Sergeant Baskerville's page

33 posts. Alias of Charles Scholz.


Sasithorn is banned because it was the right time to do it.


Cats I need to whip into shape today: 1d20 ⇒ 11

JTDV is banned for cruelty to goblins.

About that. There have been some complaints they are more eye candy for the men than practical armor for the erinyes air corps.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

I believe I can fly.

Bark Bark Bark Bark BARK!
Bark Bark Bark.
Bark Bark.


Burning Straw man is banned for burning the evidence.

Xavante coloring reflects his mood. He is very sad right now.

Iron Federation Drone wrote:
Mush too poorly executed.

What do I look like to you, a sled dog?

Toucher of Goats was promoted because he has all the blackmail photos.

Belay that recruit.

That was only a trick.

Trooper, get in there and fight. Or are you yeller?


You can't handle a pony.

ADD Dog wrote:
I'm sorry I ate your house shoes and peed on your bed.

Alright recruit. Its the collar of shame for you.

You are a disgrace to the corps.

Raw Steak...
NO! Must resist.

I do not take orders from you.


Cease and desist that howling NOW!

You will only howl when ordered to!

Poog is banned, just on general causes.

Of course. We have a mounted cavalry.

You want the squirrel? You can't handle the squirrel!

Forgive me master. I did not here you come in.

All right recruits. Sound off.

You are PATHETIC, recruit. Drop and give me 10!

If you are going to bark, BARK like you mean it.


NEVER! dis the Academy!

...Having to edit my posts.

You listen to me pup, and one day you will be a real dog.