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If I cast king's castle and either I or the other target are mounted characters, would our mounts come with us? If I am not mounted could I target the other characters mount and the spell would move the mount and the rider?

I am essentially trying to setup a scenario where I would trade places with our party caviler, to give him an easy charge opportunity if an enemy has moved adjacent to him.

Or is there another spell that accomplishes this? (It doesn't have to be a paladin spell, as we also have a wizard)

If I am making a scroll of a spell like Restoration, which requires either 100g or 1000g depending on what you need the spell to do, or Atonement, which can require 2500g of rare incense, do I just add the extra cost to the crafting cost if I am making the item?

Additionally, if I am looking at am item like the Mitre of the Herophant Link can I craft it, adding the extra 2500g so that it can atone those who willingly committed the acts?

The increase "its damage by 50%" does that occur after something like maximize spell? How does that work with Empower spell?

Basically my question is, do I add 50% damage after all metamagic feats have been applied and dice have been rolled?

I know some of the mythic rules and abilities are busted, but that seems super busted when combined with something like mythic disintegrate, with 3d6 per CL.

Other than being a Samsaran or obviously using a scroll with UMD, is there a way to get the slow spell as a witch either through a magic item or a feat or something?

Slow just seems like such a good witch spell, and is one of my favorite spells in general, it seems odd to me that witch wouldn't get it. Odd enough that I started playing a witch with the intention of taking it, and now i realize, I can't.

If it is a staff that would be good, since I could use my ability score and spell focus feats on the DC, I just haven't found a staff with the slow spell yet.

Am I reading aid another wrong, or is the aid another abilities of the Valet familiar either not very useful, or very dangerous?

Aid another says:


In melee combat, you can help a friend attack or defend by distracting or interfering with an opponent. If you’re in position to make a melee attack on an opponent that is engaging a friend in melee combat, you can attempt to aid your friend as a standard action. You make an attack roll against AC 10. If you succeed, your friend gains either a +2 bonus on his next attack roll against that opponent or a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent’s next attack (your choice), as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn. Multiple characters can aid the same friend, and similar bonuses stack.

You can also use this standard action to help a friend in other ways, such as when he is affected by a spell, or to assist another character’s skill check.

So how does my 0 reach familiar aid another? Does he have to enter the enemies square, which will provoke?

Clustered shots says

When you use a full-attack action to make multiple ranged weapon attacks against the same opponent, total the damage from all hits before applying that opponent’s damage reduction.

and it does not have the "you may choose" line like power attack.

Currently my animal companion is possessed by a shadow demon, and I made my animal companion an AC tank by using the Beast rider feat, Charger archetype, and a lot of money to buy him +1 full plate. If our cleric and Bard can't force the demon out, I will have to force my animal companion into unconsciousness with damage, and to do enough and get enough to hit to go through his AC, I have to full attack.

I'd like to avoid causing my animal companion massive damage saves if I can.

Here is my scenario: Combat starts, the bard goes first and casts Haste on the party, and starts singing inspire courage. The evil wizard goes next, and casts dominate person on the barbarian. The barbarian fails his save, and is ordered to slay his party members. The bard makes a spellcraft check while the spell is being cast to identify the spell. The bard knows how badly this is about to go. The barbarian's turn is next, and he begins his full attack on the Bard who is adjacent to him. The Barbarian rolls his 4 attack rolls, and hits all of them, he is using power attack, rage, and a greatsword. The bard has low CON and dies.

At any point in that scenario after the bards turn is over can he declare the barbarian not an ally for the sake of inspire courage so he is not providing the barbarian bonuses to kill him? Would it be a free action, immediate action, not an action?

Is there a witch spell that causes a bull rush effect, such the wizard/sorcerer options of hydraulic push, hydraulic torrent, telekinesis ect?

Playing through Mummy's Mask we just found a number of scrolls including one that is Soul bind. Does that scroll include the focus gem, and if so, how do I determine the value.

Scroll creation rules state:

The creator must have prepared the spell to be scribed (or must know the spell, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) and must provide any material component or focus the spell requires. A material component is consumed when she begins writing, but a focus is not. (A focus used in scribing a scroll can be reused.) The act of writing triggers the prepared spell, making it unavailable for casting until the character has rested and regained spells. (That is, that spell slot is expended from the caster’s currently prepared spells, just as if it had been cast.)

It sounds like the focus is required to make the scroll but not consumed into the scroll, so we would have had to also find the gem seperatly, or we can later use our own. Want to confirm before we lose or waste a bunch on money.

Gameplay is open, turns out due to being busy my first Gameplay post will be tomorrow.

(Please read this next word in the voice of the Super Smash Bros. Announcer)


Now it's time for the hard work.

For an adventure we are going with a modified end of an adventure path, specifically Rise of the Runelords(Sorry if you have played it). The end of an AP was the most popular option, and Runelords is the AP I have the most experience with. I ran in IRL group of 5 through the Anniversary edition as the first thing I ever GM'd in Pathfinder. They died in book 6 before the final boss, and your adventure will exist in the world they molded.

Can you succeed where they failed?

This adventure begins in Sandpoint, in Varisia. The town came under attack by a raiding party of Stone Giants and a Red dragon about a month ago. Though they were repelled by the fabled "Hero's of Sandpoint" they caused much damage to the town.

Half of the great theater is burned down. The top of the Cathedral was knocked down by the dragon. The famed Rusty Dragon Inn, has lost it's rusty dragon, as it was used as a large weapon and dropped on a pair of stone giants.

It is up to you 5 if your characters traveled here as a party or separately, but either way, Our adventure will begin just after your arrival in town. Please use this space to decide. I will post the first story post tomorrow or Wednesday where we will begin in earnest.

Hello Everyone,
This recruitment is primarily a replacement for a previous one that called for 18th level characters. I and many others submitted for it, and currently no response from our perspective GM, so I decided to make my own. That being said all entries are welcome. The campaign itself is not chosen yet. Looking for 4-5 players

Recruitment will end on Monday 7/31 at 9:00AM EST. Up until that point you may make changes to your characters. That’s right there’s an s there. You may submit 2 characters if you wish. I will review them all and post my decisions on 7/31 or 8/1 depending on number of submissions.

27pt buy
starting level- 18
health- Max health every odd level, half+1 every even.
wealth- wealth by level, no tomes of stat boosting. You may purchase more items or change what you have purchased after the decision is made.
traits- 2 traits no drawbacks. Trait may come from any Paizo source, including Adventure Paths.
crafting- If you can take 10, have the necessary spells (YOU must have the spells) and meet all the requirements you may craft up to 2 items for their crafted value.
classes- all paizo material is open, you may use either the unchained or regular versions of classes. Also note, I do not own the Occult guide, so if you pick one of those classes you may have to teach me how some of your abilities work.
races- core and featured, if you take teifling or aasimar and wish to swap your SLA, you may roll 3 times and chose from the ones rolled.
No spheres of power, No path of War, if you have a 3pp you are just dieing to play, PM me, I will look over it, but don't get your hopes up.
Leadership - NO
Templates - NO
variant multiclassing is allowed
fractional BaB is allowed
Background skills are allowed- special skill bonuses allowed only for rogues
Combat stamina is Allowed- Fighters only
Alignment- any, be sure you can work as a team though

posting requirement - 1 Post per 24 hours on weekdays our you will be ignored/botted. In combat you will be delayed, unless it would probably be detrimental to you, in which case I will play you(which is why that Occult class thing above matters). Weekends are more of a post if you can and we will move forward. There will be some weekends I cannot post. For combat expect to use Google drive documents for maps unless I find something I like better.

Feats- Power attack, piranha strike, and deadly aim are all free feats for everyone.

House Rule: If while attacking you roll a 20, and you roll a second 20 on your confirmation roll, Roll a third time. If it is also a 20 you had a perfect swing/shot. You may choose to either kill the creature you are attacking, or leave it unconscious at -1 HP.

Backstory – If you have one great include it, if not, don’t worry about it. A short description of your character personality is fine.
For all submissions please answer the following questions:

What would you rather play: A slightly modified high level module like WarWitch legacy or the Moonscar, a modified end of an Adventure path such as Rise of the Runelords, or a short original adventure written by a guy that you have no idea if he is any good at that sort of thing or not?

Your character walks into a bar. What is the first thing they do?

Your character learns that an evil wizard is gathering power to try and invade the country that is the enemy of your native homeland. No one else seems to notice or care. What do you do?

Your ally is on the ground unconscious and bleeding out. Standing 5 ft behind their body is a Gargantuan Great Wyrm Black Dragon. You are 35 ft away, and it is your turn. What do you do (with rolls please!)

You are given 30,000G. However with it you can only buy 1 non magical thing from Ultimate Equipment. You simply get 30,000G worth of that thing. What do you choose?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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So a while ago I ran a group through RotR. I bought several miniatures that we don't have any plans to use again, and our bookshelf for miniatures is getting too full(such a terrible problem I know).

Anyway I could sell them, but I'd rather give them to someone if somebody in the area is running the campaign and could use them. Miniatures are as follows:

1 Viorian Dekanti
1 Mokmurian
1 Karzoug Statue
1 Lamia Harridan
2 Storm Giants
2 Stone Giants

If you are in the area, or want to travel to the area let me know, and we'll arrange a drop. Or if we can arrange paying for shipping, I'll happily send them to someone.

I don't think there is a pawn in any set for the Stabbing Beast(Norgorber's Herald) in Either form, but I thought I would check.

My players messed up. How bad? They broke the ceiling to the bottom chamber, stopped the forbidiance spell, got the sword removed from the portal. Then the dice went bad, people died, and they had to flee, without the sword, but the Shrouded Queen is still alive.

The sword is no longer keeping her there since it is not in the portal, so would she stay? They are planning on resting and going back in(though first their ship has been taken by Captain Valerande “Barracuda” Aiger). Would she be their, or would she fly away to freedom and they just find the sword?

Question that came up in our game last night.

The party gunslinger was dueling a swashbuckler to see who could disarm the other first. The gunslinger used her targeting ability which reads:

"Targeting (Ex): At 7th level, as a full-round action, the gunslinger can make a single firearm attack and choose part of the body to target. She gains the following effects depending on the part of the body targeted. If a creature does not have one of the listed body locations, that part cannot be targeted. This deed costs 1 grit point to perform no matter which part of the creature she targets. Creatures that are immune to sneak attacks are immune to these effects.

Arms: On a hit, the target takes no damage from the hit but drops one carried item of the gunslinger’s choice, even if the item is wielded with two hands. Items held in a locked gauntlet are not dropped on a hit.
Head: On a hit, the target is damaged normally, and is also confused for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect.
Legs: On a hit, the target is damaged normally and knocked prone. Creatures that have four or more legs or that are immune to trip attacks are immune to this effect.
Torso: Targeting the torso threatens a critical on a 19–20.
Wings: On a hit, the target is damaged normally, and must make a DC 20 Fly check or fall 20 ft."

Gunslinger targeted her arm to cause her to drop her weapon.

The swashbuckler has the Subtle Blade ability which makes her immune to disarm, steal, and sunder combat maneuvers. Would the targeted strike be considered a disarm? It seems a little odd to me that they would give the Gunslinger(and the swashbuckler) a 7th level ability that overrides the 11th level ability of the Swashbuckler.

IF I cast Spell immunity on myself and choose dispel magic as one of the spells, am I completely immune to it unless they cast greater dispel? Would they still be able to target the Spell immunity spell effect with the dispel to make it go away?

So, we have been playing S&S for a while now, we are about halfway through book 4, and one of the things we have pretty much been ignoring are the infamy and disrepute rules. They party gained it at ports as per the rules, but they haven't bothered spending any of it, but I have some questions on it.

1. I know once you gain infamy up to 5 per tier you can gain no more in that port until you go up a tier, but can you keep gaining disrepute at the port after you spend some, or do they need to go find different ports?

2. If that is so why do the favored Ports matter, apart from gaining you some infamy slightly faster?

3. Has anyone added things to spend disrepute on? Most of them deal with ship to ship combat and weather. My party is very good at dealing with both.

I recently ran my PCs through a haunt from book 4 of the Skull & Shackles AP that summons some ghosts each day to assault a fortress they were exploring. They defeated the ghosts, but they did not destroy the haunt. Those ghosts are coming back tomorrow (Haunt is destroyed by destroying a cursed magic item).

The haunt rules say they get XP when they survive a haunt. Does Survive mean defeat, or make go away, or does it really mean they survived 1 encounter with the ghosts, they get XP?

Question, I am looking far ways to become gargantuan sized as a Medium PC. This would be for a mythic campaign, and my class is set to fighter. I would like to do as much of the size increasing as possible myself. I know I can get 1 size large with the Titans Rage mythic ability. Are their any other options that would allow me to do it without someone's help?

I know it can be done by mythic enlarge person.

Just so you know, this isn't to optimize in any way. I have a Rune Giant Mini that I want to use at least once at a PC if possible.

I may be playing in a Mummies Mask campaign soon, and I want to play a bloodrager/living monolith. My problem is I was to start taking levels in living monolith ASAP, and I'm a little worried by the requirement of having a sphinx or living monolith present about when we would hit level 6. Am I worrying too much, or is this something I need to work out with my GM?

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I came upon this idea that someone mentioned in passing on another thread and I wondered if anyone else had done it before I try it.

To make the finale a bit more epic swap some of the events of books 5 and 6 as follows.

1. After book 4, before you party decides to leave their island for Port Peril, Harrigan sends a small group of ships to raid them and their island. This includes the Wormwood. The PCs must defend their island the best they can until help arrives in the form of Tressia Fairwind, and/or any other NPC who are closly allied with them, such as Sandra Quinn.

2. After fending off the attack, they travel to Port Peril, attend the pirate lord meeting, and try and get the lords to agree that Harrigan is dangerous and should be dealt with. For one reason or another, no matter how hard they try, this should fail.

3. They take matters into their own hand, taking their small fleet to Harrigan's fortress to battle his fleet and sea serpent, they take the fortress and kick him in the balls.

4. They find proof that Cheliax is invading but the full force won't be ready for some time. This force is much larger than the one that actually comes in Book 5. They take the proof to Port Peril and present it to the Hurricane King who laughs them off.

5. NPCs decide that since they don't want to die, they need a new king. Play it out much like book 6, but modify for players lower level, or give them NPC help.

6. Now as Hurricane King, the PCs must quickly call/hire as many ships as possible to combat the massive fleet. As new King they don't have full respect yet, so it takes some wheeling, dealing, and threatening to get the force in line.

7. Massive Ship combat ensues near the Eye. Somehow PCs ship and enemy commander ship get pulled into the eye, have glorious final combat in the eye.

8. Victorious PCs sail out of the eye triumphantly just like the first hurricane king.


I know swarms are immune or resistant to weapon damage depending on size, and can't be grappled, tripped bull rushed a such.

Are they still subject to spell effects, like the save or stagger from the Snowball spell? I will be playing a Witch soon, and at low to medium levels I need to make sure i'm ready to fight swarms, possibly with spells other than Burning hands.

Hi, I have a couple of questions about familiars.

1. The figment familiar Archtype from the Familiar Folio Link here says that it can never be a witches familiar. What would happen if say someone took 1 level of tattooed sorcerer and got that figment familiar, and then went many levels of witch. Would the familiar be stuck at level 1, or would the witch levels still apply to the familiars abilities even though it can't be a witches familiar. It also leads into question 2

2. Another answer to question 2 is he would have 2 familiars, but I keep seeing people say you can't have 2 familiars, but I cannot find a rule that specifically says that. I know you can't have a bonded Item and a familiar, but I want to know if it is specifically written or FAQ'd somewhere that you officially cannot have more than 1 familiar.

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I'm planning on running this AP after we finish playing our Second Darkness game. I was wondering if anyone found good miniature ships to use during the ship to ship combat, or if people just used the pawns from the players guide.

So the guy who's house we play at recently finished a rather large gaming table for us to play on. Every seat his it's own shelf/cubby to put extra dice, miniatures, and drinks in. Large surface for character sheets, laptops, and food as necessary. A recessed area for the maps. slots for running cables and built in power for laptops and a projector.

It's extremely nice, but one problem we have found is that it's so large, sometimes moving a miniature can be difficult, especially from the GM seat. We wanted to order some of those sticks with a 90 degree bend like you see in war movies, but we can't find the name of them, so we can't order them. I tried ordering a Rattan from Amazon, it's a similar stick, but for craps, but it's not a 90 degree bend, so it makes moving a piece straight very difficult.

Does anyone know the name of the stick, or have a solution they use for this problem?

Couple of questions regarding the sanity rules. So my Samurai/Fighter died, was brought back using raise dead, and picked up Schizophrenia on the way. Now in combat all I hear are whale noises taunting me.

My questions are this, Do I have to make the save every round I am not confused, or just once per stressful situation, like once per combat? My thought is it is once per combat, my GM is having me roll every time I am not confused in combat, and I would like some clarification.

My other question is regarding the rule that a restoration reduces the DC by the casters level. If I have multiple casters, can they all cast it and reduce the DC, or do I just take the highest one's level? I'm assuming no, I just take the highest ones level. But I wanted to check.

Thank you.


I'm curious, I'm making a character who is a ranger/Lantern Bearer and I was wondering if the caster level I gain for the spell like abilities of the Lantern Bearer qualify me for item creation feats, like Craft Magic arms and Armor, or Craft Wonderus Item?

Hello, So I am playing a fighter in a Second Darkness Campaign, and I was just given the option to take the Lantern bearer prestige class. I would like to but there is a problem, I want to get greater weapon focus, so I can take Deadly stroke, but I don't want to wait until I have 8 levels of fighter to start taking levels of Lantern Bearer. Is there any feat or magic item that would let me treat other class levels as fighters levels for the purposes of taking Greater weapon focus? Even if it was just 1 level.

Thank you.

So there are some minor spoilers for book 1 of Runelords ahead, just a warning.

I wanted to make a character that works like Nualia does in Burnt Offerings. If I worship Gourm and take the Seperatist Archtype, I can use a domain Gorum doesn’t have, in this case, the Demon domain for extra to hit and damage. I always thought it was a cool build, and would like to base a character on it. The goal

Knowing that is what I want to try and do, I would like some recommendations on classes, ability scores and such. It is 15 point buy in a Second Darkness campaign. Core races, and only classes from core rulebook, advances players guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic. We can also pull race abilities and favored class abilities from Advance Race Guide.
I was thinking barbarian, but I won’t be able to rage for long, and unless I take Urban Barbarian, I can’t cast while raging.

Is any of this a good idea, or should I just make a cleric of gorum with ferocity and destruction domains?

Here's the deal, the GM of our PBP got too busy to post much, so I, one of the players, took over, so we can get things back on track. At the same time we had one player leave so down from 6 to 4. Normally not a problem, but the party is currently 2 sorcerers, a bard, and a Battle Oracle.

Looking for 1 player to compliment the current party. Combat damage or tank would be preferred, but accepting all applicants.
Submission requirements are as follows:
Books allowed: Core Rulebook, APG, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, Ultimate Magic, Advanced Race Guide. No exceptions.
25 point buy
3 traits - 1 from the RotR players guide, 2 from other allowed books
Level 1
Gameplay thread is here if you want to have a look at whats going on, we are early in book 1. Still in Sandpoint.
Races: I'll allow all, but I prefer the Core and more common races, though we do have a drow currently hiding that fact that she is one.
Classes: All except Summoner,Gunslinger and none from Advanced Class Guide. Sorry, no guns period. All archetypes from the allowed books are fine.

With 5 players at 25 point buy, I'll be increasing the difficulty of some things a bit, but not much, so I'm looking for more interesting uses of your 25 points than a Barbarian with 20+ starting strength. My character who is retiring for example was a Halfling barbarian. Use the high points to get creative.

Posting at least once per day on weekdays, and once per weekend most weekends. Upcoming holidays and travel means I won't even be able to post some weekends, so it's OK if you can't either. Simple combat will be done by post, with more complex or important combat using Google Docs or Excel Online.

Any questions, let me know. due to traveling this weekend, I'll probably leave this up until Monday, and pick a player late Monday morning.


As some point in the near future I will be running Skulls & Shackles for my players and they are very excited to be pirates. From what I have hear and read, the Ship to ship combat rules work, but aren't great. I want to edit them to make them more fun, but I don't want to swap everything over to the Razor Coast ship rules. I wanted to make sure I understood everything about the ship rules as they are, before I started changing them.

Do all players roll initiative, and they take actions in turn like regular combat, or is it more of a everyone gets their actions whenever they want them during the round.

The pilot, and anyone working the siege engines has some actions spelled out for them, but I'm not sure if fire a siege engine can be done at any point, or you have to choose to do it before or after the pilot takes his actions. Same for other party members assisting and casting spells.

So, I get that A sorcerer has to use a full round action to use a metamagic feat on a spell, and same for a rod, but I have some question.
1. The book says "If the spell's normal casting time is a standard action, casting a metamagic version is a full-round action for a sorcerer or bard. (This isn't the same as a 1-round casting time.) The only exception is for spells modified by the Quicken Spell metamagic feat, which can be cast as normal using the feat."

What if I was to Quicken and empower a spell? It says that a spell that is a standard goes to a full round, so is the quickened spell still quickened, and it doesn't take any extra time?

2. Rods, the metamagic rod description says "A sorcerer still must take a full-round action when using a metamagic rod, just as if using a metamagic feat he possesses (except for quicken metamagic rods, which can be used as a swift action)."

The description says using the rod is a full round, and make no mention of the action the spell requires. Does that mean that as a sorcerer using a quicken feat and an empower rod still takes a full round to cast(Making the quicken not worth it)?

Some back story, my players lost 2 party members to a necromancer Lich,and left the dungeon to get 2 new party members and try again. Instead of giving the Lich the minions they killed back, I was going to have him use Create Undead on them, to make the party fight their failure.

So here are my questions:

1. If I make the paladin that died a Skeletal champion, would he automatically shift from LG to LE due to the template?
2. He is intelligent, and has his former personality right?
3. If he is willing could use atonement to move his alignment to CE?
4. Does he actually have to be willing for that, or can I use command undead to make him?
5. If enough of this is true with enough time he could become an anti paladin?

Here's my question: If I have barbarian with the beast totem and he rages, but I also have a Skald using Inspired rage with the spirit totem, can my barbarian gain both?
Inspired rage states:
If an ally has her own rage class ability (such as barbarian's
rage, bloodrager's bloodrage, or skald's inspired rage), she
may use the Strength, Constitution, and Will saving throw
bonuses, as well as AC penalties, based on her own ability
and level instead of those from the skald (still suffering no
fatigue afterward). However, inspired rage does not allow
the ally to activate abilities dependent on other rage class
abilities, such as rage powers, blood casting, or bloodrager
bloodlines; the ally must activate her own rage class ability
in order to use these features

So If my barbarian is using his rage can he accept the Inspired rage song just for the extra rage powers? It's doesn't say I can't, but I want to be sure.

So I'm working on a combat maneuver/intimidating debuff cad fighter and I was wondering:

By the rules you can't use demoralize, including dazzling display, multiple times to take opponents up to frightened or shaken. As a fighter is there a way for me to do this at all? I would like to try and make at least 1 person run from me. Especially if I hit them with Deadly stroke first, and then run after them, they have to keep running from me, and they keep taking Con bleed.

That situation however may be why you can't do it.

Thanks for your help.

So I'm a little confused about the prismatic wall spell, and I wanted to check some things so I don't use it wrong. It says 4 ft. wide per caster level, and 2 ft. tall, but no length. AM I to assume the wall takes up a 5 foot square, and by width it really means length?

Also I says if it is cast in a square a creature resides the spell is wasted, but will to work around objects, like a bridge? I think it will, but I want to make sure.

The description of non lethal damage says that things like heat or being exhausted deal non lethal damage, but the exhausted description does not list how much damage is dealt and when it is dealt. Can anyone tell me where the number is?

So I just got some of my stuff so I can start running S&S with my group soon, and in the map folio on the fantasy map, there is a whale with a fortress on it's back. Does that come into play at all, and does it have a name? I just really want to know. Thanks.

Questions about nymphs blinding beauty ability.
1. Do they have to make a save every round they are within the aura?
2. If they fail the save, are blinded, and then use remove blindness are they immune to it at all?
3. What ways are their to get bonuses to the save, or not have to make it at all? I know there are the smoked goggles that should help, but is there anything else?

I'm working on a very specific rouge build that would use a wand of magic missile most of the time in combat. My question is to save money I want craft wand, which requires CL 5. So does having the minor and major magic rouge talents actually give me a caster level?

That way I could craft wands. I looked at master craftsmen, but that only applies for Craft wonderus item, and Craft arm and armor.

As a side note can you take the Major Magic rouge talent more than once?

So I'm building a ratfolk Rouge and I have a question. The tailblade is a martial weapon, do rouges would not get it as a weapon proficiency, however in the weapon description it says:

"A ratfolk wielding a tailblade can make a tail attack, adding its Strength modifier to the tailblade's damage. Ratfolk are considered proficient with such attacks and can apply feats or effects appropriate to natural attacks to tail attacks made with a tailblade."

SO are Ratfolks proficient with the tailblade even though it does not say so in their Race description like it does for other races with Weapon proficiency?

So, My players did not fair so well at the Fort. 3 of 5 are now dead, as is 1 of the black arrows, and Orik from book 1, who I had go with them as a black arrow recruit. They are heading to Kaer Maga to get them raised, but I want things for them to do there.

I know the city has some connection to the runelords, and I was going to read the City of strangers book about Kaer Maga, but I was wondering if there are any good Modules for Kaer Maga?

That or part of an AP or any suggestions on what would be a fun side adventure, since they are also a little low on where they need to be XP wise.

Question: If a Synthesist combines with his Eidolon and it has the swim evolution, can it use the webbed hand to cast, or does casting require normal hands?

Hey, so I have a 5 man party that deals a ton of damage Barbarian, Inquisitor, fire cleric of Serenre, Thunder caller bard, and a witch the only one who doesn't do lots of damage.

I'm afraid they will kill him before he can do much of anything, so what if I had him throw the war razer as they enter to that his natural attacks have a higher to hit, and more change for paralysis. Or does anyone else have a better way to make this fight a little more difficult?

sorry but I have to share what my players did last night


So they are investigating the skinsaw murders, won't go into too much detail but they are doing good, they found everything, they have not identified the key or figured out that the misgivings means something, and they managed to skip the necromancer fight.

Anyway right now they are in jail, because they decided that the Scarnetti gang was using ghouls to kill people, because of the sawmill connection, and for some reason they assumed that the money in the farmhouse was gang bribe money. So they kicking in the door to the fatman's feedbag, killed a guy, interrogated everyone else, hide the body, bribed everyone, and left. someone squieled, so now they are in jail, and there's going to be a few murders while they are stuck in there.

Has it gone this way for anyone else?

So, in the description for inquisitor it says they only answer to their god, and their own laws, and for ex inquisitor is says that they would have to become corrupt or change alignment.

So here is my question, there is a LN Inquisitor of Iomedae in a party I am running, and they just killed the boss from the Feast of Ravenmoore module. there has been a lot of talk of killing the rest of the villagers because they think everyone is a cultist. If they do it that will shift my inquisitors alignment right? How do you guys handle Inquisitors and alignment choices?

I doubt this will work, but I wanted to check here, If I have a merciful weapon, do I get to add the bonus 1d6 when sundering?

So I'm running Rise of the Runelords, and before I ran it I read a short module, it might not have even been a module come to think of it, where the PC's must locate a Witch or Oracle can't remember which, that is summoning demons in the name of Lamashtu.

IT's not much to go on but I skimmed it, thought it would make a nice addition, and then promptly forgot where I read it. Any help? I know it's not much to go on.

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