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I'll throw the idea in, and be what it must: a book on the line of the Rival Guide, except that it focuses on single individuals (or in certain cases maybe a couple, like twins, lovers, or whatever, or maybe a trio) that are totally unique. They don't belong to any known race, nor to any class, and they wander Golarion or hide in it for their own singular purposes.
I'll make an example of what I mean using the Final Fantasy videogame series. In many chapters of the series, there are recurring elements (despite their "shapes" usually differ a little), and one of them is Gilgamesh, who is (always, more or less) presented as basically being a master swordsman of unknown nature (hardly Human) and obscure origins who wanders the world in search of worthy opponents to battle and legendary weapons to claim for himself.
Well, I'd like to see something similar in Golarion: a set of unique creatures (more humanoid in shape, than monstrous; but the monstrous ones could make a nice sequel) that the PCs could meet (either for good or for bad, making for exciting foes or allies), each with their own story and agenda. Unique creatures that do not come from the ranks of "common" creatures, but from entirely singular events.
For example... the former divine guardian of an ancient temple that was destroyed, along with the death of its patron deity; an emperor of the stars that fell on Golarion as a meteor; a redeemed Devil of lost ages who wanders the world and tortures and crushes fiends to free the multiverse from the stain of evil; three white twins that claim to come "from the Spider-Out-There" and want to swallow the sun; and so on.

This ... is a pretty good idea, actually. I like the sound of this.

I could totally get behind that sort of book. >:)

Definitely support your idea, similarly I wanted a book called Aliens of Golarion few years ago

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