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I'm just ignoring the pictures of orcs and Hobbos. There are a few others I don't like, but not to the same degree. Most of the art is amazing, however.

Pg. 203 Core Rulebook: Size
A suit of powered armor has the listed size, so you may take up more space when you’re wearing it.

Can I get any info on the Psychic archetype?

We had a player with a similar problem at our location. After much discussion my VC and I ruled yes. Hope that helps.

These sheets need a lot of work. Even the color of them hurts my eyes.

I would say no. As Enlarge Person has specific language that other spells do not. Therefore spells such as Monstrous Physique and Giant Form are good for boosting ranged damage, especially with rock throwing.

As the druid has been my favorite class since 3.0 D&D I have been looking forward to this. My takes on things:

Animal Companion: Looks good, but if I have to spend and action every turn to keep telling them to do the thing they are already doing I will never use one. This is unfortunate, as it is one of my favorite parts of druids, and I have spent sooooo much money on minis for companions.

Plant stuff: I like the familiar. Seems cools all around, just not my thing.

Storm Druid: Very cool. Blasty druids can be fun to play sometimes, and it's nice to see that concept get a boost.

Wild: This is where it's at for me. You had me at Level 1 wild shape! I like the Str based bonuses as well. Dino Shape looks awesome, especially at higher levels. I just hope the other shapes have more options. I like having a lot of choices to change into.

Overall looks to be my favorite class again, though I wish we had info about proficiencies.

That Psychic archetype sounds cool!

Why must we wait so damned long?

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I am all for allowing a little evil into the campaign. I won't be upset at all if it isn't though. However, if they were to outright ban evil deities I would walk out and never look back. Saying that it allows people to play "jerks" is intellectually dishonest. Jerks are gonna play like jerks no matter the alignment. You could ban evil, neutral and chaotic characters and people would still hassle other players. Having a spectrum of characters makes the game better all around. Let's not punish good players because of the bad ones.

As I understand all the current APs are part of the new history. Did perhaps something happen at the end of Ironfang Invasion that might explain the goblin's sudden inclusion? Spoiler any answers please!

My uneducated guess:
Perhaps the hobgolins left a lot of goblins behind that had to adapt to survive. They perhaps learned to get along with others better.

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Ran this yesterday. We had a great time! Everyone just laughed off the consent warning, as everyone at the table are friends and are quick to tease each other as is. The camera crew was interesting, though both my players and I wish I had used them to get in the way a little more. If I run this again I will definitely do so. The goblin mascot I also feel I underused, though. Perhaps the best part was the meeting of the dwarves. It through everyone for a loop, and watching their confusion made for great TV!

Awesome. Great to see something like this.

More races?! I hope!

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I hope this is the right place for this: How will this change affect our GM race boons? If I work for a large part of the year to get Aasimar/Teifling unlocked just to have it invalidated by the edition change it will put one hell of a damper on my drive to GM games.

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I would love if my fellow reptilians and I could get better "player" stats. You mammals are so warm-blooded centric.

Well... did not see this coming at this time. We will see...

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If you think someone is being insulting or breaking any other rules of the forums please do not respond to it. Just flag it and move on. Let's try and keep the boards civil. Thanks. ;)

The Inner Sea Pawn box has several. Not to mention Bellflowers and a few others that might fit for your campaign.

Seems like carry capacity rules are largely unknown/misunderstood.

You can try the one I use here. I print it off all the time and I love using it.

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Ummmmm..... "Part of Your World" is from The Little Mermaid. Aladdin had "A Whole New World."
Sorry. Disney nerd here.

Viondar wrote:
As to the Green Man being a deific creature or not... It's a bit confusing.
Bestiary 6 wrote:

Deific A green man grants divine spells to worshipers. This does

not require any specific action on the green man’s behalf. The
domains granted by a green man vary according to the green
man’s alignment. Most green men are neutral and grant access
to the domains of Plant, Protection, Strength, and Weather
and to the subdomains of DefenseAPG, GrowthAPG, ResolveAPG,
and SeasonsAPG. A neutral good green man grants access to the
domains of Good, Plant, Protection, and Weather and to the
subdomains of DefenseAPG, GrowthAPG, PurityAPG, and SeasonsAPG.
A neutral evil green man grants access to the domains of
Evil, Plant, Strength, and Weather and to the subdomains of
DecayAPG, GrowthAPG, ResolveAPG, and SeasonsAPG. Regardless of
his alignment, a green man’s favored weapon is the sickle. If a
druid worshiping a green man chooses to take a domain, the
druid must choose the Plant domain, regardless of alignment.
The green man’s holy symbol is that of a masculine face made
of leaves, but the exact expression and appearance of the face
varies by green man, and each is unique in detail.

I believe this is part of what causes the confusion.

Blast you and your alien measurements. Of course, the system we lizards use would be almost indecipherable to most warm blooded soft skins like you. I love the interactions between characters there at the end. I know just enough about the setting that it makes sense, and keep it interesting. Keep it up, y'all have some fans out here!

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A very good read. All that cold makes my scales shiver. I love the slow character development. The nice thing about these APs are you have all the time you need to really flesh out a character, like a book series, as opposed to a single novel.

It is actually just getting cold here. Well... my version of cold, which is most people's version of freezing.

Y'all see like a cool group to play with. I look forward to more!

A Very nice ending. I haven't posted because my group hasn't played in a while. However, they just defeated Harrigan. They ended up facing him, his pet witch, two erynies, and a beared devil. The witch nailed their alchemist with baleful polymorph from greater invisibility and two failed saves later we had a fuzzy bunny. The inquisitor countered with invisibility purge and the shaman summoned a dire tiger that finished the poor witch in one round, thanks to two crits and high damage rolls. The devils were a bit of a problem, as they were immune or resistant to most of the damage the wizard could put out. The shaman was able to dispel the polymorph and Harrigan focuses all his efforts on that target, as he was the last remaining mutineer from the Man's Promise. After some close calls the devils were defeated, as was Harrigan. The group surprisingly took him alive. We then ended the night with them discussing all the different tortures they would do to him. On a side note, they were not happy when they found the condition of the prisoners and discussed regeneration spells and the like. When they found poor Cut-throat they quickly surmised a mercy kill followed my resurrection wsa the cleanest way to handle things.

We are going to skip the upcoming fleet battle, but they will have the shipboard fights. Though, I am half convinced that they may decide they like Thrune's offer. I will post on here when they finish the last book. And I look forward to reading your Reign of Winter story!

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I have been away from the site for a while. Glad to have a good read when I came back!

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The Raven Black wrote:
Schrödinger's Alt wrote:

Back to Ultimate Wilderness -- I just hope any new classes or archetypes have a minimum of 4 skill points.

Because otherwise the chance of ever playing ANY of them will be exceptionally limited in PFS.

Clerics, Paladins, Sorcerers and Wizards say Hi ;-)

Fighters stand in a corner looking moody.

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No Orc Hornbow? I guess elves and gnomes still get all the fun weapons, and orcs can't be archers.

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On this part I made up better stats for Concho-stupid-gnome, Fishguts, Owlbear, and Caulky. I made them useable, but fun a silly. I had them draw a random character to play and they defended themselves from the undead attackers. It actually went a lot better than I thought it would. Even Stupid-gnome-bard did pretty well with his silver rapier.

Please cancel my Player Companion Subscription. Thank you.

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I like how you incorporated the Dragonlance gods into this one.

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shaventalz wrote:
The ruling also has potential implications for the companion/mount being able to carry anything. Not in its hands, but on a pack saddle or saddlebags.

This as well. It hurt's my Halfling druid if his super strong scorpion can't carry some gear. Not game breakingly hurt, but still.

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Are there still creatures that should be mountable (described as such) that currently can't use saddles?

Besides the kangaroo, I fail to see why any of these cannot wear a saddle. They may be bipeds, but they don't stand upright like a man does. And the death of the dinosaur rider trope is killing me. And the Rexy is listed as a choice for Beast Rider Cavaliers, so would be ridicules if they can't ride it without a saddle. I have failed to find anything that makes it not a legal choice in either Additional Resources or Campaign Clarifications.

FAQ wrote:
Biped [claws/paws]* (armor, belt, chest, eyes, headband, neck, ring, shoulders, wrist): Ceratosaurus, chalicotherium, deinonychus, gigantosaurus, kangaroo, pachycephalosaurus, theriznosaurus, troodon, tyrannosaurus, velociraptor

williamoak wrote:

Noticed this, thought I'd mention they added a "shdow drake" for evil characters in the beastiary 4. Fits perfectly.

I was super excited about this until I saw it is not PFS legal.

My only pathfinder experience with having a familiar is my Asmodean Advocate's snake/imp. I had a lot of fun with the snake, even if it did cause a major problem in one scenario. However, in my Skulls & shackles game one of my players has a tidepool dragon. Even in book 5 that thing is causing me a lot of grief. Mostly because his shaman master is always possessing him.

I would recommend barkskin as well. Also Hunter's Eye is helpful for a ranged hunter.

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I agree with Ascalaphus. Doesn't work with anything except wild shape.

What spells do you already know?

Isn't that pretty much what the Feral Hunter is? Minus the CHA based part.

We use the crit and fumble decks in my game. However, if you take damage I describe it more that you let your guard down and the enemy took advantage. You take the damage as the card says, but with no rider effects from your weapon or abilities. For spells, it is described as the spell reacting negatively because you made a mistake and couldn't control the magical energy. Everyone likes it, and it doesn't get used very often. Not very common for my group to miss the same target twice, let alone roll a 1 and then miss to confirm.

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Yeah, The Eel got similar treatment form my crew. Two things they hate are people messing with their rep, and betrayals. Sephina was ultimately spared, but she is on a short leash, so to speak.

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That is pretty much how I planned things. That way they get the experience and don't lose too much XP. One thing I would change if I did it again would be using the auto level system. It looks like I will be running Iron Gods next, as no one else wants to GM. I will use that method then. As far as Skulls and Shackles, I am not worried about the fleet battle, over all. Storming Harrigan's keep will be a load of fun. He is going to have his wizard and witch in the fight with him, as well as at least one of the erinyes. I want it to be the hardest fight of the AP. And if they fail, I will just insta level them and skip ahead to attacking Port Peril.

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My group is also a lot less happy-go-lucky than yours. Only one character in the group was actually shanghaied by Harrigan, but they all want him dead. In the case of our wizard, just because he is tired of being interfered with. On a side note, we just did the fist fleet battle last Saturday, and no one enjoyed it. We are going to completely skip it in the last book. They really didn't like that they could not maneuver or really use any real tactics in the fight. How was your experience?

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Your group seems to have taken Sefina's betrayal a lot better than mine did.

Playing cards. With the rouge talent or the magus/witch archetypes. It's in the Harrow Handbook. And that assumes you want to spend a level or two on another class.

My level of interest would mainly depend on what races and classes will be included.

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Hmmm... I may have to add a brine dragon to become a potential ally.

I saw that obligatory Little Mermaid reference.

Set wrote:
Incendiary Comedian

This actually sounds like a good idea....

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