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Alright, I've decided to go with Marcallon as I've never done this type of character before. He should be very intriguing to play in this kind of campaign. He's not a loner type, and I'm not gonna play him as one, despite what you might think you read under his personality profile; He's more of a "desperately looking for people to appreciate him" kinda guy. Obviously this is going to make him properly loyal to those he befriends – hint: the other party members, or at least some of them. (I'm not gonna force friendliness on all the other characters, but I will force it a little on at least a few if neccessary)

Marcallon Lynch
Appearance: The once pale skin of his Chelaxian heritage has been tanned a deep, rustic brown by countless hours outdoors, but many other typical Chelaxian features still shine through: a sharp chin, black hair and dark eyes. He's stocky and at least a few inches above 6 feet. Stubble covers his cheeks, but a proper 'stache lies like a fat larvae on his upper lip, matching his bushy brows.

Upon his brow sits a simple felt hat of an undecided brown color, casting a protective shade over his face. He wears a simple khaki shirt with a single breastpocket over the heart, and a pair of greyish-brown pants together with sturdy walking boots and a jacket in the same color. He also wears a shoulder bag and a canvas belt; the latter which holds his gun, a powderhorn, a bullet pouch and a machete.

Background: Born on his family's coffee farm, to parents maintaining their Chelaxian citizenship despite Sargava's break with Cheliax, Marcallon and his brother had an easy childhood of slave-funded luxuries. Time was spent getting educated, exploring or playing "hellknights and hoodlums" and similar games; generally, time was leasurely. However, Marcallon dreamt of becoming a Hellknight – a true champion of the Chelaxian ways – and did not waste too much time playing around.

With some help from what could well be called the Chelish Embassy in Sargava, and the family connections earned through selling a luxury ware such as coffee, Marcallon received a letter from Lictor Uro Adom of the Order of the Chain, accepting him as a Hellknight Armiger – a Hellknight initiate – in his order in Corentyn, Cheliax, once he reached 23 years; until such a time, he was permitted to train with the local Hellknights in Eleger called the Order of the Coil.

Upon receiving this news, Marcallon hurriedly went to Eleger to start his training with the Coil. However, despite the Lictor's letter, the Hellknights in Sargava refused to entertain the fancies of the young man, whom they considered nothing more than a pampered boy. Marcallon would not stand for such humiliation, and demanded at least the initiate garb and gear, which, maybe surprisingly, they granted him.

Returning home triumphantly, he had to show off to his family. It was a great show, out in the fields in the dry season. Until It came time to show off the Alchemist's Fire that was part of the standard gear. Marcallon doesn't remember what happened, it could have been the wind or a bad throw, but quite suddenly, a wild fire was blazing across the coffee fields. Capricious and volatile winds spread the flames wide and seperated the family, and Marc watched in horror, helplessly, as the fire consumed his nieces and his brave father, as he tried to save them.

Not only had the fire consumed Marc's nieces and his father, but also his sister-in-law, a score slaves and more than half the plantation.
At the funeral, Marc felt the blame palpably from his mother and brother. Like a swarm of biting mosquitoes on a humid, windless day. He decided then to leave; telling himself they would be better off without him, without him there to constantly remind them of the disaster HE caused. He would have to help them some other way.

Now, a few years later, with several get-rich-quick schemes gone wrong and some real-world experience under his belt, Marcallon Lynch finds himself anticipating the journey further south. Maybe there he will find forgiveness through success...?

Personality: Proud, arrogant and with a temper, you wouldn't think think to call Marcallon a popular guy. However, his gallows humor in the face of adversity, his natural leadership skills; his no-nonsense attitude and his willingness to be the first in the lion's den brings people to follow him despite his flaws.

People who have known him for a while may find him to be a simple man and easy to read, yet he holds depth enough to surprise even his old acquantances regularly.

In many ways, Marc can be considered a typical Chel. He's proud, arrogant, and values family and tradition. However, he is clearly shaped by his past mistakes and by the toll of the life on the savannah and in the jungles, and despite his arrogance knows that HE is the ONLY one that's going to turn his life around. After all, why should anyone else care to?

This all leaves Marcallon a fairly lonely fellow. He tries to numb his loneliness with drink, but this just serves to push even more people away, as he gets even more temperamental, even violent, when he's on the bottle.

Fabian Benavente wrote:


Runge? Are you still considering submitting a PC?

Working on it. The writing part is a bit difficult with these characters, as there are so many angles I wish to explore. Piling it all up is an option, but that would be a weird character indeed.

I've settled on the names, and I'm about 75% done with the backgrounds. The character builds are still undecided, but has been boiled down to 2 and 4 options for both characters.

Marcallon Lynch is a brawler or an inquisitor. He has a firearm, and he was accepted to become a hellknigh initiate. Plans changed when he f+!!ed up and killed his brother's children and he went into a self-imposed exile.

Bandar (Subject to change) is a either a wild child brawler, a hunter of some sort, a druid or a shaman; for the companion and general fit into the "mystic tracker" theme. He used to work at the Lynch family's farm, but after a fire he saw his chance to escape.

For brevity, I'm entertwining their backgrounds, opening up a lot of themes to explore, depending on which character I choose to go with :)

I've been reading about Sargava and related topics, and I'm considering two options. The first is a Sargava-born Chelaxian on a sort of self-imposed exile because of family troubles. The second is a Zenj Mwangi slave on the run, trying to escape his masters and earn his freedom. Would either be problematic?

I'm envisioning the Chelaxian as a sort of big game hunter, maybe a bit stuck up and arrogant, but largely ignorant of the actual hardships of the world because he's from a well to-do family. He also has a temper, and expects to be listened to, especially when he has been drinking, which he does often, then he might even get violent. He probably has a firearm, but since you already have a gunslinger, he won't be.

The Zenj is probably a tracker or a a runner. After being alone in the wilds – On the savannah or in the jungle – for some time, his loneliness brings him back to civilization. Or at least a semblance of such. He's cautious and does not trust easily, but never tries to stab others in the back. He lives as he hopes others would. Maybe his loneliness brought him a companion of some sort, either in the shape of a familiar or an actual animal companion.

What do you think? Any issues or questions?

stats: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 182d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 122d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 4) + 6 = 142d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 2) + 6 = 132d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 1) + 6 = 122d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4) + 6 = 13

guess I'm going with the rolls :)

I'll apply with a paladin sometime within the span of the next two days :)

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Alright, I've taken an approach mildly different from usual with Vance. Instead of writing out his full background, I've only detailed the crossroads that lead him to the beginning of the campaign. This allows for fluidity in his background details for the sake of the game. That said, if you'd rather have a full summary background, I can do that as well. It is my hope to do so in the end, but simply for character generation, this seemed a much smarter path.

Vance Magravi's

Path to Service:

An imp shrieked gleefully as it flew towards the startled horses. My whip cracked and its glee turned to anguish in a howl.

“What was that for you meanie!” it yelled in a high pitch. “I didn’t do nuffin!” It was an uncommonly ugly thing. Harelip and skin an irritated red, with nipples pierced by rings of a strange green metal. It had no horns, as was normal for its kind, but its bat like wings were the color of pig’s skin.

“Stop harassing my horses, or you’ll have worse than that.” Voice like ice, I tapped the blade at my hip lightly. “I hear your kind doesn’t take too well to silver.”

The imp’s yellow eyes narrowed. I might have talked big, but if this was someone’s familiar, I was in big trouble. This kind of work always but me on edge, and I hated it. Worse, I hated my father for putting me up to it over and over again.

“I daresay I’ve got the right man!” the imp exclaimed after a moment, breaking into a smile with teeth that reminded me of the tines. I shuddered. Smiling wider, the imp continued. “Say, do you know what you’re transporting?”

My mouth went dry, “No clue.” Sweat trickled down my back despite the evening cold. I did not know, but I knew it was some sort of contraband. This imp might just be the doom my father’s work was sure to buy me, although much sooner than I would have liked.

“That won’t do at all.” The imp said. “Why, I know, and I hafn’t even seen the box!” It shrieked that gleeful shriek again, looking me in the eyes as it circled the anxious horses.

A strange calm took hold of me. I realized that my choices were really very limited: Kill the imp, bargain with the imp, or end up on the tines. I recognized the calm as a sense of purpose. Bargaining was not my strong point, but with a little luck I could kill the imp without further incident. Hells, I really wanted to strike my blade into its twisted little heart.

“There are two hellknights heading your way. They haf sensed the thing in your carriage and are coming to investigate. If you want, I can vouch for your innocence.” The imp brought me out of my reverie. Panic almost took me, but then I grasped the imp’s words.

“What’s the price?” The imp had offered up a bargain on its own, I would be a fool to hesitate. Yet trepidation festered in the back of my mind.

“Why, the details are much too intricate to discuss before it is too late for you.” The imp hovered over the horses as it spoke “In short, though, you will offer your discretion and your serfices to my master in a simple matter in Cheapside.” It looked at me patiently, waiting for me to state my agreement to its terms. Seeing no other way out, I assented.

“Ah yes by the way, your accomplices are going to take the fall. Hope you’re ok with that.” It laughed and I saw the unmistakable shapes of two hellknights at the end of the street. I really hate devils.

Thus started my work for house Thrune, and I must say now, a few years later, that it sure beats working for my father. Lawful work keeps my conscience clear, and better monetary compensation keeps my pouch lined golden.


Vance's father, Lukain Magravi, is a Varisian of Scarzni heritage. Lukain makes a living in Egorian by working closely with Zandros and his Goatherd, as well as other criminals. Vance has tried to change his ways multiple times, but to no avail. Lukain is a staunch Desnan.

Vance's mother, Eudomia Tauranor, is dead, but she used to be a famous opera singer. His father has never revealed the details of her death to him, but Vance suspects that it has to do with his father's illicit activities.

Lukain and Eudomia met in Korvosa during Eudomia's first tour to the fringes of Cheliax and beyond. They fell in love, and Eudomia employed Lukain as her personal, designated coachman, and bought a beautiful Korvosan carriage to ride in. Lukain renounced his criminal ways to become her fulltime driver until the time of her death, moving with her to Egorian. This is the same carriage Vance drives now.

The details of the imp and his master is left to the discretion of the GM, as I do not know of the details of the Adventure Path.

It could be interesting if Vance's father is on the other side of the conflict, and they clash at some point during the Adventure.

Vance doesn't like devils at all. He also doesn't particularly like House Thrune. However, as a second generation immigrant, he does what he has to to survive.

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Any advice on how long one should wait before "reclicking" the download button after Personalizing the PG?

I've tried 1 minute, 15 minutes, 25 minutes and 30 minutes. None have worked so far. I attempted 45 and 60, but I got logged out before that and had to start over.

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I still don't understand the need to personalize a player's guide. Now it's just infuriating.

Well, I'd love to play an Eldritch Knight (Fighter/Wizard). His first level would be fighter, but he would go wizard from there, and eldritch knight when possible. Why that be passable for an arcane character? :)

Zayne Fasseri wrote:
Corsario wrote:
I know... but I find myself hard pressed to make a good submission...
Might as well give it a shot anyway. Submit the best idea you've got. You might just surprise yourself.

Not to mention everyone else :)

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
I could not help but notice there is a Lore Warden up there. That archetype is PFS flavored. Will the flavors of such things not be required, for archetypes, feats, and Prestige Classes?

*Potential* lore warden – But good question.

At the moment I'm just considering my options, and those two character archetypes seemed to fit my concept the best. For now (still looking). I was also looking at the "Calistrian Hunter" fighter archetype, which is a poor fit by name, but not so much mechanically.

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I will be writing up the following character idea:

Vance Magravi – a coachman – is tired of serving as a dispensable tool for various rich snobs, and decides to take an active approach to changing things up. When an opportunity presents itself (the start of the campaign—assumption) he takes it.

I'm not certain about much, but I am certain of this: He is half-chelaxian-half-scarzni, he is a coachman, he upholds the law stringently, and he has an unhealthy fascination with blood/gore/violence.

At this point I'm not even sure what class he is though, so I still have a good deal of work ahead of me.

reinventing my old character, I've brainstormed this thus far:

  • Daniel is born in Karcau, Ustalav.
  • His mother was an opera singer, and his father was a pharasmin priest.
  • He has a younger brother.
  • A clash between a cultist of the old gods, a scarzni werewolf and a vampire resulted in a heap of collateral damage: His brother was mentally addled by a failed attempt at possession, his mother was turned into a vampire, and he himself was afflicted with lycanthropy.
  • His brother has since been admitted to the asylum in Caliphas, his mother has disappeared, and his lycanthropy has been cured. However, his studies have revealed a way to call upon the curse through alchemy (Mutagen).
  • Daniel went to Lepidstadt university (Also where he was cured), where he studied mainly alchemy, engineering and medicine.

Daniel feels that in a world of magic, both divine and arcane, the common man without such should still have a means to protect and defend himself, and he believes firearms are the way to go. Thus, he is dedicated to spreading their use.

At his core, what drives him are 3 hopes: 1. To find a cure for whatever it is that ails his brother; 2. To arm the common man against the dark forces of the world and to cut out the corruption from within Ustalav (not the world, at current.), and; 3. To find and help his mother.

As an educated man with the title "doctor", he considers himself the surgeon that will cut out the taint and heal the land. As a hobby, he is creating a pair of homunculi to aid him.

There are a few incongruities and holes, but I believe I've got a good base :)

Great! I'll set to writing then. Is there a character format you prefer on the profiles?

Since this is set slightly in the future, maybe we have some creative freedom in regards to the state of affairs in Golarion?

My first thought is to play a character I designed for a Council of Thieves game that died. He's an investigator (steel hound) with a deep fascination of the occult. He is also a liberal socialist and wants to bring guns to the people, at a profit, of course. Originally from Ustalav where he graduated from Lepidstadt university, he decided to move to Absalom for his business to flourish, and now runs the store "Steel Panacea" where he sells guns and alchemical creations. I imagine his efforts may have had an influence on the change in gun availability and pricing.

My second idea is a Dhampir (or maybe an oread) from Galt. He would have been an executioner – a Gray Gardener – that had to leave when the gray gardeners were no longer entitled their anonymity; OR because he believed the anonymity of the gray gardeners was a risk to a healthy devolpment of Galt, and was branded a traitor. Not quite set on this. I'm also thinking he used to be ignorant of the true horrors of the world, having seen only the monstrous acts of humans, and the other core races, but who had a rude awakening after a close-encounter with some undead or other horror from the dark. Maybe and Urdefhan believing him to be a vampire or something.

Also, a mechanical question: Would the investigator be able to take the alchemist discovery "Promethean Disciple"? He would like to craft homunculi, but there is no good way for an investigator to do so.

I have a concept that might function in such a game.

A once shepherd on the hunt for a dragon. Said dragon ate all of the shepherd's sheep, and now he seeks vengeance together with his aging ram. First, however, he has to learn the secrets of dragon slaying. This would be (part of?) his story.

I imagine him as someone of viking-ish heritage of the hunter class wielding a shepherd's staff (quarterstaff)

So far he only knows that he will need allies. His only source on dragon slaying mentions a "sword/lance" a "shield" and a "mount" – allegory for companions.

Is there a reason the character creation rules are so high powered? Will you up the power-level of the AP, or is it just difficult by default?

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I think a "signature" for each alias would be nice; a place you could dump all the things people currently put in the tagline, and more. I'm not a fan of using the taglines for this at all. I think it's a solution that works, but is aesthetically unpleasing.

I would also like it if the different tabs had the same rules in regards to code-prose. Some tabs follow different rules that I think look dumb. Examples like line distance and lists that don't jump into the post for clarity. (like in the gameplay tab, god that's frustrating)

Quality of life:
spoilers within spoilers.

Macros. Instant paste-in of saved text you use often, such as attack and damage rolls, saved to your alias. This could stand in completely for the signature idea above.

You decided against running The Price of Immortality trilogy? Anyway, I'm interested in this as well :)

In summary: I'll be applying with Jason Lynch, the Dungeon Delver. Jason is a taldan occultist from Qadira seeking a long lost osirian artifact said to allow safe passage to and fro the Akashic Record. Not for himself, but for the Scarab Sages faction of the Pathfinder Society. While not above heroics and self-sacrifice when it comes to his friends, he is more motivated by uncovering lost knowledge and antiquities than any greater good.

"Unlock the Wisdom of the Past for a Brigther Future"

Color me interested. I've wanted to play a paladin for some time, which would probably be a good fit.

Also, I'm not too experienced with these forums, but I think the best way to gauge interest is to host an actual recruitment thread.

Mm, there seems to be quite a nostores lately.

Harn should be completely updated. If you have an issues with format or any critique, I would love to hear it :)

My submission will be the human paladin Harn Serenada, sacred servant of Shelyn sworn against grotesquery. (image)

Character choices:

I've chosen the Zealous drawback for an additional trait. I thought it would fit well with a young, maybe slightly naive, paladin that may be trying too hard.

Traits: Signature Moves (social), Sandpoint Faithful (campaign) and Unswaying Love (religion)
The masterwork item from Signature Moves is a gold-plated greatsword.

Feats: Fey Foundling and Weapon Focus

Adventuring skills: Bluff, Diplomacy and Knowledge (Religion)
Background skills: Artistry (woodcarving) and Linguistics

Using the above, I've written a background and a personality profile. (I'm not an amazing writer so this is the best I could do on short notice. I'll try to improve upon it continuosly. Make it more concise.)


The circumstances of Harn’s birth is a mystery. He was found as a babe, in a wicker basket hanging from the branches of a grand apple tree decorated with hundreds of small, lit candles by the old painter Tino Benani, who discovered the fey scene on his pilgrimage to one of Shelyn’s temples.

Tino brought the boy child with him to the temple, intending to leave him in the care of the priests there. However during the journey, Tino had come to care for the child, and he could not bear to leave him. Instead Tino offered to serve as a priest at the temple, and adopted the boy himself. He named the boy Harn Serenada in loving memory of his wife and child who had both died, prompting his pilgrimage in the first place.

Harn’s life in the temple mirrored in many ways that of an ordinary priest. He was educated in worldly matters, and on the teachings of Shelyn. However Harn, who had experience with only a few of the many facets of love, struggled. He understood the love towards a parent, and that kindness begot kindness, but the rose-colored love depicted in many a work of art, or the self-sacrificing love described in plays or literature eluded him.

It was not until he was 16, and well on his way to becoming a paladin in the service of Shelyn, that Harn finally understood.

As a temple dedicated to Shelyn, the temple had many visiting couples come pledge their love before Shelyn, and receive her blessing as they spoke their vows. One such couple arrived on a beautiful spring morning as Harn sat in the garden, working on a carving of the temples appletree. The young woman immediately caught Harns attention.

Harn was captivated. Not only by her beauty, but by her grace, her kindness, and her faith. Unfortunately, she was just as enraptured with him. Drunk with love, They broke her recent vows in the gardens underneath the brances of the appletree as the sun sat.

Her husband, enraged by grief and heartbreak, challenged Harn to single combat in hopes of regaining at least a sense of honor. Tino and the priests, furious that Harn’s actions might have compromised the sanctity of the temple, threatened dismissal.

Confronted by the anger, frustration and grief of the husband, Harn finally grasped the depth of his malfeasance. Dawn the day of the duel, Harn showed up wielding but a single thorned rose. In the temple gardens, kneeling before the husband, Harn begged forgiveness. The husband struck him down, but just as he was about to deal the finishing blow, he crumbled in tears. The woman, only a spectator at that point, rushed to Harn’s side, tearful and wailing, but suddenly she did not seem so lovely. Harn sensed something. Something he had not sensed before. A strong evil presence emanated from the woman, and Harn was repulsed by her very touch. Snarling, the woman revealed herself; tiny horns, bat-like wings, and a sinuous tail betraying her demonic nature.

Holy fire filled the gardens as the succubus escaped towards the sky, laughing at the futile efforts. Harn’s rage burned within him, a golden flame of righteous fire. In one motion he drew his father’s sword and, with a strength fuelled by the divine will of Shelyn herself, threw it. The sword burst into a white blaze as it pierced the flying succubus. There was no scream as the demon fell to the ground, only a silent sigh as the succubus disintegrated into the breeze.

As a reward for his valor and heroism, Harn was awarded a golden sword, crafted in the likeness of his own wooden training sword, as well as a holy symbol cast in solid silver.

Now, 4 years later and a full-fledged paladin in Shelyn’s service, Harn has come to Sandpoint to celebrate the consecration of the new Sandpoint Cathedral. Maybe sell a few carvings too, if he is lucky.

Personality profile:

After the ordeal with the succubus and his own infraction, Harn's dedication to Shelyn has been unwavering, albeit a bit zealous. He puts a great deal of faith in his god, and as such tend not to worry too much. Harn often meditates on the paladin's code as he carves fine objects of wood, and the thought that his creations and actions might bring joy to others makes him genuinly happy.

Having spent the majority of his life up til this point in the temple, He can appear a bit naive. Harn is aware of this, and actively works toward bettering himself in that regard.


Harn (pronounced Arn) has a sturdy and muscular, but rather small frame. He has slightly tanned skin and short, golden blode hair. His brown eyes are kind, and reveal a green hue under the right light.

He wears a typical varisian scarf over a simple suit of aging but well maintained armor. A sword, with a blade seemingly of gold, is secured along his back with a set of leather straps spanning his torso, going down and fastening at a simple, thick leather belt with a large wooden belt buckle, emblazoned with the holy symbol of Shelyn, from which hangs a single dagger and a belt pouch.

GM, would a paladin suit your game? I can't quite glean whether it would be appropriate, considering the fact that they get their spells at 4th level. However, it seems someone rolled up a bloodrager, which is why I'm asking :)

Edit—Nevermind, I missed the part about 4th level spellcasters. Writing a paladin up now.

Thanks Fromper, your thoughts are immensely helpful! What is your favourite scenario so far?

Thanks Fox, I'll have a look at that :)

MisterSlanky wrote:

Which ones to buy?


Except Darkest Vengance.

You can think of this question more in terms of "Which ones to buy first" then ^^

GM "The Fox" wrote:
Yes. Lots.

Examples? :)

5-08 The Confirmation (1-2)
6-10 The Wounded Wisp (1-2)

I had my eyes on both of those actually. I was quite fond of the fact that they had the same NPC appear in both, so I was wondering: Are there any other scenarios that share NPCs in that way? Without them being directly linked, that is.

I'm on the board for a small tabletop association, and we've recently decided to try our hands at running a few Pathfinder Society events. Of course, for us to play we need to have the scenarios, and I was wondering which scenarios you would recommend? I've read some reviews, but most of them are somewhat unfulfilling, if not downright bad.

For now the most important scenarios are the ones that can be played through by level 1 characters, but higher tier scenario recommendations are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance :)

Dunstan Hook-hand; LN male oread brawler (shield champion) 6+

  • A cruel grip rather than a literal hook hand is the story behind Dunstan's nickname; he has some grappling feats.
  • Thinks of others in terms of their functions and interactions
  • Looks for inefficiencies and contaminants in the world (on the ship), fixes them, and gets things working smootly.
  • Would do extremely well as a navy officer, a sky pirate or just a tough sailor on a merchant ship.

Took some pointers on the LN alignment from the Champions of Balance book.

Sentinel of the Sky wrote:


And I think that I'll select based solely on the basic information I asked. I haven't tried this approach yet and figure it's as good a time to try as any.

I won't discourage anyone from making the character sheet/posting up character information but it won't give you an advantage.

In that case, would you prefer something a little more concrete than the loose base I provided initially?

For reference:

Runge wrote:
Dunstan Hook-hand, human or oread brawler of some sort.

6+ sounds perfect.

Are you going to be picking with only the basic information you asked for in the OP, or do you want more as we go along? I thought up some stuff for the character base I submitted, but if you'd rather wait with any more information until after you've made your pick, I won't post it yet :)

That's some great timing!

For consideration: Dunstan Hook-hand, human or oread brawler of some sort. A cruel grip rather than a literal hook hand is the story behind Dunstan's nickname, so he would have some grappling feats.

He could do extremely well as a navy officer, a sky pirate or just a tough sailor on a merchant ship, so he's fairly versatile in that regard.

That was one of my absolute favorites! That and the Choker of the Queen Bee. Really nice job, and good luck going forward :)

I hope you will accept my deepest and sincerest apologies.
Some time ago, I was in a fairly small scale accident at work. It's not quite clear what happened, but apparently I had been overworking myself for far too long, and my body finally gave in. I passed out and woke up in hospital, having forgotten a great many "non-essential" things. I had developed a medium-mild case of amnesia.

It is only just a few days ago I started to remember about these PhP games I participated in, and according to my psychiatrist, they were most likely part of the issue.

Unfortunately I won't be picking up the game just yet. My psychiatrist has a hard time evaluating how much energy I put into a PhB game, so he can't condone me spending any energy on it at all. This is somehat of a cop-out on my part as well, as I'm not sure how much energy it takes for me to play online either, and in an effort to avoid a similar experience again, I'm taking the safe route for now.

I am sorry.
I hope you understand.

I hope you will accept my deepest and sincerest apologies.
Some time ago, I was in a fairly small scale accident at work. It's not quite clear what happened, but apparently I had been overworking myself for far too long, and my body finally gave in. I passed out and woke up in hospital, having forgotten a great many "non-essential" things. I had developed a medium-mild case of amnesia.

It is only just a few days ago I started to remember about these PhP games I participated in, and according to my psychiatrist, they were most likely part of the issue.

Unfortunately I won't be picking up the game just yet. My psychiatrist has a hard time evaluating how much energy I put into a PhB game, so he can't condone me spending any energy on it at all. This is somehat of a cop-out on my part as well, as I'm not sure how much energy it takes for me to play online either, and in an effort to avoid a similar experience again, I'm taking the safe route for now.

I am sorry.
I hope you understand.

I hope you will accept my deepest and sincerest apologies.
Some time ago, I was in a fairly small scale accident at work. It's not quite clear what happened, but apparently I had been overworking myself for far too long, and my body finally gave in. I passed out and woke up in hospital, having forgotten a great many "non-essential" things. I had developed a medium-mild case of amnesia.

It is only just a few days ago I started to remember about these PhP games I participated in, and according to my psychiatrist, they were most likely part of the cause/issue.

Unfortunately I won't be picking up the game just yet. My psychiatrist has a hard time evaluating how much energy I put into a PhB game, so he can't condone me spending any energy on it at all. This is somehat of a cop-out on my part as well, as I'm not sure how much energy it takes for me to play online either, and in an effort to avoid a similar experience again, I'm taking the safe route for now.

I am sorry.
I hope you understand.

In our group I played a druid/storm kindler, and when I used Wild Shape to turn into something with a slam attack, I used that damage rather than my unarmed strike, as per the Whirlwind Universal Monster Ability. Don't know if it's legal, but it makes sense?

Interest? Check :)

Not to worry not to worry :) I have to admit though, I'm itching for an update ^^ I'll look forward to it.

You should update your Dex to damage houserule. In your CoT recruitment thread, you mentioned that it's only for melee weapons that are finessable. Might be ideal to clarify this earlier than later :)

Goldmyr wrote:
Runge: If you can get your character to me before soon, I'll look over you. Got to start narrowing down the applicants though.

I'll be backing out. Competition is too stiff for me to finish anything proper :) Have a great game!

Darric Halstrum wrote:
As a sidenote, I must admit to loving your character so far, Runge. Investigator with a donkey! Though, isn't a rapier a 1d6 instead of a d8?

Thank you, and you're right! Fixed :)

Lokiel wrote:
Oh, i'm still getting used to how these forums work and i'll get an alias page up for you to look at in a couple minutes.

I suggest giving CampinCarl's Character Creation guide for Pathfinder PbP a look. It's a great resource, especially if you're new to the forums, as it gives you a copy-pastable template for your alias' profile.

Daniel R. Peterson is in the works. He's a steel hound investigator who's rather distrait, which I've emulated with the Oblivious drawback. I'm not quite certain of his third trait yet, but for now I've given him Black Powder Fortune. I'm working under the assumption that the archetype replaces Poison Lore rather than the non-existent Poison Use.

I'm not quite there yet in the background and personality profile, but I can summarize before I finish: Daniel is a Liberal Socialist who wants to bring guns to the people – At a minor profit, of course. However, his business concept met an unexpected amount of resistance in his homeland, Ustalav, so he has recently moved to the homeland of his now deceased parents: Cheliax. Strangely, he feels a sort of nostalgic connection to the country, even as all he ever knew of it was the stories his parents told him.
He's a graduate of the University of Lepidstadt, Ustalav, where he studied mainly alchemy and engineering, but also a bunch of other subjects.

Jon, The Evil DM wrote:
Runge wrote:
Jon, the Evil DM wrote:
--Dexterity to attack and damage is free, 100%. This is for all classes, and this goes for both melee AND ranged combat...
So does this mean that bows, crossbows, firearms and thrown weapons all get Dex to damage?
That is correct. If you are using a bow, crossbow, or a thrown weapon, you can use the higher of your Strength or Dexterity for damage. Firearms can only add Dexterity, for the obvious reasons.

Perfect game for my Steel Hound Investigator then! I'll read up on the Player's Guide and post him if he fits :)

Jon, the Evil DM wrote:
--Dexterity to attack and damage is free, 100%. This is for all classes, and this goes for both melee AND ranged combat...

So does this mean that bows, crossbows, firearms and thrown weapons all get Dex to damage?

Goldmyr wrote:
Alchemists and investigators can craft with the Master Craftsman feat. What are you looking to craft? I could possibly see getting rid of the limitations on what crafting feats you can take.

I'll just explain my, as of yet unpolished, character concept:

A shoanti investigator (steel hound) of the Sklar-Quah. She is no longer with her Quah, as her fascination with the ancient thassilonian civilization was considered wrong and unhealthy by the tribe's leaders. She was given a choice: stop seeking things that ought not to be sought, or leave the Quah. She chose to leave. Her fascination started as a child, when she found a pistol close to one of the Thassilonian monoliths, and mistakenly thought the two were connected. She still believes so, but she might learn different over the course of the campaign (I expect so at least). The pistol broke down after she learned how it functioned, but she has kept it ever since. In game terms, she has the gun at level 1, but she only figures out a way to make it work again by level 2.

She is still spiritual, and wears small totem-like beads as jewelry, and makes a new one everytime something big happens in her life. So far she has 3-7 (depending on what my background story reveals). Unfortunately, she also has a fair amount of unhealthy habbits: Alchohol, smoke, maybe even drugs, those kinds of things.

I plan to take the traits "Scholar of the Ancients" and "Shoanti Steed".

My hope was to be able to craft Homunculi at some point, which requires Craft Construct. This homunculi would act as the Doctor Watson to my Sherlock Holmes. At the very least, I assume there won't be any firearms as loot, so I'd take Craft Magic Arms and Armor under any circumstances. Alternatively I would take a leadership type feat and gain a cohort that can act as my Doctor Watson instead. 4 feats is a hefty price for a homunculus after all.

My concept has evolved beyond firearms, and I have a new question for you: Can Alchemists/Investigators take crafting feats and craft magic items?

Goldmyr, what's your stance on firearms?

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