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Hi- I've got the Chronincle sheets for the previous adventure I completed but it's not showing on my online profile - is there anything I can do to add this manually? I can't get in touch with the DM. Thank you! :)

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You can't add Chronicles yourself.

Can you give us more information? Is the Event # listed here on Paizo? Was it PbP, in-person or remote? Have you tried reaching out to the Venture Captain of the region?

If the game was only recently finished, reporting also might be delayed.

I'm very new to organised play so I'm afraid I can't answer those questions! It was a remote session - I've left the discord group now and can't contact the DM. Never mind, it's just a couple of XP :)

Sczarni 5/5 5/55/5 ***

No worries about being new. Happy to help.

The Event # is written at the bottom of your Chronicle. That in itself can be extremely helpful in finding your GM.

Did you sign up on Warhorn initially? Warhorn has a history of what games you signed up for. Posting in that game's Discussion thread will send an email to the GM.

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Just to expand on what Nefreet said, if its on Warhorn, from the dashboard click the "All your signups" link in the bottom of the "Your upcoming signups" section to find historic/completed games and then click the "Play History" tab.

Thanks for the help! I'll investigate


Also note that not all GMs report their games instantly. Some take a couple days, especially if they are running multiple games in quick succession.

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