin a question, will he give a truthful answer?

He'll give you -his- truth. We all will.

But even imprisoned primordial horrors such as myself must obey the rules of the board, so back on thread topic if we can.

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Todd Stewart wrote:
"Do not trust the fiend.”




Belabras wrote:

That said, a few things did stand out:
- Disappointing a certain evil fox-like outsider in Felicar's Whirlpool. Until the end of time, you creepy bastard!


The Silly Qlippoth wrote:

You guys are so kooky! First we make you murder everyone you care about.

Then suck your face through your entrails while we devour your soul and poop it out behind us while we devour the cosmos. ^-^


158: Don't make deals with me. Ever. It doesn't end well for anyone. Of course if you have to make a deal with me, you're usually in a position where not making a deal simply isn't an option. I've only shown up in canon a few times, but don't let lack of exposure indicate a lack of danger.

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:

I can think of at least four entities that Todd is associated with. It's obvious, really.

Check the authors of the various Books of the Damned. ^_^


Todd Stewart is... Tabris?!?*

...and he is writing things! In this thread!

Run! Run for your lives! Todd Stewart is Tabris!

*possibly not what she meant* :]

"Tabris? Oh no no no... One of his sources? Absolutely."

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I just wanted to share my appreciation for the reference to a certain crowned and imprisoned what-the-hell-kind-of-fiend-is-that-no-seriously-it-doesn't-fit-and-why-doe s-it-want-to-chat-and-make-deals that shows up in the Mnemovore write up. Tegresin is watching. Tegresin is always watching.

Beyond that little shout out to Tegresin though, it's a lovely expansion on the original write up of the demiplane from 'The Great Beyond'. Really nice adventure hooks.

Dotting this. :)

Oh the truth would make your heads spin!

But spoiling my fun is the fact that truth of the unpoisoned variety is something you'll rarely ever get from me. Though I suppose Tabris might have. Or not. Lies are so much more fun! Says the entity with a distinctly outside and often maliciously bored perspective on Golarion's cosmological history.

Mikaze wrote:

Daemons though...

If there's one unforgivable sin in fantasyland, it's destroying a soul. Dabbling with daemons means rolling around with the worst of the worst of the multiverse

I hate to step into this collective beatdown on daemons, but they really do get a harsh double standard. They weren't even original in the grand scheme of things. They had to wait till the other lower planes rather well boiled over with larvae for the First of them to spawn. They're the red headed step-children of creation, without anyone to tell them what they are, what they should be doing, and why they should be doing. They just showed up, ticked off the proteans that their plane was suddenly there and not going away, and damn but they were HUNGRY right from the get-go.

Maybe the rest of creation despises them for their table manners and being perpetually hungry for the tender, delicious stuff of mortal souls snuffed out bite by juicy, wriggling, screaming bite. Or maybe the system is rigged against them.

They're hardly as bad as Rovagug surely? They don't care about the cosmos as a whole, they just want mortals to cease to exist, not all of the current physical paradigm.

Or perhaps I'm vaguely sympathetic to them? Hmm. I could say that it takes one to know one. But that's not exactly right... nevermind. That's a history lesson I'm not keen to expand upon, and the classification of transcendent anathamas or unknowable blights upon creation compared to simple fiends or one another is almost akin to the geometries of pin dancing angels.

Back to your double standards. >:)

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Mikaze wrote:
Tegresin the Laughing Fiend wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Shalafi2412 wrote:
Why not have a good demon or devil as well?
We got those too! :D

Yes, yes you do.

*strikes a few names off of the company holiday gift registry*

Ragathiel probably didn't want your screaming fruitcake anyway. :P

Wanted it or not, he hasn't been here long enough to qualify for that tier of gift.

*glances at some pages singed onto petitioners, old-school Gehenna style*

No, Ragathiel was only going to get a year subscription to the ochre jelly of the month club. He's waaaaay too young. It takes a few more millions years to get the screaming fruitcake. Those are yummy, let me tell you. Not wriggling, screaming full-on petitioner yummy, or newborn godling sashimi yummy, nascent reality snuffed out or alternate timeline-bettering the state of all-but-never-to-be yummy, but they have a certain quaint charm around the holidays for sure.

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Mikaze wrote:
Shalafi2412 wrote:
Why not have a good demon or devil as well?
We got those too! :D

Yes, yes you do.

*strikes a few names off of the company holiday gift registry*

Which makes you wonder how there's a forest full of petrified celestials in Abaddon. >:)

Lloyd Jackson wrote:
@Kthulhu, I'd gotten that impression as well, that the material may well be the oldest of the planes. And let us not forget, although the proteans claim the maelstrom came first, the book of the damned teaches that Asmodeus and his brother were the first, Ithys opened the door to chaos and horror.

There are conflicting claims, all from entities with a distinctly skewed perspective on the cosmos. This isn't a bad thing, because utterly ancient history becomes much more open to speculation and mystery, and there's a nice mystique to it all. Unreliable narrators to that history such as the proteans, Asmodeus, qlippoths, etc are a good tool for this.

As far as the great old ones, there's an implication that they were there on the Prime Material before the arrival of the gods from elsewhere (be it the various outer sphere planes or an even more nebulous 'elsewhere' elsewhere), and the particulars are themselves decently up in the air to allow for multiple interpretations. Again, this is a good thing IMO.

*mutters something about them all being young kids and getting off of my lawn*

Todd Stewart wrote:

Now I feel compelled to at some point try to sneak in an alchemist named Ava Gad'ro. :D



Bad freelancer! Don't joke if you're not going to do it! (Which in all seriousness, isn't going to happen)

I could totally get behind that sort of book. >:)

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Mikaze wrote:

Indeed, the Daemon based soul-eating stuff in general is so hideous to contemplate I'm really a little feaked out about it. In any reality that has souls, an other fate is temporary, it may be awful, but it can be escaped somehow, and some part of you will live on. Having your soul devoured? Not so much.

Om Nom. >:)

Fitting. That's how I see it. >:)

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Dear Sir,

I write to you about a matter of utmost importance. I, Prince Tegresin the Totally Not Evil, have come into possession of eternal life but cannot withdraw on it from Pharasma's Central Bank of Such and Such at this time. If you would be willing to serve as a proxy in this matter I would share it happily with you, however I will need free access to your soul to totally not entrap and devour it. Please get back to me at your earliest pleasure sir.


... fiendish deals, always a classic way to go.

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What is evil?

I am. >:)

Goblin Squad Member

Cloister Flock wrote:
Book of the Damned 4: Ultimate Quasit

A book about me? :D

I want a plush me.

But for that to happen I need to be illustrated first.

So you hear me? I'll keep showing up in books till I get illustrated!

Gorbacz wrote:

Waaah, November?



Yummy yummy tears.

*waves the manuscript around in a game of fiendish keep away*

I'm hideously evil, but than again, I'm not a good measuring stick for comparison to much anything else.

Dragon78 wrote:
so there are no powerful outsiders or undead as the bad guys...again.

You make horribly evil fiend of uncertain nature and motivations a sad, sad fiend. D:

fictionfan wrote:
I think a gem with a soul in it would be worth more than a gem without a soul in it.

I don't know about gold piece value, but it'd most certainly be tastier. >:)

Four posts after the OP and nobody even thinks of including me? Tsk tsk.

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What? You asked a question, you got an answer.

Oh, and deities too. Especially them.

Of course it's not evil. I'm sure you have your reasons for doing so. In fact, I wholeheartedly urge you to summon more fiends. Summon them and let them out to frollic and play with the squishy yummy mortals whose souls are like a yummy raspberry filling once you get past the fleshy shell. >:)

Actually, I'd urge you to summon me. Or at least make the attempt. It would be amusing. Or if you have a neighboring civilization you don't like, you urge -them- to do it. >:)

KaeYoss wrote:
The whole Great Beyond is just a tumour, a malignant virus.

No, the correct answer would be mortals. Mortals are a malignant virus. Wriggling parasite souls feeding on the sallow flesh of the immortal.

Wiki Monster wrote:
Luckily, literally anyone who wants to can edit PathfinderWiki, so if there's a person who holds this issue near and dear to his or her heart, the project's a'waitin'!

Ah well I'll go right in and list myself as 'not at all imprisoned' and 'the most awesome entity on the planes'.

Generic Villain wrote:
This is also why I like the suggestion that there's something beyond even the Maelstrom/Abyss. This mysterious outer-outer plane is alluded to by the god Zon-Kuthon, who was possessed by a being from this mysterious realm. It's also the origin of the undead devourer monsters, according to Todd Stewart's coverage of them in "Undead Revisited."

Who says that they're referring to the same thing? >:)

(it's open to interpretation, intentionally so. Plus that way gives DMs multiple options without having to overwrite anything)

There's also the gods having arrived from "elsewhere" in some descriptions. The axiomites arriving from "elsewhere" in their and the protean origin legends. And there's the Hell legend that clearly talks about other realities distinct from those of Asmodeus and his brother. It's not defined what that might or might not have comprised. Other planes or other realities unto themselves distinct from the generally defined nested shell cosmology mortals are familiar with. And of course, the proteans have a distinction between the Maelstrom and the deep of the Cerulean Void, with the very open possibility by their telling -as confusing as their words can be- of this local cosmology being one shore of a very, very vast ocean with depths and currents and other radically different distant shores.

But I'll have to refer you to my comments when I mentioned the origins of the devourers. "That would be telling..."

James Jacobs wrote:
ALL of Golarion's deities grant spells, except the dead ones. If you see us list domains for a deity (which we certainly do for Apsu), that means that deity can grant spells. Because it's a deity.

Can those of us non-deities grant spells just to screw with mortals and/or thumb our noses at the gods?

Not in -my- name mind you. Just someone fun, like the Peacock Spirit (why u list them as dead?! Whaaa!)

Shall I tell them? Some of us unfathomably old have the truth of such things from an objective viewpoint. Devils and demons and daemons and angels and gods all have their own twist upon such things.

Shall I tell the mewling little mortals? Shall I rattle their boneboxes to use the parlance of someone I once knew? Or shall I confuse them even more? Just remember, I always lie. Except when I tell the truth. The key is figuring out which one of the two will cause the most misery.

But what do I know of such things? I'm just an interloper.

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W E Ray wrote:
And NE is just lame.


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*taunt taunt*

I know a few that'll be in it, care of being mentioned as being in it in the outline for a project I won't name. ;)

That doesn't help at all though, does it? But what do you expect? I'm evil.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

So please email away,

** spoiler omitted **

*blush* The offer was for Wes :)

Everyone else has to wait till the book is out (and if stuff gets cut, the cut stuff may be released if Paizo is cool with it). ;)

I'm bored, and so in a pique of either remarkable benevolence or serious malignancy I'll sell you the secret to immortality. Won't cost you a dime either. Might cost someone else, but you, nothing.

I'm good for it. Trust me.

*mouthful of fangs*

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Now is when I point out that there are at least two different non-evil liches in Golarion. :P

You may now commence arguing if they started off as exceptions to the rule, or changed their alignment subsequent to becoming liches.

Generally speaking there are some minor differences between generic PFRPG handling on the topic and some instances on Golarion (or instances where the editors may yet retcon a freelancer boo hiss if the topic is revisited). For instance the lich thing (one lairing in the negative energy plane and just wanting to be left alone, and another rumored to be lairing in the conflicted warzone that is Aroden's former deific domain). Another example are the sceaduinar as presented in Bestiary 2 (NE in PFRPG) and in The Great Beyond (explicitely non-evil, just xenophobic and essentially made of fantasy antimatter - don't poke them, nothing positive comes of it).

Mind you, the situation may always be clarified in each circumstance that arises as behooves the Paizo guys. :)

LoreKeeper wrote:
Not to forget information on the supposed 5th horseman?

Pass a few souls my way and I might tell you what I told Tabris when he wrote the notes which would later be compiled as the Book of the Damned. Or not. Or I might just lie at the most opportune moment. Wait and see. >:D

We're not "evil", we're just misunderstood. *puppy fiend eyes*

Also, I'm a spectacular liar.

Vic Wertz wrote:

I'm not sure about the treasure, but the 5th Chronicle was sealed because the Decemvirate was really embarrassed that the word "Region" was misspelled, in really large letters, on the included map.

Alright kids. Sell me your soul -all tasty and yummy as it might be for a creature of such refined tastes as myself- and I'll tell you the mind-shattering secret of "Reigon".


Mikaze wrote:

I still hope whoever gets killed by the devourer in its chapter has a buddy nearby with a holy disruption undead-bane crowbar handy. HATE devourers.

Soul-eating -things- need love too! *sniff*

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Trelmarixian the Black wrote:


Of course I need an illustration somewhere first. Geez, my minions get illustrated twice and nothing for me. But regardless, when you think Iconic Villain, you should think Horseman of Famine.


Oh hush, Mr jackal-headed jello fiend with an appetite for souls. You don't qualify unless I do. And besides, I'm older than you.

jlighter wrote:

Here's a question. Where's the deity who's portfolio is Eating, Breathing, Sleeping, and Other Bodily Functions? What alignment is this deity? Clearly that would be the over-riding alignment of the world.

My guess? Said deity is evil.

All bow before the might of Lord Mitochondrion!

Portfolio: ATP
Obedience: Just Sitting There and Living, Holding Disdain for and Lording It Over Prokaryotes


*munches on popcorn whilst watching iconics die in horrible, awesome ways*

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

Book of the Damned vol.3: Bringers of Annihilation

written by: Todd Stewart

Make it happen, Captain!

Todd who?

Can't say I'm that familiar with that particular mortal, but I heard that he could make things more confusing and rather than his first name, he could use his middle name: Wesley.

This quaint little demiplane that I call home. Please do come visit. Mind you, it's a matter of discussion if the whole 'prison' thing is from my perspective or the souls that I have scattered about to keep me company. >:)

James Sutter wrote:
Todd Stewart wrote:
Wes nailed it pretty well in that blog, I'll say that. :)

Wes wrote the blog, not the speech. :)

And if you want to see a more substantial conversation with a protean, stay tuned to the novel line--we should have something in the coming year that will tickle your fancy...

Was a nice speech. :D

And as for the last part, I have only one thing to say, "Spill the beans to that mortal and then NDA the heck out of him! Four other of my forum alts agree!"


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