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So a while ago I ran a group through RotR. I bought several miniatures that we don't have any plans to use again, and our bookshelf for miniatures is getting too full(such a terrible problem I know).

Anyway I could sell them, but I'd rather give them to someone if somebody in the area is running the campaign and could use them. Miniatures are as follows:

1 Viorian Dekanti
1 Mokmurian
1 Karzoug Statue
1 Lamia Harridan
2 Storm Giants
2 Stone Giants

If you are in the area, or want to travel to the area let me know, and we'll arrange a drop. Or if we can arrange paying for shipping, I'll happily send them to someone.

I'll pay for shipping. I would even return them when I'm done, if you'd like. I'm not close enough to drive to you, unfortunately.

By the way. I'm running the RotRL campaign. Last night, my players finished the raid on Sandpoint and are preparing to journey to Jorgenfist.
I would love to use these minis in my RotRL campaign.

Sweet. DM me your address. I'll get them boxed up and shipped out.

Done. Thanks!

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