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I should have the combat board up by mid afternoon tomorrow so you guys can see exactly what you are up against.

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So a while ago I ran a group through RotR. I bought several miniatures that we don't have any plans to use again, and our bookshelf for miniatures is getting too full(such a terrible problem I know).

Anyway I could sell them, but I'd rather give them to someone if somebody in the area is running the campaign and could use them. Miniatures are as follows:

1 Viorian Dekanti
1 Mokmurian
1 Karzoug Statue
1 Lamia Harridan
2 Storm Giants
2 Stone Giants

If you are in the area, or want to travel to the area let me know, and we'll arrange a drop. Or if we can arrange paying for shipping, I'll happily send them to someone.

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Snowheart HERE is a link the file. Below is a brief description of the tabs

sheet description:

First tab is the crew for their ship. It uses some formulas to count the number of names in the first Column and count up to the total number of crew. It also has spots for PCs and NPCs in command rolls that are also counted. It was made to list 2 ships, as my PCs had 2 for a while before they sent one off to pirate for them

2nd tab lists officers just for officer pay. It honestly has not been updated in a while

3rd tab is the Leviathan, the PCs main ship. AC and saves are calulated using formulas based on whatever numbers are in the green boxes. Also has their flag, and siege engine locations, to hit, and damage.

4th tab, they renamed Island of the empty syses to Dead Eye Island(they had a bunch of skulls from earlier and put them in all the statues that were empty). Based on the ultimate campaign rules, have placed NPCs in leadership positions. I'm not planning on running a lot of stuff with this, it just gives them a good idea of how they are doing. ALso has their 4 settlements they have setup on the island.

5th tab in info on the fleet they are currently building in book 5. From an in game perspective, I'm actually not having them go through ship to ship combat. I'm working on making an excel sheet do all that math for me, so they con concentrate on fighting a few ships.

6th and 7th tabs are infamy. Players were not using it much as it was because not all of them were sure what they could do, so I am making it easier to read for everyone in 7th tab

8th tab, I added crew upgrades. This lists theirs for their ship and the ship that is off pirating in their name.

9th tab is ship upgrades

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I came upon this idea that someone mentioned in passing on another thread and I wondered if anyone else had done it before I try it.

To make the finale a bit more epic swap some of the events of books 5 and 6 as follows.

1. After book 4, before you party decides to leave their island for Port Peril, Harrigan sends a small group of ships to raid them and their island. This includes the Wormwood. The PCs must defend their island the best they can until help arrives in the form of Tressia Fairwind, and/or any other NPC who are closly allied with them, such as Sandra Quinn.

2. After fending off the attack, they travel to Port Peril, attend the pirate lord meeting, and try and get the lords to agree that Harrigan is dangerous and should be dealt with. For one reason or another, no matter how hard they try, this should fail.

3. They take matters into their own hand, taking their small fleet to Harrigan's fortress to battle his fleet and sea serpent, they take the fortress and kick him in the balls.

4. They find proof that Cheliax is invading but the full force won't be ready for some time. This force is much larger than the one that actually comes in Book 5. They take the proof to Port Peril and present it to the Hurricane King who laughs them off.

5. NPCs decide that since they don't want to die, they need a new king. Play it out much like book 6, but modify for players lower level, or give them NPC help.

6. Now as Hurricane King, the PCs must quickly call/hire as many ships as possible to combat the massive fleet. As new King they don't have full respect yet, so it takes some wheeling, dealing, and threatening to get the force in line.

7. Massive Ship combat ensues near the Eye. Somehow PCs ship and enemy commander ship get pulled into the eye, have glorious final combat in the eye.

8. Victorious PCs sail out of the eye triumphantly just like the first hurricane king.


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I had the reflections look like the PCs want to see themselves.

Examples: The half-Orc barbarian was himself as a victorious brutal half-orc he wanted to be. The Cleric who used to be a Gnome but got Reincarnated into a halfing, saw himself a Gnome again.

This fight went bad for my party, the barbarian mentioned above moved into the hallway first, and rolls bad initiative, while the dups rolled well. Greater Beast totem gave both of them Pounce, which was a lot of damage.

My interpretation was the dups attack their real counterparts unless other PC are directly in the way. Example: The aforementioned barbarian actually survived one round, and ran behind a line of all the other party members. The dups could have tried to acrobatics through the party, but their skills mean it would not have gone well, so instead, they charged through the bard first, then finished off the barbarian.

My players were smart enough after that to know the mirrors were bad, and smashed one while covering the other with a wall of stone.

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I'm planning on running this AP after we finish playing our Second Darkness game. I was wondering if anyone found good miniature ships to use during the ship to ship combat, or if people just used the pawns from the players guide.

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I vote our new nations flag simply be a black goatee.

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Here is the post of someone who made their own rules as kind of a middle ground between the pathfinder rules and the Razer Coast rules.

this link goes to some unfinished rules I was making to get more in depth into the pirating aspect. Having to spend more time feeding and worrying about your crew, everyone having more pirate like actions in combat, there being good reasons to take the feats and become proficient with siege weapons. Take these with a grain of salt. THey are not finished or tested, and if I decide they take too long, I'll just go back to the basic pathfinder rules.

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Make sure there are points where every skill, or every class/ kind of character is useful. I think the piazo campaigns do a really good job of this, and it's something I really like.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Mark_Twain007 wrote:

Name of NPC: Shelelu(Cohort to party Bard)

Class/Level: ranger 10/Fighter 1
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Violet Prismatic Spray
Story: Highlady Athroxis got the party with a prismatic spray, Shelelu got sent to the Astral Plane with no way back.

...the Cleric thanks to a true resurrection scroll is the only one alive, and had to use plane shift to flee...


One of the party members takes Shalelu on as a cohort, she gets shifted to another plane, and they're just, "Oh, well! Plenty more where that came from!"?!?!?!?!
While the cleric had Plane Shift prepared!

So cohorts are disposable at the PC's convenience. Hmmm... THAT ought to increase his/her leadership score immensely.

(Sorry. My party would have turned that into an epic 2-3 session quest to find her. Hearing a group just say, "Oh, well!" is just amazing to me...)

There were some problems when it happened. Due to wisdom loss from the goop in the halls of Wrath, and his headband getting destroyed, the cleric only had 14 wisdom at the time, so he couldn't cast it until they sat around long enough to craft him a new headband. Plus for Plane shift, you need a rod attuned to the proper plane, which is not immediately available in the Runeforge. My guess is that once the party is back on their feet, they will track her, or her dead body(The astral plane is pretty scary) down.

Also the cleric totally forgot he could cast Plane shift, which was funny.

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There were many deaths in our last 3 sessions, here's the rundown
Session 1:
Name of NPC: Shelelu(Cohort to party Bard)
Class/Level: ranger 10/Fighter 1
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Violet Prismatic Spray
Story: Highlady Athroxis got the party with a prismatic spray, Shelelu got sent to the Astral Plane with no way back.
Session 2:
Name of PC: Gudrik Skullsmasher
Class/Level: Barbarian 14
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: fighting 2 of himself
Story: Reflected Enemy trap in the Shimmering Veils, he went in first, and looked in the mirror. Whole party rolled low initiative. Thanks to his greater Beast totem, and not rolling low on initiative, I got 2 full attacks in before anyone could do anything.

Name of PC: Bingles Burnabunch
Class/Level: Cleric 13/Holy Vindicator 1
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: The cleric went in the room first
Story: He Ran into the Peacock Shrine alone after the mirrors, 6vs1. It took 3 phantasmal killers, but they got him. Would later be resurrected using Scroll by Paladins cleric Cohort

Name of PC: Yorik Vanzant
Class/Level: Bard(Thundercaller) 13
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Many Fireballs
Story: After the Bingles ran in alone and died, the rest of the party moved up to avenge him. Yorik fell after a barrage of fireballs.
Session 3:
Name of NPC: Elsa(Cohort to Inquisitor)
Class/Level: Wizard 10
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Omox Demon
Story: Suffocated on Omox demon

Name of NPC: Sam(Cohort to Paladin)
Class/Level: Cleric 10
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Omox Demon
Story: Suffocated on Omox demon

Name of PC: Michael
Class/Level: Fighter 10/Paladin 5
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: dispel turning flying into swimming in pool of ooze, and Wisdom damage from summoned Shoggti
Story: Used airwalk to move in and attack Jordimandus. A quickened dispel caused him to drop into the pool below, followed by 2 touch attacks for wisdom damage from the Shoggti, rolled max on both, put him at 0 WIS so unconscious in the pool, where he died of acid and suffocation.

Name of NPC: Ricknin
Class/Level: Inquisitor 14
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Disintegrate and acid arrow
Story: Same fight with Jordimandus, fought well using boots of fly and teleportation abilities. Disintegrate took out most of his health, acid arrow finished the job.

If you are keeping track, the Cleric thanks to a true resurrection scroll is the only one alive, and had to use plane shift to flee, and find new allies.

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My players should not read this


The description in the book says that he wants to sanctify the temple, and summon more monsters. To me, for Lamashtu, that says that he needs either sacrifices, or women to help spawn more of the mothers creatures. You could have some people go missing, dragged into the hole by the Hounds of Lamashtu, to be found later either dead or being used to birth more creatures. The is would especially be great if you had some of the friends they had made in town be the ones that were taken.

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I, like almost everyone else apparently, edit some gear when I have small players, so that there is some for them. Otherwise Runelords it is pretty easy to head to a major city during most times and get gear. I have not run it yet, but skulls & shackles seems like it would be easy, since you'll be visiting ports to sell your plunder fairly often.

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Morain, While I do not agree with you I can relate. Been thinking about subscribing for a while, but was unsure if I would like the mythic rules so didn't for WotR, and MM to me does not sound very exciting so still no. Iron Gods sounds unique enough that I want it, and just crazy enough for it to be awesome, so I'll subscribe then probably.

Each AP is going to appeal to different people. Some will like the freedom of kingmaker, some like the darkness of Carrion crown, and some like the craziness of Reign of Winter. There is no AP for everyone, and the only way they can make the best AP's for the most people is to look at reviews, message board posts, and sales. So the absolute best way to have your voice heard is to cancel your subscription and post. Just remember to subscribe again when you see an AP that you like.

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You are right, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce someone they will need to talk to later. Unfortunately most of the people they really need to converse with in Sandpoint they will have already talked to, but there are a few optional and helpful ones that I think might help.

1. Brodert Quink: Thassilonian expert, they will want to talk to him at some point for information, it would be a nice way of letting one of the party members know they exist.

2. Sabyl Sorn: From the house of blue stones. If you think your Cavalier could do it, with a successful diplomacy check she gives that party access to her personal library, which gives +4 on Knowledge History and Planes checks, her knowledge of the planes and her lawful nature could casue some nice RP situations with your plane smuggling Fetchling.

3: If you are still in book 1, he could be saved by Katrine Vinder, who dies in book 2, so he would be more driven to track down her murderer.

4: Vachedi the jailor: I wish I would have given my players more of his back story. His sons are currently owned by Kaer Magen slavers, and while this AP does not go there, my players ended up there, because in book 3 a number of them died at Fort Rannick, so the party needed someone to cast raise dead, and it was the closest place where they knew someone could do it.

As for your second question, sorry I can't think of any right now. I'll have to look through mine later and see if I find any.

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here's a few things I keep in my back pocket for when I want to make things more difficult, It would of course depend on their party makeup and play style, but I have found there are a few things you can use to make fights more challenging, without raising the CR, or bending the rules/ fudging some rolls.

1. Terrain: slippery ice, fighting up stairs, fighting up stairs built by giants so players have to make a climb check every step, rough terrain so it is harder to charge, put trees/rocks, and other things in the way so basically they will have to be very tactical about their fighting. All the OP characters in the world will do you little good if you don't know how to use them properly.

2. Weather: I don't use it a ton, because a bad roll on an important day can shaft your party, but weather effects listed here can change fights completely. Fog means 5 ft vision and everything gets concealment. 20 MPH wind, which isn't really all that bad, is a -2 to all ranged attacks, and tiny familiars risk some damage. At 30+ MPH, familiars can get blown away completely, which could be really bad for your witch or Wizard.

3. Perception distance penalty: remember there is A +1 per 10 ft. added to perception checks, trust me, often times it matters.

4. Lighting: Probably less effective than weather effects, but if your players have no dark or low light vision, this can be a nightmare. You can find the lighting rules here

5. Under water combat: No one is ready for underwater combat. Against enemies with a swim speed, parties will have a hard time of it. Especially if they don't know the underwater combat rules very well. They can be found here

6. Creatures: It sounds like you don't play pathfinder that often so this might be hard, but pick creatures that they probably have not fought yet. The newer Bestiary 3 and 4 books have a lot of creatures you can use to replace standard creatures, and players will be unfamiliar with it's abilities and tactics.

7. Remember bad guys are smart and can be proactive. If I were a bad guy, I would always start a fight having drank a potion of invisibility. If I where a powerful important bad guy, I would be scrying these people that are messing up my plans, seeing what they can do, and planning for it. If they like ranged combat, and appear to be weak willed. Alarm spell tells me they are near, and then mind fog on one end of the room, stand behind a wind wall on the other. Their ranged attacks to nothing, so they move into melee, through the mind fog, -10 to their already bad will saves, then sleep, hold person, dominate person, ect. You get the point, bad guys can plan to attack party weaknesses, and neutralize their strengths.

Sorry for the longish post. If while you are running them you run into some problems, or need ideas on how to challenge them, I'm sure you could post here, and get plenty of ideas.

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FormerFiend wrote:

To me, Geb/Nex is the big one.

I would say Whispering Tyrant, but they've essentially already done that adventure path, only without him featured in it, and they've already statted him up in Mythic Origins, and I'm inclined to believe that they'd want the big bad of an adventure path to be something they haven't statted up elsewhere.

After that, Geb strikes me as the biggest undead threat to Golarion; the guys who beat the Whispering Tyrant couldn't beat him, he's got an undead demigoddess as his sidekick, and he specifically hasn't been statted up, so that leaves a draw for the AP.

+1 for this. Really I would also accept a non mythic AP in Nex, Geb, the mana wastes or all 3. It just seams like a really cool location to me.

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I also found a link to this file In the community created content thread.

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Male Halfling Fighter(Cad)/Unchained Rogue | 15/15 HP | 17 AC | 11 Touch | 14 FF | 14 CMD | Fort 5 | Ref 4 | Will 1 | Init 3 | Perception 6 | CS

Jack rolls over eyes still closed. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT RACKET! WHO IN THE NAME CAYDEN CILIAN IS MAKING ALL THAT NOISE? CAN’T A MAN SLEEP ONE OFF IN PEACE? Jack begins shaking his hand with the mug still in it at the sky. I PRAY TO YOU SO I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS S#%& YOU KNOW! THIS AND TO MAKE SURE I DON’T GO THE BED WITH AN UGLY ONE! Jack will open his eyes a bit and look in his bed, closing his eyes again due to the brightness in the room. ALRIGHT, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT THEN, GORUM’S TURN! Without opening his eyes Jack picks up his axe from the ground, stand up and head for the door, mug still in one hand axe in the other. Upon reaching the hallway Jack opens his eyes, they are full of hate.

Whoever is the closest person gets the mug hurled at them, thanks to my humble beginnings trait, I have catch off guard with it. So attack is against flat footed AC. GM, I guess it is up to you as to who is closest now.
attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 damage: 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Without noticing or caring who he saw or threw the mug at Jack continues.

Now with 2 hands on his axe, Jack finally notices who is in the hallway, and ends rage before taking a swing at one of them. He is breathing heavily.
Oh, it's you lot. what the hell do you idiots think you're doin'? I've killed things for being less annoying. You all saw me do it yesterday. Now give me a dam good reason why I shouldn't be angry, and that I should put my ax down, or I'll put it in a place you won't enjoy!

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I'll be honest, I wanted to like the Skald, but I didn't, now I really like this class. It is now more of what I was looking for when they announced bloodrager. You can do combat, and support your team, and are not completely useless with a part of casters.

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I used Feast of Ravenmoor at the end of book 1 in my RotRL camp, and it went great.

I recommend this thread, Haldir has a nice list of modules and add ons for all levels of RotRL.

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Was it just me or does Harsk now have a badger animal companion??

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Our Party's half Orc Barbarian was the lucky one, I had him meet her in the tavern during a night of drinking, and he had his way with her until daddy showed up. He isn't the brightest half orc, and I rolled max damage on all of daddys punches, and brought down a barbarian in a few rounds.

Now he thinks the man is super bad ass because of that and because he thinks he is a General because he owns the General store.