Archmage Variel’s Collected Information on Pathfinder 2e

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Hi everybody! Some of you may remember that, back before Starfinder was released, I managed a google document compiling the various things that were announced about Starfinder. Well now I’m doing the same thing with Pathfinder. I will continue to update this document as quickly as my time allows in order to help everyone to know what to expect from this exciting new chapter in Pathfinder’s history. If you have any recommendations, comments, or thoughts about the document feel free so comment here or message me.

Archmage Variel’s Collected Information on Pathfinder 2e



As a note, my next step is to add information from the podcast, followed by working on further organizing the document into a more coherent form. Unlike my previous doc, I plan to specify which sources each bit of information came from BEFORE I get so much information that it becomes near impossible. I will do my best to update this guide as fast as new information comes out. Happy pathfinding.

Great stuff! Dotting for later.

You just made my day. Thanks for the legwork, it's appreciated.

Superb! Thanks for putting in the work to keep this updated, since it will be a great resource for keeping things straight until we get our hands on the actual playtest rules.

Updated with references 8 through 16. I will (barring some catastrophic event, such as: the opening of another worldwound the death of a beloved deific representative of humanity, or the off chance that Cayden finally decides to become sober) have time to implement the podcast information today as well.


Added all new information to podcast episode 1 from 0:00:00 to 1:01:09, and have sorted the document for readability. I have decided to prioritize taking short notes over full quotes from videos and podcasts, which will let me analyze these sources better. As such, I will hopefully be able to add all the information from both podcasts either today or tomorrow, and then continue to try to update this document and make it better. For next update, I will be creating an updates section which places all the information from that update in one, easy to access, location.

Shadow Lodge

Don't know if you have it yet, but HERE is some new(to me at least) info on skills.

Thank you for compiling this information, Variel!

Awesome. Great to see something like this.

Starfinder Superscriber

Cool thanks!

Dragonborn3 wrote:
Don't know if you have it yet, but HERE is some new(to me at least) info on skills.

It should be under the skills subsection (assuming I remembered to make it a subsection, ill need to double check).

Thank you so much to everyone for all the positive comments too!

Everything from the two Glass Cannon podcasts has been added. Now to add the new info from Know Direction and Reddit.

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