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If I cast king's castle and either I or the other target are mounted characters, would our mounts come with us? If I am not mounted could I target the other characters mount and the spell would move the mount and the rider?

I am essentially trying to setup a scenario where I would trade places with our party caviler, to give him an easy charge opportunity if an enemy has moved adjacent to him.

Or is there another spell that accomplishes this? (It doesn't have to be a paladin spell, as we also have a wizard)

willuwontu wrote:
The price of a scroll is equal to the level of the spell × the creator’s caster level × 25 gp. If the scroll has a material component cost, it is added to the base price and cost to create.

I understand the the cost addition for actual material components, but the description of the atonement spell doesn't list the 2500g in the material components section of the sell description like restoration or raise dead does.

Sudden Deinonychus wrote:

Common sense would say to me that you need to add in the component costs to ensure that the spells are "all inclusive," able to handle any situation, or else specifically note that the limitations of the spells (that the Restoration could NOT restore a negative level, for example).

With that assumption in place, I tried to do the math for making the Mitre, and my best guess is that it looks like they included the extra GP costs in it already. Hard to tell since the Commune spell only gets 1 question, but, I'm only an unpaid intern in this thread, so...

Best guess, what I would do, would be to include the extra costs in the items or specify the limitations of the spells in them.

If I math it out, making adjustments for the fact that commune only gives you 1 question, I get a total cost of 18,954g if i include the 2500g for the atonement spell. I'm assuming just because of the oddity of the commune spell, and the 1/week atonement, that they cut you a small deal on the cost.

That at lease makes the most sense to me.

If I am making a scroll of a spell like Restoration, which requires either 100g or 1000g depending on what you need the spell to do, or Atonement, which can require 2500g of rare incense, do I just add the extra cost to the crafting cost if I am making the item?

Additionally, if I am looking at am item like the Mitre of the Herophant Link can I craft it, adding the extra 2500g so that it can atone those who willingly committed the acts?

The increase "its damage by 50%" does that occur after something like maximize spell? How does that work with Empower spell?

Basically my question is, do I add 50% damage after all metamagic feats have been applied and dice have been rolled?

I know some of the mythic rules and abilities are busted, but that seems super busted when combined with something like mythic disintegrate, with 3d6 per CL.

avr wrote:
There's a spontaneous casting witch, the ley line channeler. Spontaneous arcane spellcasters can use a ring of spell knowledge for off-list spells.

Man I really got to read more options before deciding to just play the vanilla version of a class. This would have fixed my issue, and has pretty cool abilities.

blahpers wrote:

1. Agility or Time patron along with an amulet of reverse incantation. I recommend this approach if your patron isn't locked in.

2. Two levels of the Pathfinder savant prestige class. (You'll lose some hexes and either a level of spellcasting or two feats in the process. Plus, Pathfinder savant is addicting and you'll be tempted to take more levels and lose more hexes....)

3. Fiendish obedience (Ardad Lili or one of the Infernal Dukes) and 12 hit dice. Bit of a late bloomer, that, and they're evil to boot.

4. Pipes of shifting tempo. Note that the caster level is 5, which is pretty bad in the long run.

5. A single level of wizard or something so that you don't have to UMD wands or staves.

6. Spell research. GM-dependent.

7. Custom magic item creation. GM-dependent.

8. Settle for something like bestow curse, which can do largely the same thing (or worse) but doesn't have an area of effect.

The amulet might be my answer. Conveniently I did take the time patron. I knew witches didn't get haste in their base spell list, but I thought they got slow.

Savant could work, but all it really does is make me wish I had played a wizard anyway. That is a pretty sweet prestige class I did not know about.

I'm definitely a good witch, so the fiendish obedience is out.

I'm honestly fine with the UMD to use the staff. I took the pragmatic activator trait, so UMD is based on INT, so MY UMD won't be an issue. I couldn't find a staff that came with the slow spell, but with the help of a friendly wizard, I can create a staff with it. My GM is ok with custom item creation.

Had not thought of bestow curse. The alternate staggered whenever you take damage option is almost as good. It's at least a good hold over until I either get the amulet or get a rod crafted.

Other than being a Samsaran or obviously using a scroll with UMD, is there a way to get the slow spell as a witch either through a magic item or a feat or something?

Slow just seems like such a good witch spell, and is one of my favorite spells in general, it seems odd to me that witch wouldn't get it. Odd enough that I started playing a witch with the intention of taking it, and now i realize, I can't.

If it is a staff that would be good, since I could use my ability score and spell focus feats on the DC, I just haven't found a staff with the slow spell yet.

Evolved Familiar could work.

Am I reading aid another wrong, or is the aid another abilities of the Valet familiar either not very useful, or very dangerous?

Aid another says:


In melee combat, you can help a friend attack or defend by distracting or interfering with an opponent. If you’re in position to make a melee attack on an opponent that is engaging a friend in melee combat, you can attempt to aid your friend as a standard action. You make an attack roll against AC 10. If you succeed, your friend gains either a +2 bonus on his next attack roll against that opponent or a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent’s next attack (your choice), as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn. Multiple characters can aid the same friend, and similar bonuses stack.

You can also use this standard action to help a friend in other ways, such as when he is affected by a spell, or to assist another character’s skill check.

So how does my 0 reach familiar aid another? Does he have to enter the enemies square, which will provoke?

Clustered shots says

When you use a full-attack action to make multiple ranged weapon attacks against the same opponent, total the damage from all hits before applying that opponent’s damage reduction.

and it does not have the "you may choose" line like power attack.

Currently my animal companion is possessed by a shadow demon, and I made my animal companion an AC tank by using the Beast rider feat, Charger archetype, and a lot of money to buy him +1 full plate. If our cleric and Bard can't force the demon out, I will have to force my animal companion into unconsciousness with damage, and to do enough and get enough to hit to go through his AC, I have to full attack.

I'd like to avoid causing my animal companion massive damage saves if I can.

Claxon wrote:
I feel like only a cruel GM would force you to maintain giving them a bonus to kill you.

Our GM can be a little cruel, tends to land on the side of RAW not RAI. In this scenario I am actually the barbarian. I would feel bad about murdering my bard though.

Here is my scenario: Combat starts, the bard goes first and casts Haste on the party, and starts singing inspire courage. The evil wizard goes next, and casts dominate person on the barbarian. The barbarian fails his save, and is ordered to slay his party members. The bard makes a spellcraft check while the spell is being cast to identify the spell. The bard knows how badly this is about to go. The barbarian's turn is next, and he begins his full attack on the Bard who is adjacent to him. The Barbarian rolls his 4 attack rolls, and hits all of them, he is using power attack, rage, and a greatsword. The bard has low CON and dies.

At any point in that scenario after the bards turn is over can he declare the barbarian not an ally for the sake of inspire courage so he is not providing the barbarian bonuses to kill him? Would it be a free action, immediate action, not an action?

Is there a witch spell that causes a bull rush effect, such the wizard/sorcerer options of hydraulic push, hydraulic torrent, telekinesis ect?

Also just as a note, as a GM who has killed many a player cohort, pay attention to your cohorts initiative and reflex save(all saves really, but mostly reflex). If you cohort can't get out of the way during combat, or takes a lot of damage from AoE attacks, they tend to not last as long or start costing your party more resources than they may be worth.

What is your current party makeup and combat style? Does your party have a known weakness or something it is lacking like ranged damage, AoE damage, knowledges, certain skills, ect?

Bard(vanilla) is my usual go to for a cohort. everybody needs someone to inspire them in combat, and bards are great for buffs, support, secondary healing and knowledge/skills. Bard with 2-3 levels of Paladin(vanilla or divine hunter) will all of your cohorts saves very high.

If you want less buffing more straight skills, investigator or a high int Rogue would also be good. The rogue could also be good at ranged damage, though if you want some skills mixed with some good ranged damage Ranger(skirmisher), gunslinger(musket master), or alchemist(vanilla) might be better. If you have never played a gunslinger or an alchemist, it might be a good time to play one and learn the ins and outs of the class. Alchemist especially gives you a lot of options, and can be very useful and versatile.

Support fighter or brawler is another option, through more combat oriented. improved trip/disarm is usually pretty good, and dazzling display and/or the great feint tree are useful if you want to keep your cohort who will be weaker than you, out of melee(NOTE: I am a big fan of greater feint as a monk or a party with a rogue)

Last and maybe least I present the boring option, The vanilla healing/buffing cleric of desna or sarenre or similar. Yes, it's kind of lame but it gets the job done, with plenty of heals, buff spells, and aid another with a reach weapon.

Most of the out of stock minis say Unavailable, but this one says Out of Print. Is there a difference? Does Out of Print mean there might be another print run? I'd really really like one, but the secondary market apparently doesn't exist for this mini. I've checked amazon, ebay, and any other site I can think of. There are none at reasonable prices.

I'm in a Mummy's mask game right now. Our cleric is one of Pharasma with the Healing and repose domains, and makes a very effective undead killer. Neither increases his channel damage against undead, but repose lets you stagger lock undead with no save.

There is also a lot of Pharasma going on in the AP so it works well thematically.

If you wanted to be real gamy, Shizuru the Tian god has repose and sun domains.

Playing through Mummy's Mask we just found a number of scrolls including one that is Soul bind. Does that scroll include the focus gem, and if so, how do I determine the value.

Scroll creation rules state:

The creator must have prepared the spell to be scribed (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any material component or focus the spell requires. A material component is consumed when she begins writing, but a focus is not. (A focus used in scribing a scroll can be reused.) The act of writing triggers the prepared spell, making it unavailable for casting until the character has rested and regained spells. (That is, that spell slot is expended from the caster’s currently prepared spells, just as if it had been cast.)

It sounds like the focus is required to make the scroll but not consumed into the scroll, so we would have had to also find the gem seperatly, or we can later use our own. Want to confirm before we lose or waste a bunch on money.

Has anyone ever had a party with a ranger use the Residual Tracking spell on the Skinsaw man's footprints to see him and skip a bunch of the book?

Residual tracking

Arcane Caster - my 5 man party that went through RotR spent most of the AP with a Bard as their only arcane caster. He was a thundercaller bard, which added some arcane AoE damage, which I would recommend but it's not necessary. As others have said, there is a lot of Wizard loot in books 4-6.
One Note

If your players lack a way to do magic damage/magic weapons in book 1 I recommend you remove the 2 shadows in the final dungeon.

Rogue - My party didn't have one. They used the bard, and for a brief time an inquisitor for skills, and they just took trap head on.

Healer - I would say this depends on the rest of the party makeup. My group had a barbarian, who took a lot of damage. no dedicated healer would have greatly shortened adventuring days. If you have a couple of classes that can do minor healing like Paladin, bard, Inquisitor, ect. you would probably be ok. I would think that books 2 and 3 would be a bit rough though.

Melee/ranged - At least 1 of each. If you are allowing leadership, Shelelu(sp) is a good choice for some ranged damage to the party.

Some Options:

-A minor artifact the beast had eaten long ago but survived in it's stomach.
-Nothing, except for the full XP for beating the CR 15 encounter
-A magic item or 2 they don't know are artifacts, a couple of slumbering swords of sin comes to mind. If your player keeps wielding it/them it could activate in the runeforge if they are properly aligned to that sin.
-A boon, the death of the maga releases a wave on energy granting those that killed it, +2 to 1 ability score, or +1 to 2 ability scores, or a bonus feat
-A get out of jail free card. 2 ways to do this, way 1 in keeping with the legend of the Maga some of it's rumored powers are passed to the PCs. Once and only once, they change choose for a divine spell not to effect them. 2nd way, the gods smile on them. When they are in deep s+$+, something fairly random happens to save them all.
-Turtleback ferry could be most greatfull for the save. The town has 2d4 minor magic items, and 1d4 moderate. Roll for them, and give them all to your players, or only some of them if you think that's too much.

Hello Everyone, MarkTwain007 here, creator of Cardinal Serell. It has been several days since we have heard from our GM, and while I hope he comes back, I want to make sure that people’s hard work of creating a level 18 character does not go to waste, so I am planning on running my own PbP game using generally the same character creation rules.

I have not decided exactly what to run yet, if it will be a module, end of an AP a short custom adventure, or some combo of the 3, so if you have a preference, please post that with your character in the new recruitment page. Please note that there may be small changes to character creation rules.

Please make your way over to the other recruitment page and post your character.

New Recruitment

rorek55 I see you listed recruitment time as about 2 weeks from the 8th. If I had a character completed sometime tomorrow morning EST would I still be eligible?

All good race choices.

Of the three tiefling is my favorite, though I agree with Louise, skip pass for human. Prehensile Tail, Vestigial Wings, and for me the bite attack are way too good to pass up. THe tail helps you draw and hold items, the wings help with the flight you will want later, and for me the bite attack and a longspear help keep you provoke attacks of opportunity, and if necessary setup flanking for your allies.

Tiefling Point buy: Str: 11, Dex: 14, Con: 14, Int: 19, Wis: 10, Cha: 8

Ratfolk: Ratfolk have a special place in my heart as one of my favorite races. If no one else in your party is one, get the cornered fury alternate racial trait. Scent is pretty useful too. While the added range to a hex is very good, to me the real advantage to a ratfolk is that you can ride a medium size mount, so you never have to worry about space. Let me explain why that is good. If you have a combat trained mount, for you a pony, or another animal from the animal archive, and a couple of points in ride, you can control him as a free action. While you can only attack once if your mount moves, and if you go too fast your casting will require a concentration check, your hexes do not. So your mount can move to within 30 ft of a foe, you can evil eye, misfortune, or slumber them, cackle as a move action, then have your mount use his other move action to get you out of possible danger.

Now, at higher levels your mount will die easily, and other races can do this too, they just need large size mounts, which actually do fit in most places. I just like the idea of a ratfolk riding a dire rat, or a gecko into battle.

Ratfolk Point buy: Str: 10, Dex: 14, Con: 14, Int: 19, Wis: 10, Cha: 8 The strength is for carrying capacity.

Human: good favored class bonus, bonus feat, bonus skills. Hard to argue with that. If you take a familiar that gives you +4 initiative, and spend your bonus feat on improved initiative, you are looking at a +10 or +12 at level 1. Going first can be the difference between life and death.

EDIT: One piece of kind of gamey advice no matter what race you pick, carry around a scythe if you are taking the slumber hex. You don't have to be proficient in a weapon, to get that sweet sweet x4 damage on the coup de grace.

Man, I wish this would have been out when I was running the Skull & Shackles AP.

Sweet. DM me your address. I'll get them boxed up and shipped out.

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So a while ago I ran a group through RotR. I bought several miniatures that we don't have any plans to use again, and our bookshelf for miniatures is getting too full(such a terrible problem I know).

Anyway I could sell them, but I'd rather give them to someone if somebody in the area is running the campaign and could use them. Miniatures are as follows:

1 Viorian Dekanti
1 Mokmurian
1 Karzoug Statue
1 Lamia Harridan
2 Storm Giants
2 Stone Giants

If you are in the area, or want to travel to the area let me know, and we'll arrange a drop. Or if we can arrange paying for shipping, I'll happily send them to someone.

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 1) + 6 = 8
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 4) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 3) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 3) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 5) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 3) + 6 = 10
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 3) + 6 = 10
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 1) + 6 = 9
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 6) + 6 = 16

I'll take 2 18s. Now I just have to figure out what I really want to be.

Adjoint has a good point. These Goblins are the only ones around and are likely to go back to their goblin ways of fighting other tribes and raiding junk piles.

Your PCs however now have a group they can use for a 1 time buff to make something in the campaign easier, or pull their asses out of a fire. I did this with the Devil in book 3. Party Cleric was unconscious when they meet him, so they worked with him and freed him. I deemed the Devil didn't want to owe anyone anything and saved them from dying to the white dragon in book 5.

Examples hidden below:


Book 2: Goblins would be very useful in setting off all the haunts in foxglove mannor, or in helping clear out the ghouls from the farms, but after all that terror(and fighting goblins that will that have risen as more ghouls) they might abandon their fire god.

Book 3: Taking a troupe of goblins across the country might be hard, but they could be very helpful in assaulting the fort.

Book 4: Goblins vs Giants

1. Wizard - Spell list, Versitile, bonus feats
2. Arcanist - Almost better than a wizard. Some exploits powerful, but Meta magic casting time is increased
3. Shaman - Less hexs than a witch, but more versatile. Missing a few important lower level spells though, like Remove Disease
4. Cleric - So many cleric options, but some of the best ones force you to be an evil cleric. Channel keeps your party alive at low levels
5. Witch - My personally favorite full caster. like hexs but not a lot of them are that good, so you always pick the same ones. Spell list is a little lacking, and in my opinion they should get a short list of proficiency with weapons.
6. Druid/Sorcerer Tie - I feel like they both have equivalent weaknesses. Sorcerer tend to get built into a corner, and will have some easily exploitable weakness. Druid get an animla companion which I think is underrated, but there are lots of ways to avoid those. Sorcerer also takes full round when using Metamagic, and druid is light on some of the more powerful divine spells.
8. Oracle - Can be more focused than the cleric, but just isn't as good
Psychic - I have not read that book, so I have no information on the Psychic

If we were doing 3.5, I would pick Grey Guard all the way.

Since this is Pathfinder, My first thought would be Ranger(martially skilled, minor casting, excellent tracker). As Mr Charisma mentioned, Alchemist gives you the most options like the witchers potions, mutagens, bombs(look, even named the same!) and oils. Vivisectionist Alchemist removes your bombs but combat wise makes you a bit more like some of the optional witcher abilities.

Multiclassing would be a good option too but I can't decide what sort of class spread to go with.

I'd probably start with base stats of 15, 13, 14, 15, 12, 7 and then cheat a bit, declare him Azlanti, and get him the +2 to all stats.

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Snowheart HERE is a link the file. Below is a brief description of the tabs

sheet description:

First tab is the crew for their ship. It uses some formulas to count the number of names in the first Column and count up to the total number of crew. It also has spots for PCs and NPCs in command rolls that are also counted. It was made to list 2 ships, as my PCs had 2 for a while before they sent one off to pirate for them

2nd tab lists officers just for officer pay. It honestly has not been updated in a while

3rd tab is the Leviathan, the PCs main ship. AC and saves are calulated using formulas based on whatever numbers are in the green boxes. Also has their flag, and siege engine locations, to hit, and damage.

4th tab, they renamed Island of the empty syses to Dead Eye Island(they had a bunch of skulls from earlier and put them in all the statues that were empty). Based on the ultimate campaign rules, have placed NPCs in leadership positions. I'm not planning on running a lot of stuff with this, it just gives them a good idea of how they are doing. ALso has their 4 settlements they have setup on the island.

5th tab in info on the fleet they are currently building in book 5. From an in game perspective, I'm actually not having them go through ship to ship combat. I'm working on making an excel sheet do all that math for me, so they con concentrate on fighting a few ships.

6th and 7th tabs are infamy. Players were not using it much as it was because not all of them were sure what they could do, so I am making it easier to read for everyone in 7th tab

8th tab, I added crew upgrades. This lists theirs for their ship and the ship that is off pirating in their name.

9th tab is ship upgrades

Maybe I missed the memo, are Deadly Foes singles just not for sale anymore?

We are currently in book 5 of my game and here are some of my thoughts

If you can, try and make it so your players don't know they are going to lose all of their gear immediately. It's pretty funny, though I believe any of them that read the players guide in full will know how they are going to start.

Learn about all of the Ship NPCs. I made a spreadsheet and added some interests for all of them, since a lot of the first book is you players interacting with them.

Familiarize yourself with the ship to ship combat and make the decision that everyone has to make. Do I skip it, run it as is, add to it, or sub it our for the Razor coast rules. I went with add to it, and it's worked out ok.

I also made a google doc to help my players keep track of how their ship is doing. I even added a section with their crew, named them using and assigned races using Excel and a random number generator. It's nice touch, let them decide which ones were their favorites(AKA the ones with the best names) and track some of the stranger crew additions, which have included at one time or another a Naga, a Gargoyle, and a cyclops.

If you skip ahead to book 5, there is a section where their ship can be attacked while the PCs are off adventuring. I had them play as their most powerful NPCs and try and defend their ship. THey seemed to really enjoy it.

There is a good chance someone will die in book 1. It just kinda happens sometimes. Especially with con loss Grog and wound levels.

Speaking of wound levels, it's just a personal thing, but I declared that characters under a rage effect ignore the wounds penalties.

I don't think there is a pawn in any set for the Stabbing Beast(Norgorber's Herald) in Either form, but I thought I would check.

Alternatively if you wanted to go the rogue instead of the slayer, if you make your race elf, you automatically are proficient with longbows.

The general consensus I am seeing is that yes it would disarm. I'll go with that. I am with Claxon though. It overrides part of a fighters capstone, which is a little ridiculous.

On a similar note, does anyone know if officially disarming someone breaks a weapon cord?

Question that came up in our game last night.

The party gunslinger was dueling a swashbuckler to see who could disarm the other first. The gunslinger used her targeting ability which reads:

"Targeting (Ex): At 7th level, as a full-round action, the gunslinger can make a single firearm attack and choose part of the body to target. She gains the following effects depending on the part of the body targeted. If a creature does not have one of the listed body locations, that part cannot be targeted. This deed costs 1 grit point to perform no matter which part of the creature she targets. Creatures that are immune to sneak attacks are immune to these effects.

Arms: On a hit, the target takes no damage from the hit but drops one carried item of the gunslinger’s choice, even if the item is wielded with two hands. Items held in a locked gauntlet are not dropped on a hit.
Head: On a hit, the target is damaged normally, and is also confused for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect.
Legs: On a hit, the target is damaged normally and knocked prone. Creatures that have four or more legs or that are immune to trip attacks are immune to this effect.
Torso: Targeting the torso threatens a critical on a 19–20.
Wings: On a hit, the target is damaged normally, and must make a DC 20 Fly check or fall 20 ft."

Gunslinger targeted her arm to cause her to drop her weapon.

The swashbuckler has the Subtle Blade ability which makes her immune to disarm, steal, and sunder combat maneuvers. Would the targeted strike be considered a disarm? It seems a little odd to me that they would give the Gunslinger(and the swashbuckler) a 7th level ability that overrides the 11th level ability of the Swashbuckler.

Derklord wrote:
Mark_Twain007 wrote:

1. give them magic missile. I'm of the opinion that all arcane casters should have it.

EDIT: I'm also a big fan of the blood hexs from the Magic Tactics Toolbox. They spice up the witch a lot for me. I wish there were some major hex and grand hex versions.

I see a connection here. Still, I'm kinda surprised anyone likes the blood hexes - I consider them ridiculously underpowered. Abeyance would be good if not for the "metal weapon" part, and everything else has such a minuscule effect...

I am saddened by the metal weapon portion of that one(which would be a little better if witches could use any good metal weapons, hint hint number 4). The fact that there aren't that many good ones is why I would like some major and grand hex versions, but really I'm just excited about the options. I'm not too concerned with really giving the witch a whole lot more super powerful options, as mentioned previously in the thread, there are some very powerful witch builds.

To me part of being the witch is doing the unexpected. The wizard can do this, but he spends a lot of time and effort making sure he/she has spells like fireball, haste, mage armor, ect. Meanwhile the witch is taking Earsend, irregular size, and strangling hair.

That'll do it. Thanks for the clarification.

I like the witch class a lot. In a number of ways I like it more than wizard actually, but I will admit, they could use a little love.

1. give them magic missile. I'm of the opinion that all arcane casters should have it.

2. Give them more spells. I'm not asking for fireball, but some lower level basic spells like color spray, to some of the spells that come from books like inner sea magic and magic tactics toolbox. They get some spells, but there are some that are just weird spells that mostly get ignored on the wizard/sorcerer list that would get some good usage on the witch list.

3. Drop cone of cold back down to the same level it is for wizard.

4. Give them more weapon proficiency. Not a huge buff since most witches aren't melee, but a nice bonus for witch would be the ability to use more exotic weapons that the wizard for when they are forced into melee. Scythe instead of quarterstaff, kukri instead of dagger, bolas or boomerang instead of crossbow. Maybe add the net or whip.

EDIT: I'm also a big fan of the blood hexs from the Magic Tactics Toolbox. They spice up the witch a lot for me. I wish there were some major hex and grand hex versions.

There are the robes of the Hedge wizard that let you cast a specific first level spell. It's an item not a feat or ability, so maybe not that you are looking for.

IF I cast Spell immunity on myself and choose dispel magic as one of the spells, am I completely immune to it unless they cast greater dispel? Would they still be able to target the Spell immunity spell effect with the dispel to make it go away?

Has anyone made a map of fort after it has been repaired?

Jondera, The conclusion I came to was that while the ruins are cool and would make a nice base, they would not make a good initial fort, and a simple knowledge check should tell your plays why.

There is no good way to defend your island from it. It is far from a coast, and there is only 1 entrance and exit. In addition the closest bay is the more difficult one, making it difficult so sail through. Probably not a great way to impress pirate lords(is also pretty much fails you for the first section).

Now if your players still want to do it they can.(my party is using the fort for the pirate lords, but have set aside a large sum of money to fix the ruin as well to use as their actual main base) Note that while the lyre requires the fabricate spell to be created, it does not cause a fabricate effect, so they will still need some supplies. I deemed that it would take another 10 plunder points to fix the ruins, and 5 more to fix the docks in the northern bay. If they want to build extra buildings and such, I would look at the building costs in the Kingdom rules of Ultimate campaign. If you don't have it I can give you some cost examples later.

Again, if your party wants to I would let them, you will just need to change the Eel's tactics a bit. He will need to setup shop in a different location, and since everyone will be further away from the boats and Sefina's Grotto, it will take them more time to reach the ships and stop him/put out the fires. Once again lowering their chances with the pirates council.

Name Captain Salia Reneou
Race/class Human Gunslinger(buccaneer) 10
location Island of the Empty eyes
Catalyst Negative levels

SO the party made it to the room of revelation, and 3 of the 6 of them decided to blind themselves before they touched anything, without any way to cure blindness. When combat started, the guard managed to get a number of them very close to the crystal. The captain was one of the one who choose to be blinded.

On rounds 2, 3, and 5(i forgot to roll it on round 4) all 3 times, my dice choose the captain as the one to be hit with the enervation. Dice rolls of 4, 4 and 1. Up to 9 negative levels. The HP loss from that plus damage taken caused the captain to die. With some fancy party maneuvering, the moved her body withing range of the Oracle for a breath of life. We had not noticed before the line in breath of life about gaining a negative level after it being case on you before.

The captain then did not die from HP loss, but instead negative levels.

You mention Brawler being able to use the shield in a brawlers furry while retaining the bonus is in a errata. DO you have a link for that? All I can find is that they gained shield proficency. I would still have to take improved shield bash to not lose the AC bonus

I will be ready, tomorrow!!

So, we have been playing S&S for a while now, we are about halfway through book 4, and one of the things we have pretty much been ignoring are the infamy and disrepute rules. They party gained it at ports as per the rules, but they haven't bothered spending any of it, but I have some questions on it.

1. I know once you gain infamy up to 5 per tier you can gain no more in that port until you go up a tier, but can you keep gaining disrepute at the port after you spend some, or do they need to go find different ports?

2. If that is so why do the favored Ports matter, apart from gaining you some infamy slightly faster?

3. Has anyone added things to spend disrepute on? Most of them deal with ship to ship combat and weather. My party is very good at dealing with both.

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