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Great book for nature lovers!


I would give this 3 stars for the animal companions and familiars alone. Paizo did a good job with this book, all around. The Shifter is a good, fun looking class, even if it isn't the super shapechanger that many of us wanted. More feats is always nice, even if some aren't top beef, some people might use them for flavor reasons. I do not judge your fun.

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Could have been great, was definitly not.

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Poorly disguised "hidden" plot, artificially inflated skill checks, and no way for the GM to handle the PCs figuring out the ending too soon. Had a lot of potential, but did not live up too it. Also, the author has no idea what "basic training" is.

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Great Hellknight Interaction


Was a great written scenario. The Hellknights were fun to interact with. If I had one complaint, the encounters were very easy, however we had a group of mostly higher level players, and one low level who brought us down into low tier.