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With the way you say it, we can assume you have?

Shark fin soup powers the GT through his day.

Sovereign Court

And GoatToucher doesn't even remove the fins, he lightly simmers the shark in warm water and then sucks the fins dry!

*Goes pale green.*

Excuse me for a moment...

*Vomit sounds.*

I wondered why a few of my brothers had droopy fins.

*witty pun or retort about winning*

*Meta comments about meta comments*

Febreze for everybody!

Thanks, the mess AoZK made was starting to spread.

It still is. Fiend vomit is no joke!

It also is an ingredient in the best salad dressing in the planes.

S4 would be more dangerous except for his chronic procrastination....

KenderKin is... eh... I'll get to this later.

The schemes are supreme, the follow through is meh

That's because they are outdated..... ;)

KenderKin and Wylliam Harrison are two wild and crazy guys!

I climbed into my work truck today, and checked the built in thermometer. It read 114. Then I realized I was looking at the 'miles to empty' read-out. Turns out it was only 104 degrees F. Only blisteringly hot, instead of insanely hot. But it's a dry heat. :P

On a side note: Squirrel Win!


That was only a trick.


You lost it again.



QUICK EVERYBODY GRAB YER PHONES AND HEAD OVER TO THE THREE WORD GAME ANYBODY THREAD THERE'S RARE POKEMONS ALL OVER THE PLACE OVER THERE!!!! Yes now while they will all go over there chasing Pikamanders and Charzacus forget all about this thread and leave me as the winner. BAHHAHA!!!

Sovereign Court

*Still being violently ill.*

Speaking of which, GoatToucher, Pokemon does not mean what you think it does. Go and wash your index finger, please.

He thinks it means "pocket monster"

Why, yes I will take the win. Thanks.

I'll be annexing that win now. Manifest Destiny!

tastes like chicken, slow roasted with a beer can up it's back side

Scarab Sages

*opens the airlock In KenderKin's Closet, sweeping KenderKin into the void*

How does that work when KenderKin's Closet is securely planetbound? The world may never know....


Oh, look, a Win!

:uses Sleep Powder:





Shield of dryness

Win of winningness.

Slip of oilerness.

Sovereign Court

A new week, a new win!

Elixir of "Love"

You gotta post to win.

Posting is love. Posting is life.

What is best in life?


Beard balm.

For America, what direction is the beard stroked?

This way

What's all this talk about beards, anyway?


Beards were always great.

Yes, they sometimes are stereotyped for alignment.

*strokes own beard, smiling with evil*

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I inspire my party with Beardic Performance!





I'll see myself out. With the win.

No, you won't.



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