Black Magga reward? (SPOILERS)

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My party killed the Black Magga in two rounds.

The party had arrived to town, got Waterwalk to save the children. As soon as Black Magga rose, they approach and buff, then spread out. the Paladin started with smite evil with his magic composite longbow and crits. The Gunslinger shot his newly magical musket vs her touch attack. The Druid beat the SR for her spell. Black Magga approaches at 60ft from the Paladin and unleashes the madness... he beats the DC BY FIVE. The oracle had just leveled up and gotten CHANNEL ALIGNMENT... and uses two channels (quickened), dropping a good chunk of her HP.

The Paladin charges, Black Magga's AoO misses by 1 (they had boosted his AC to the max), and he CRITS AGAIN with a magical Cold Iron Falchion, cutting the head off.

We stopped there. xD What should I give them as reward for killing such a foe?

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A second slightly darker Black Magga to fight.

Some Options:

-A minor artifact the beast had eaten long ago but survived in it's stomach.
-Nothing, except for the full XP for beating the CR 15 encounter
-A magic item or 2 they don't know are artifacts, a couple of slumbering swords of sin comes to mind. If your player keeps wielding it/them it could activate in the runeforge if they are properly aligned to that sin.
-A boon, the death of the maga releases a wave on energy granting those that killed it, +2 to 1 ability score, or +1 to 2 ability scores, or a bonus feat
-A get out of jail free card. 2 ways to do this, way 1 in keeping with the legend of the Maga some of it's rumored powers are passed to the PCs. Once and only once, they change choose for a divine spell not to effect them. 2nd way, the gods smile on them. When they are in deep s~%%, something fairly random happens to save them all.
-Turtleback ferry could be most greatfull for the save. The town has 2d4 minor magic items, and 1d4 moderate. Roll for them, and give them all to your players, or only some of them if you think that's too much.

Nothing makes players happier than knowing they've ruined the DM's plans- allow them to see just how much they just did that.

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The defeat of Black Magga could be enough to grant them all their first mythic levels. Mythic powers will give them a powerful boost, easily worth one or two levels of regular experience advancement.

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I think the absurdly large amount of exp you get is reward enough.

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For one, their reputation should be greatly enhanced. Killing such a terrifying and famous monster, in full sight of an entire town, is going to spread their names far and wide as "Those adventurers that killed Black Magga!"

As for the material reward, you could have a side quest to find its lair where it keeps its treasure. A thankful caster from Turtleback Ferry casts Create Treasure Map on it and gives the map to the PCs.

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