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Folding plate is a named item, rather than folding being an armor property. This creates issues with modifications.


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Favorite PFS gaming moment was admittedly from well over a year ago.

A lich end boss started reciting his monologue. I don't remember what all he was saying, but it was going on way too long.
Playing a Divine Hunter paladin of Sarenrae, I exchanged a look with an archer inquisitor of Pharasma, and I swear we achieved telepathy in that moment.

I've had enough of his crap.

I have too.

Want to send him to the Boneyard?

Sounds good to me!

"I am smiting and attacking with rapid shot."

"I am declaring bane and doing the same thing."

"But my speech isn't ..."

"It's been more than a round of talking, right?"


On the ranged weapon expectation, I have a couple characters where my ranged weapon is "produce flame."


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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
All my characters are Good aligned, and some of them are Lawful or Chaotic. If that means I take extra damage in some fights, oh well. TN seems a rather flat choice to me, so I'll accept the consequences.

I only made one TN. To be fair, for a gnome cleric of Nethys it seemed thematically appropriate. He's really enthusiastic about all the casters he meets. Even the necromancers and demon summoners.

3 action harm sounds like what to do about swarms.


Book 1 of a certain early Starfinder AP wiped the whole party with the last boss fight because playing by SFS rules everyone was level 1 and couldn't handle the boss abilities.


BigNorseWolf wrote:
RP. wrote:
In the past I have seen a document that outlines which races are available with a boon. I’m trying very hard to find it right now but can’t, would like to be able to find it if anyone knows where it is.

Boon hunting from scenarios is frowned on, but if you mean convention boons and what not fetch and dig are two of my trained tricks.

This is the only one i know of. Don't know how up to date it is but I don't see anything missing from here

This has some newer ones

Not boon hunting because I'm not looking for where they came from, but I do admit to being curious about what unusual races people are playing.


Some of my more paranoid PFS1 characters have several thousand GP worth of "panic button" consumables - Elixir of Darksight is not cheap, but when you really need it, nothing else will do!

I am a fan of unusual mounts, but I know currently only a few animan companions have the Mount trait. So we need a new feat.

Beast Rider (General Feat 7)
Prerequisites : Ride, Expert in Nature, Mature Animal Companion
If your animal companion is at least one size category larger than you, you can treat it as if it has the Mount trait.

James Jacobs wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
If a Pixie and a Grig are both Sprites, or a cyborg and a mutant are both Fleshwarps, I don't see a problem with Drow being Elves just because they are different from other Elves.
For the record, when (not if) we do a drow ancestry, I'd prefer them presented as a type of elf. Same as for aquatic elves. Both as uncommon or rare options, but still heritages of elf, with their own dedicated ancestry feats not open to other elves.

Were it me, I would personally put aquatic as uncommon and drow as rare.

I've been interested in sprite characters for years. I'll need to check this out.


Also note that not all GMs report their games instantly. Some take a couple days, especially if they are running multiple games in quick succession.

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Ragathiel would be cheering you on.
Shelyn or Arshea, not so much.
Depends on who you follow.


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I'd be interested in being able to in the future spend X amount of ACP to get a replay.


Anyone know if it has SFS sanctioning yet? The adventure looks fun anyway, just curious if we have chronicles.


I think a dinosaur appeared in 5-20 (The Sealed Gate) somewhere, but that adventure is a bit of a player killer.


Though it is funny when someone tries charm/hold person on a "not a person" PC. (Outsider, plant, etc)

The Raven Black wrote:
Like in PF1, I am left wondering what action can give you useful combat information about adventurers. I mean we have actions that will let us know that a given creature has attacks of opportunities or a weak REF save but nothing that does the same for PCs or PC-likes, no matter what investment we would make. How can we change this?

If it's a fellow Pathfinder, Pathfinder Society Lore for who's that guy, what class, and what level?

If it's an Aspis agent, Aspis Consortium Lore for the same information.


Common sense would certainly suggest that the only time Bob the Guard's Unique trait should apply would be for things unique about Bob - who is Bob's wife, what kind of beer does Bob drink, what street does Bob live on, etc. Unique should not apply to stuff about every human. Sadly, common sense is not always common.

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KrispyXIV wrote:
RealAlchemy wrote:
I admit I'm a bit late to the party, but one way to avoid combining encounters to the point of an auto-tpk is to not necessarily send everybody from the next room at the PCs at once. Something along the lines of Grog! Go see what those idiots up front are brawling about! Don't make me get up and put down my mead! And then send over only one guy. Which is also a hint to the PCs that somebody noticed them.
The issue I run into with this sort of tactic is that you can end up feeding a later, generally more difficult, encounter to your party piecemeal and everything ends up easier.

Nobody but the GM knows how many bad guys were there to start with. As you get a feel for what challenges the party, you can set numbers as appropriate.

Rope by itself being L instead of one bulk is really useful for the wizard with mage hand. Just saying.

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I admit I'm a bit late to the party, but one way to avoid combining encounters to the point of an auto-tpk is to not necessarily send everybody from the next room at the PCs at once. Something along the lines of Grog! Go see what those idiots up front are brawling about! Don't make me get up and put down my mead! And then send over only one guy. Which is also a hint to the PCs that somebody noticed them.


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When I started organized play, my understanding was that the hard copy trumped everything. I expect that all I should need to play in a game is my character, my books, and my stack of chronicle sheets to prove that I have X character, and the character is X level with X amount of experience.


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Belarias wrote:
Gary Bush wrote:

Still think a reasonable expectation is 24 hours.

I respectfully disagree.

If I need to have that chronicle for the next slot of a game, at a con I can’t wait 24 hours. It’s not fair to me to not have the boons for the scenario I just played, nor is it fair for the next GM to be forced to wait for 24 hours while I get the chronicle, multiply that by 6 for each player at the table and you have a giant cluster. Do that for every slot of a con... No there needs to be more efficiency.

Or is it no longer reasonable to assume my players have all of the up to date information about their characters?

As a person I do not like to use an incomplete product, characters missing chronicles feels much like that.

With that as a potential failing, are you suggesting that I don’t play the same character throughout the con, because those responsible for getting the information to me can’t do so before I would play that character again?

From the con this weekend I know for a fact someone was in a game that ended at midnight, and the GM did not get them their chronicle until well after 9:00 pm the following day.

That screwed up the certs for those players on the tables they played the following day, and explaining that takes away from table time, which penalizes the other players at the table. Also the GM in question played in one of those tables the next day... I can assure you THIER chronicles were up to date from that midnight game.

I know it is not easy for some, maybe even most, GMs to generate the chronicles. Please understand from the player perspective it does not appear as a struggle. It appears as lazy... couple that when the GMs comment (as most of my GMs did from this con) that they had the table made for them by someone else ... I become less proud of my Lodge.

Maybe as a compromise give out the values so we know. Most of the sign in sheets are in Excel/Google Docs anyway, just make them do some math, so the appropriate information can be given.

Do you want to have less GMs? Because calling our volunteers lazy gets you less GMs.


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The timeworn items come out for special circumstances with my PFS1 characters. Such as when some critter dropped a silence spell, so I responded, "If that's how you want it," and my magus dropped his sword and drew a chainsaw+1, and started spending arcana points to beef up the chainsaw.


My first SFS character owns a business as well : Oraeus' Exotic Goods, located on Absolom Station. (Profession : Black Marketeer) Actually used that profession check for something in a scenario, but I don't remember why any more.


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cavernshark wrote:
I'll reiterate that this change is completely out of left field and feels utterly unnecessary. It should be removed from the guide unless there's some incredibly strong evidence provided that having a familiar and an AC actually impacts game play. It Invalides a huge number of completely legitimate builds, many of which can be accomplished with core feats only.

Not sure if you can argue it's completely out of left field, as the same rule was present in PFS1. You can argue if it is a good idea, but I don't think it's fair to call it unprecented or unexpected.

You're still going to have different combinations of what a class is good at.
You can have one character class very good at sage and trapfinder, above average at face, and decent at ranged damage, while another class is very good at sage and game changer, but can do buffing and debuffing rather than face skills and ranged damage.
Similarly, you might have more than one option for a scout depending on whether you want the character to also be skilled at ranged/melee damage or at thievery and trapfinding.
It's not so much about protecting individual niches as it is seeing which niche combinations you want in your class.

Haven't tried pure wizard yet, but I have played a cloistered cleric, which is close to as squishy. I use terrain and movement to my advantage to rarely get targeted, sometimes even being around a corner so I had line of sight to the party to cast heals or buffs but no line of sight to the enemy.

WatersLethe wrote:

For reference, combining two caster classes is not recommended because it slows your access to higher level spells, and you'll find your offensive spells getting resisted frequently.

In general, multiclassing past a 1 level dip is rarely worth it.

I agree that multiclassing a caster with a caster tends to not be a good idea.

What about a mystic with Technomantic Dabbler?


Not to call out any scenario in particular, but my rogue has a list of skill feats which are pretty certain to apply at some point in PFS.
Cat fall, courtly graces, trick magic item, arcane sense, quick jump, nimble crawl.
My champion is lower level, but has streetwise and group impression.
My cleric has assurance (arcana) and quick identification.

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Knowing which deity a cleric or champion follows helps with characterization. A true neutral cleric of Nethys will have a different outlook than a true neutral cleric of Pharasma. Likewise a NG champion of Arshea is likely to have a different emphasis than a NG champion of Sarenrae.

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The followers of Shelyn, Calistria, and Arshea would tell you everyone needs some love.

The Beastiary is full of critters.

I'm so sorry for that one but I couldn't resist.

KrispyXIV wrote:

Does "Do not fish for 20s and make 3rd Attack MAP Strikes if you have ANY other option" count?

As a GM, thats a big one where I ask, "Are you sure?"

I don't even like the -5 if I have a better option. Rogue with a wizard dedication led to "I sneak attack with the shortbow, and use my remaining 2 actions to cast daze."


The Disappeared from season 4.

Fury of the Final Blade has some heist elements the way we did it.


GM Chyro wrote:


I've been surprised by an oracle PC, who has the Natural Divination revelation.
It describes rituals to get bonuses that day.

One of the bonuses, he just activated, is a bonus on saving throws. Which requires 10 minutes of reading a freshly killed humanoid/animal's entrails.

He hadn't posted anything about acquiring the resources nor performing the ritual. His response was that his dog brings him a fresh kill every morning. All on its own.

Imo, that is a bit too convenient an answer.
How would my fellow DMs approach a convenient surprise like this?

There are a lot of things that could go into daily prep, but it is best to tell the GM beforehand. Just one example is my dwarf magus with a spell storing adamantine breastplate. I always tell the GM "There is shocking grasp in my spell storing armor until I say otherwise."


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pauljathome wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Like a pathfinder ISN"T going to open up three brand new carcasses before breakfast anyway...
To be fair, Pathfinders often try VERY hard to have no carcasses until AFTER breakfast (assuming breakfast is part of your normal daily preparation time).

But what about second breakfast? There might be halflings in the party.

For whatever it's worth, the rule in the LARP I particate in is "autible from at least 20 feet away."


Druagh Deepdelver is a dwarven druid who seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the Darklands, accompanied by his monitor lizard (Siege of the Dinosaurs) animal companion Rockfang (Yes I know, uncommon option which requires spending some ACP). Exploring the Darklands leaves him relatively unshaken my the dangers there (APG) and his time spent in the depths granted him an affinity with elemental fire which he has found useful when passing near volcanic vents. (Elemental Heart dwarf heritage, LOCG). With his strong ties to the earth, naturally he worships Sairazul (LOGM).


Sadly, nobody is doing any in person society games in any King County areas to my knowledge due to plague.
A lot of people are playing online on Roll20.

Heck, I've used it on a shark. (And gotten a dirty look from the GM)

I just read threw the language of eldritch trickster and ancient elf, and I don't think it works. Both grant a dedication feat and all dedication feats say you cannot have another dedication until you take more feats from that dedication. Too bad, because it sounds interesting.


Lau Bannenberg wrote:
bobtheworm1513 wrote:
The idea of, "Don't join a table with random players," is absurd! That is the same as saying, "don't go to a Con." or "Don't play online"

I didn't say anything nearly that extreme. There's a difference between playing The Confirmation with whoever randomly shows up, and Bonekeep.

Most scenarios, randoms are fine. Some scenarios, you wanna prepare a party for.


For scenarios designed to be tough, or when people are playing one of the "hard-mode" scenarios, it's important to have a party ready to handle it. There are reasons why I played Bonekeep with my dwarven ranger, and why I played The Gauntlet with my switch hitting warpriest.


"Dr." Cupi wrote:

...I wasn't saying that they are exactly like d20 encounters. I was saying that "many" folks I have played with don't play characters that move around during combat. Congrats if you do. Clearly I'm not referring to you.

Look, as I have stated many times, I am not claiming that starship combat is exciting or interesting. I am begging people to learn how it works so that when it comes up it doesn't take half of the session. Is this request unreasonable?

I certainly don't want starship combat to take half the session. This is why my Dex based soldier also is decent at engineering, and my mystic with the roboticist theme is pretty good at computers and is decent at engineering. I remember hearing a suggestion back when I first started that I should be able to potentially fill two roles on a ship. My only character who can't is my Solarian (either halfway decent Mate or crappy gunner from not being a dex build.)


Hmm wrote:

In old PFS, the player who died would say to the GM, "Hey, I am paying for a resurrection with prestige points" and the GM would say, "Great! I am marking that on your chronicle!"

For venues without wi-fi, here is how I see this conversation.

Player: I have enough AcP to bring myself back from the... Oh crap. There's no wifi here.

GM: I'll mark on your chronicle that you spent the AcP for a resurrection. When you get home, I'm trusting you to purchase the boon.

Player: Oh, that works!

I think this works well if we just extend a little trust.

I do know not all players care carrying a laptop with them or like to use the Paizo site from their phone, and thus do any ACP stuff at home. So this approach would probably work best.


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Philippe Lam wrote:

I need a balance between social sequences and combat. If a session or a series is too much of either pacifist-centric or combat-only, I won't be satisfied enough (although coming from a hack'n'slash background it's less difficult for the latter)

I have seen enough players trying to force a pacifist solution that it went quickly sour. There's identifying when someone can be peaceful and when it is impossible. Trying to do so despite the latter can be considered being a jerk (cf trying to call truce after a fight started is near impossible unless circumstances). Adapting the approach is needed but that's what many on either side of the spectrum fail to grasp. Suffering a couple sessions from that inside PFS definitely doesn't help me think I can accomodate them better.

There are ways to stop the fight without killing somebody, but you are correct that just standing there saying "Please stop" is not going to be useful to the party. I like the "Put the enemy into time-out" options for that sort of thing. (Daze monster, hold person, hold monster, create pit, etc)


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John Bickel wrote:
gnoams wrote:

I just call people by their names. Problem solved.

I would add: If character has long name and/or challenging pronunciation; do something that allows others to succeed at using the name.

Use a phonetic spelling on the name card. Or use your character's full name during introductions, but then have them use a streetname (similar to shadowrun) during the game. Or use a nickname during the game.

I've done the nickname thing in Pathfinder. "I am Megil en Anoran, but I understand that the Elvish is difficult for some. I grew up in Varisia, so you can call me Miguel if you wish."

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