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Scarab Sages

I am looking for help choosing spells for an upcoming underwater adventure. I am a level 7 Druid with a 20 Wisdom and a Scorpion companion who will be eating one spell for Ride the Waves(UM). My build is focused on summoning but I want summoning doesn't always happen. Though I wouldn't be adverse to summon selection advice. I will be accompanied by a witch and a hex magus to help with lowering saving throws.

Please cancel my Player Companion Subscription. Thank you.

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With the Adventurer's Guide out, it has brought up discussion of the 2nd level ability Hellknight Armor.

Adventurer's Guide wrote:
Hellknight Armor (Ex): At 2nd level, a Hellknight earns the right to wear Hellknight plate (see page 97), which does not reduce his speed. While wearing this armor, the Hellknight reduces its armor check penalty by 1 and increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by 1. At 5th level, these adjustments increase to 2. At 8th level, these adjustments increase to 3.

I would like to petition to let them keep this ability, which was removes form the previous printing by the Campaign Clarifications. I understand wanting fighters to have nice things, but most people would probably be taking fighter levels to get this prestige class already, (especially with the new Arbiter archetype)so it would just be stacking with Armor Training as is. Any other classes would either be giving up core features (Paladin, Ranger, Bloodrager, Slayer) or waiting until level 9 to take their first level of the PrC (3/4 BaB classes). And many of the classes that fit in the second group would fit better as a Signifer, which does not gain this ability.

Perhaps in the Campaign Clarifications you could limit it to Fighters, if it is an issue of stepping on their toes. And of course, this is all assuming that it will all be made legal in the first place. Thank you for your time and possible consideration.

Beast Shape and it's related spells state;

Beast Shape II wrote:
If the form you assume has any of the following abilities, you gain the listed ability: climb 60 feet, fly 60 feet (good maneuverability), swim 60 feet...

Do you get the base creature's speed (and Darkvision range, etc) or the speed listed? I always thought that you get the lesser of base creature's or the listed speed. However, now that I am playing my first druid in Pathfinder, I want to be sure.

Working on a couple builds for an assassin type character that uses psychic spells to buff himself. Below are outlines of the two. I will take suggestions for other classes as well.

Mindblade Magus:

Human - Dual Talent
Lvl 1 Lvl 12
Str: 13+2 ------ 18
Dex: 14 ------ 14
Con: 12 ------ 12
Int: 16+2 ------ 18
Wis: 10 ------ 10
Cha: 10 ------ 10
Traits:Wary of Danger, Bandit (Stealth)

1: Extra Arcane Pool
3: Arcane Accuracy, Power Attack
5: Furious Focus, ?
6: Arcane Cloak
7: ?
9: Hasted Assault, ?
11: ?, ?
12: Ghost Blade

Vexing Daredevil Mesmerist:

Human - Dual Talent
Lvl 1 Lvl 12
Str: 16+2 ------ 20
Dex: 13+2 ------ 16
Con: 12 ------ 12
Int: 10 ------ 10
Wis: 10 ------ 10
Cha: 14 ------ 14
Traits: Reactionary, Gifted Adept (Vanish)

1: Extra Mesmerist Tricks, Weapon Proficiency: Nodachi
2: Astounding Avoidance
3: Piercing Strike, Weapon Focus: Nodachi
4: Fleet in Shadows
5: Mesmerizing Feint
6: False Flanker
7: Surprise Strike, Power Attack
8: Fearsome Guise
9: Furious Focus
10: Compel Alacrity
11: Critical Strike, Improved Critical: Nodachi
12: Shadow Blend

As you can see I got much further with the second one. I want something that doesn't rely on sneak attacking, and I own the occult book, so I want to actually use it.

Power Attack lets a primary weapon deal 1.5*power attack damage. Powerful Bite makes the bite add double STR to damage. How do these two interact? Do I get the double STR, then add half again to damage when power attacking? Also, multiattack gives primary attack 1.5 STR damage, but I assume that Powerful bit overrides that.

If a paladin/oracle does something against her/his gods tenets, and it's bad enough to fall, should they also lose their Oracle spells and abilities? Such as worshiping a god of sacrifice and them letting a party member die because you didn't want to get hurt. I always viewed it that if you get your divine powers from your main class from a deity then any multiclass divine spells/powers are from the same deity. If it matters this came up in a PFS game.

Dark Archive 2/5

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So, What would be the proper response when in the course of playing this scenario the GM tells you he intentionally customized all the selection with the intent of killing of the characters he thought two players where going to bring. As in two characters built around say, combat maneuvers or unarmed fighting, and picking the challenges that they would be useless or worse. Am I alone in thinking this is not only poor GMing, but against the whole spirit of PFS?

How much, per person, is appropriate to pay servants who cook, clean, sing and dance for you? Is there anywhere in a book I could find this? If not, give me your best estimate. I am looking for a long term contract. Also, how about the person who oversees them?

I may be running this AP for my group and I would like to replace the one of the last fights in the last book with this homebrew unique character based on Kharn the Betrayer form Warhammer 40K. He has a unique weapon I made for him as well, a chainaxe, witch is basically a chainsaw with X3 crit. I just need to know if it is a good challenge for a possible group of 5-6 players at level 20.

The Betrayer

They would here bits of his history throughout the adventure, but would hear it as history and legend, so they will be surprised to actually run into him.

I may be running Iron Gods for our home group and I want to switch out one of the final fights for this guy. The only problem I am having is determining the CR. I am shooting for CR21-24.


Last night I thought I saw a feat(Teamwork?) that allowed you to make your opponent, yourself, or both prone while grappled. Am I imagining this? If not where can I find it?

I have started working on a concept of a character that runs around hitting people with his spikey armor and overrunning them. He will be a fighter2/Warpriest 10. I would like some critique on my feat selection and general advice on how to make him better at his job. A few caveats though; He is a PFS character (why I have him planned to level 12, He must be able to channel positive energy, He will be human. What I am undecided about is whether to go with Cayden Cailein or Gorum. Leaning towards the former. His stats at first are Str:18 Dex:12 Con:14 Int:10 Wis:13 Cha:10.

Here is my build:

F1) Power Attack, Improved Overrun, Spiked Destroyer; F2) Bullete Charge Style, Bravery; WP3) Bullete Leap, Weapon Focus (Spiked Armor), Blessings, Sacred Weapon; WP4) Fervor 1D6; WP5) Bullete Rampage, Armor Focus (Full Plate); WP6) Channel Energy, Sacred Weapon +1; WP7) Vital Strike, Fervor 2D6; WP8) Greater Overrun; WP9) Charge Through, Sacred Armor +1; WP10) Fervor 3D6, Sacred Weapon +2; WP11) Improved Armor Focus, Charge Through; WP12) Blessings (Major), Sacred Armor +2;

Blessings: Strength, Travel / Destruction, War
Traits: Defender of the Society, Magical Knack (Warpriest)

This was nice and color coded before I copy/pasted it. ;)