Found loot scroll, does it come with Focus (spell is Soul Bind)

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Playing through Mummy's Mask we just found a number of scrolls including one that is Soul bind. Does that scroll include the focus gem, and if so, how do I determine the value.

Scroll creation rules state:

The creator must have prepared the spell to be scribed (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any material component or focus the spell requires. A material component is consumed when she begins writing, but a focus is not. (A focus used in scribing a scroll can be reused.) The act of writing triggers the prepared spell, making it unavailable for casting until the character has rested and regained spells. (That is, that spell slot is expended from the caster’s currently prepared spells, just as if it had been cast.)

It sounds like the focus is required to make the scroll but not consumed into the scroll, so we would have had to also find the gem seperatly, or we can later use our own. Want to confirm before we lose or waste a bunch on money.

Check with your GM. I'd generally rule that material components are provided in the scroll, and (maybe) foci, but soul bind seems like a case where supplying the focus externally would be the Right Thing to do.

Scrolls wrote:
Activate the Spell: Activating a scroll requires reading the spell from the scroll. The character must be able to see and read the writing on the scroll. Activating a scroll spell requires no material components or focus. (The creator of the scroll provided these when scribing the scroll.) Note that some spells are effective only when cast on an item or items. In such a case, the scroll user must provide the item when activating the spell.

While the creator provides the focus necessary to cast the spell, in this case the focus item is integral to the spell's effect, not merely a catalyst. I'd rule that the scroll user must provide the trap.

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