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GM burnout is real, and seems to kill a lot of games. Would anyone be interested in an AP where every player is expected to take a turn behind the screen? At least at the end of each volume we would rotate GM responsibilities, and would expect people not to metagame too much for a more enjoyable experience.

This would be a PbP game. I'm just wondering if this is something there would be interest for at this point.

For this to work, each DM would have to DM exactly one book, to not accidentally metagame, because sometimes you do have to read ahead to DM better, and it is best to read through each book. Plus it requires each DM to only have to own a certain book, instead of the entire set. And you would have to the DMs claim ahead of time what they want to DM. If you can get this working, I'd be interested.

Or if you can't do that, DM an entire dungeon/section of the book, like if they go to a new area, stop. Certain ones would be hard to do this way, since they take place outside and it would be hard to say what an entire section is, like Reign of Winter I believe.

I could potentially be interested in this. I feel like an AP like Kingmaker would be easiest to run this way, as the kingbuilding rules allow for greater player autonomy. Too much work for the GM - who will also have a DMPC - could be really tough.

I feel that an AP with more of a sandbox approach would therefore work best. I would vote for Kingmaker or Skull & Shackles if this takes off.

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I could be interested in this too.
Some quality criteria would have to be met though and a consens about houserules.

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Count me as intrigued...

Interest? Check :)

So... how's this as an idea.

We do the Kingmaker AP. I do the first book as GM. I have a LN cavalier that I would love to play- was part of a Kingmaker campaign that fizzled partway through the first book.

As far as house rules, we include rules that make PbP flow better (like block initiative, where actions are resolved in the order they are posted, with all players moving together and all NPCs moving together). I think RAW initiative is terrible in a PbP context.

Probably with daily posting for players and at least every other day for the GM (preferably daily).

Any other house rules you guys think make sense in that context?

I also like Roll20 and would prefer to use that whenever a battle map is useful (not necessary in all combats, but sometimes it helps).

Color me interested. We should agree on a point-buy too; does 15pb sound all right? That lends itself best to running the APs as written, I'm told. I'd say we should try to keep the parties somewhat standard, no more than four people in the adventuring party at any one time.

Maybe we should avoid the whole DMPC thing by having the current GM's character stay home and guard the home location / manage our town in day to day matters.

I've an evoker I'd love to run through a kingmaker campaign, and I can run whatever book is required of me.

I think kingmaker is best for allowing your dm character to be doing things during the game while you run but am running a skull and shackles and w some adjustment could be done, so count me in and would be willing to play any character really am on a bard kick right now, also would run where wanted/neededor by highest roll

I think most of the adventure paths could be run fine like this, you would need a really solid group of players, but I could definitely see it working. I could see no one wanting the GM the last book though, everyone would be very attached to their characters and want to be in the limelight for the ending.

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Im interested, would be my first PBP dm'ing, have been a dm in Rl.

Kingmaker would be interesting and agree with The Pale King (waves to fellow Iron Kingdomer) that we'd need to be solid and on the same page with regards house rules and general campaign style etc.

Kingmaker would allow for a group of PCs to drift in and out of the story as the campaign develops - the kingdom rules and kingdom ruling may well fit perfectly around characters responsibilities and roles allowing for a "step back" and "step up" as required.

Fey element also offers rationales to characters being sidelined etc. The rotation and focus could make for some interesting plot threads etc (I for one have no issue offering my own character up a sacrificial lamb to drive the gravity of plot or storyline).

I'd be throwing my hat into the ring as a Skald.

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I would be interested in joining a Kingmaker PBP game, though, I do have limited DM experience. I do agree that laying out all the rules beforehand will go a long way to making this game last.

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