Mummy's Mask, random Race / Class recruitment thread (Roll20, thursdays 5-8 central)


I'm starting up a Mummy's Mask campaign to be run on Roll20. I am looking for a couple more people to round out the Party that haven't read the books or played the campaign before. I have one major change I am making however, that is Race/Class will be randomly chosen.

I like the idea of a party of PC's that feel like a group of friends that came together, rather than a pre-built power gamed group that has all there bases covered. PC's will also be localish, meaning that they will be Egyptian/African/Middle Eastern flavored. While classes are random, any archetype can be chosen and prestige classes can be taken.

I understand that this will make the party weaker (especially early), and I am allowing high point buy, and higher starting gold to compensate.

Post here if you are interested!

never played, interested, don't mind makin the best of what I'm given (it just makes it like real life)

My level of interest would mainly depend on what races and classes will be included.

Liberty's Edge

Oh! Oh! This sounds awesome!!!

I would be interested. I haven't read the AP but thought it sounded awesome. I love the idea of an fantasy mummy adventure!

I like the random race/class idea too. Kinda like the old school roll abilities in order, and then see what you can play with it. How many options are we talking about? Not every race in all the books surely. I prefer core races.

i have a question if its every thorsday. I work a switch schedule so every two weeks i'd still be at work for some of the game. Id like to join if that doesnt create an issue. If it does, let me know, and pick someone who would be better suited.

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