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We'll use this thread to answer questions and provide teases for everything the Four Horsemen produce for our friends at Rogue Genius Games.

Please come here to discuss things with the Four Horsemen, or visit us on our Facebook page.

And always, bring us your funny comments and photos about the FOur Horsemen. Our skin is pretty thick.

Well, except for Pestilence. His skin....yeah, never mind.

We require more vespe.. euhm... more information.

Are there any spoilers or teases you want to share yet? :p

Actually, I'm getting the green light on some teases as I write this.

But until that's good to go, I'll share a cover and link you to the Rogue Genius Facebook page. Come by and post your best dice shaming story!

So....let's have a mechanical tease. What would make a giant most gruesome and scary to you as players?

Maybe it rips the arms off your friend and savagely beats you with them.

Perhaps it's incredibly stealthy for its size, able to contort itself into small space with ease. It's 12 feet tall and weighs 2,000 pounds...but it's still hiding in the shadow behind your door.

Maybe you're a power gamer and themes don't scare you. Maybe you'll respect a giant because it's spells are larger and more powerful simply because the caster is larger and more powerful.

Sure, these things and much more are in the Genius Guide to Gruesome Giants. But what would it take for a giant to scare YOU?

Dotting this. :)

The Genius Guide to Gruesome Giants is now available in the Paizo store! Additionally it has already received a 5-star review.

We're very proud of this product. If you're looking for ways to make giant encounters interesting or infused with horror themes then this is definitely worth your time to check out!

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2013

This week on Paizo's Top Ten Downloads among 3PP includes the Construct Companion AND Four Horsemen Present: Gruesome Fey!

Come check out the Four Horsemen blog at d20pfsrd.com and say hello at fourhorsemenofficial.com!

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