Price of Immortality (Crypt of the Everflame, Masks of the Living God, City of the Golden Death) Interest Check [CORE]


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Hello Paizo people.

I'm actually GMing a Serpent's Skull campaign on these boards and I'm here to see if there's enough interest for another project to get started.

My goal is to run the Price of Immortality campaign arc, starting with the Crypt of the Everflame module and ending with the City of Golden Death module.

This thread's aim is to check if there's enough interest around my project, so don't read too much in it. I can't ensure I will run the campaign even if I get enough interest. I'm just checking for interest, at least for now.

The idea beyond this campaign would be to give those Pathfinder players who want to play in PbP format a chance to play. I know it's hard to get selected in an AP recruitment, usually for the heavy competition involved and the high number of applicants. First of all, as a consequence, I want to address to new PbP players, by which I mean people who already know how to play Pathfinder but haven't had the chance to play in a PbP game yet or have had only limited experience. Of course, recruitment would be open also to more experienced PbP players, to balance the group and give to new players some examples to follow.

As a consequence, I'd wish to keep the campaign CORE, that is, limited to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook: this is both to help new players and to stay true to the campaign, which was conceived at the very beginnings of the Pathfinder RPG history.

Another thing to note is the posting rate: my aim is to help the players to become good PbP players. And as a matter of fact, the best games on these boards usually require a frequent posting rate. So I would need for everyone who applies to commit to at least 2-3 posts/day, and possibly a lot more when RL do not get in the way. I know this posting rate will scare off many potential applicants, but I want a fast-paced game which can be truly preparatory for the best campaigns run here on the boards. Besides, the preparation period would last for years if we don't keep this tempo.

I don't need you to submit a character. I don't even need you to present a brief character concept. I just need to know how many players are able to commit to such a high posting rate and are willing to play this sort of campaign (with all its limitations). Please do not dot for interest if you already know you won't be able to post at least 2-3 times/day.

Interested if this will be for PFS credit. I can usually post regularly when I'm at work, since I sit at a computer all day :-)

seems cool

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im at a computer all day anyway, no archetypes stink but fighter is a fighter. Im interested as long as this isn't strictly pfs

Experienced PbP'er, and have played through Everflame in PFS. That said, very much interested. :)

I'm interested. Not really ever had anything to do with PFS but I know my way around Pathfinder, I guess. Only played in one other short-lived PbP on these boards (although I've done a bit of Birthright elsewhere).

Also at a computer all day! (in California)

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Experienced PbP and I enjoy a good role play. Most of my posts would be afternoon/ evening, central standard time, but I should be able to manage the post rate with little difficulty. This would be my first Core game, but I think I would enjoy getting back to the basics.

I'm interested in the arc, but I would prefer to play it non-core and not just yet.

Yeah, I realize that this doesn't fit your criteria much, but I did want to show my interest!

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Definitely interested. Thinking of doing a cleric of some kind, but not sure yet on deity. Will it be point buy, if so, how many.

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I could certainly have my arm twisted :-)


I have a plethora of Core PFS characters that I could bring. Count me in.

New to PbP, but have been playing d20 since it came out (and 2nd Edition AD&D before that). Haven't gotten into PFS much (just started my first PFS game earlier this week). Even my PF experience has been mostly homebrew campaign worlds, so Golarion is still kinda new to me. Been lurking on these boards for years and life has recently made IRL sessions more difficult, so I'm trying to get into more PbP. Have been disappointed in the posting rate of most games I've been accepted into. This sounds like just the sort of thing I'm looking for. Hopefully it can happen.

Does this mean we play with a Core PFS char or that we play the game with Core Rules characters and then get a chronicle sheet?

The game was not conceived to be PFS legal, as I know very little about PFS in itself. For sure, character shouldn't be Pathfinders. I'll see if I can learn how this Chronicle Sheet works and let you know if this is going to give PFS credits.

Can anyone provide me with information about how to make a module PFS legal on PbP? Does that imply that the PCs have to be Pathfinders from the start of the campaign?

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*VL hat on*

Well, a quick and dirty approximation on how to make the module CORE PFS-legal would require you:

1) To use PFS legal characters, as per the Guide to Organized Play - so for a CORE game, use only stuff from the Core Rule Book to build PCs (plus the generic traits document and the traits from the Guide itself).

2) Run the modules *as written* - no tweaking of tactics / monsters / et cetera

3) No leveling-up mid-module - PCs receive what is on the chronicle sheet (so, one level) at the end.

(There is a section in the Guide on how to run modules, if you want clarification.)

Technically, yes, PCs are probably already members of the Pathfinder Society, but for story purposes, at least for the first module, it would probably be possible to argue that they don't start out as members, but receive 'field commissions' at the end of the module, due to what they discover :-)

*VL hat off*

Thank you Luke. So I can confirm the campaign could feature PFS credits. I have no problem with what you said, and I will read the PFS rules as soon as I can. My only concern was the PCs being Pathfinders from the beginning, but it seems like there's a way to solve this without altering the story.

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It should be noted that if you plan on running this as a PFS CORE game one module after the other, all the players will all have to start play with level 2 CORE characters. That way they can go through "Crypt" at level 2, "Masks" at level 3, then "Golden Death" and level 4.

I would highly discourage you making this a PFS legal game because of two reasons:

1) You are now limiting your pool of players to only those who have level 2 PFS CORE PCs. In PFS, you can't just start at level 2. You have to start at level 1 and then gain enough XP to get to level 2.

2) A party of level 4 PCs playing through "Golden Death" are going to be extremely challenged mid way through the module when it expects an average party level of 6.

Good luck in your game.

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I'd be interested but only if it is NOT PFS. To add to the excellent reasons above I wouldn't want to preclude playing the module locally.

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Agreed you should stay away from pfs with this one

Ok, I didn't know PCs were going to start level 2. I don't like the idea, so no PFS :)


Darn =(. That would have been perfect for me. Have fun!

Still very interested. More interested in just a bit of RP and escapism through the day rather than being part of an organised play system.

I am happy to play whatever the party needs.

color me intrigued...when do you want submissions?

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qwerty1971 wrote:
color me intrigued...when do you want submissions?

As I said in my first post I'm still trying to figure out if there's enough interest for this campaign to start a proper recruitment.

For those who asked for character creation specifics, all I can say now is that I would be using points buy system, with 20 points available.

Color me interested. I've wanted to play a paladin for some time, which would probably be a good fit.

Also, I'm not too experienced with these forums, but I think the best way to gauge interest is to host an actual recruitment thread.

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I would be interested. Played pfs a fair bit, forum roped a lot but only one pfs pbp so far. Willing to create a new pfs core character for credit.

I'm interested.

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Starting GP?

I would be into joining

NenkotaMoon wrote:
Starting GP?

Average starting wealth.


Since we have enough interest, I'm going to put the recruitment up soon.

For anyone interested, the recuitement thread is up here. Good luck everyone.

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