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One year after release, I think PF2 gives us a lot of character development options and I thought of this little challenge - Develop a character concept and story that uses as many of the published books as possible.

The concept should be PFS legal - and I'm not worried about if it's a mechanically superior character. Just that it's a cohesive story.

My example.

Nindr is an Ekujae Elf (AoA2) who has lived a very long time (Ancient Elf, LOCG) in the depths of the Mwangi jungle. He is haunted by the spirits of his ancestors going back to their return from Earthfall (Oracle, Ancestors curse, APG). He had tried to reconcile the myriad memories of his ancestors through study at Magaambya (Magaambya Academic background, LOWG). The long years of study have not been able to remove the curse, but left him with a stronger connection to Yuelral (elven god of knowledge, LOGM) (Ancient Elf grants multi-class dedication of Cleric, CRB).

Recent Pathfinder Society in the Mwangi has drawn his attention away from his secluded studies. Perhaps they might have the secret to a cure buried in their archives.

So simple example. I'm curious what you guys may come up with.

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John, you're making me dizzy! :)


Druagh Deepdelver is a dwarven druid who seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the Darklands, accompanied by his monitor lizard (Siege of the Dinosaurs) animal companion Rockfang (Yes I know, uncommon option which requires spending some ACP). Exploring the Darklands leaves him relatively unshaken my the dangers there (APG) and his time spent in the depths granted him an affinity with elemental fire which he has found useful when passing near volcanic vents. (Elemental Heart dwarf heritage, LOCG). With his strong ties to the earth, naturally he worships Sairazul (LOGM).

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I just played this character for the first time earlier today. Nothing from adventure paths, but this covers all five of the current main books.

Akrel Strong-Hart is a half-elf Shoanti human (CRB) from the Skoan-Quah clan (Quah Bond feat, LOCG). He worships the spirits of the land and calls upon his totem stag spirit when he rages (Shoanti Animism religion, LOGM). After learning medicine from his tribe's elders (Medic archetype, APG), he refined his skills attending medical school in Rahadoum (Godless Healing feat, LOWG).

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