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cancel my adventure path subscription. Thanks

Pathfinder Adventure Path #109: In Search of Sanity. This is showing in my pending order. Got my replacement copy in last months shipment. Thanks

Monsters from Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix II Terrors Beyond Tyr. And MC12 Dark Sun Appendix Terrors of the Desert, such as Drake, Athasian.

Any chance for a monster supplement? Thanks

Can never have enough Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals:)

Sent email with picture attached. Thanks

Was reading my copy of Issue #109 and after page 16 it goes straight to page 33. My copy is missing pages 17-32. Pages 33-48 are in there twice.

Anyone get their free copies yet?

I would also like a copy. Can never have enough dragons:)

Would like a copy also. sending PM with email address. Thanks

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I really like Tangible Taverns: The Angelic Imp. I can not wait for more to be released.

Same here, sent a message, got no response.

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How about Fasolasuchus, Saurosuchus, Postasuchus, Lotosaurus & Arizonasaurus. All rauisuchid members

Will there be any creatures in the book? Such as animal companions. Thanks

Just got my email. Seems that the order was split into two shipments and with two different shipping speeds. This also happened last month. Thanks

got it worked out. Thanks

The maps files say at the end png.

Am using 7zip. The pdf files are opening fine its just the maps

Just re downloaded it again from Paizo and also rpgnow. The maps always say Windows photo viewer said the picture can not be opened because it was deleted or location is not available. that is from the files from both downloads. I am using Windows 7 (64bit)

Just downloaded it but the maps will not open. Windows photo viewer said the picture can not be opened because it was deleted or location is not available.

Will not download

Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to get a email to Wizkids. i bought the LAMASHTU mini from Auggies games and on the mini the left wing is the right wing turned upside down. i dont realy want to send the mini back, so if i were to get the correct wing i can re glue it on the mini. Any info helps. Thanks

Any updates? My local stores should have these products by Friday.

Just tried to pay for some paper minis but the credit card I use was declined. This the same one that was used before for other orders. The card is valid until 01/2016

trying to place a order but it said payment declined. Same payment method as last month, card valid to 2016.


Can anyone list what new monsters on in this volume? Thanks

Got my shipment yesterday. Still waiting on subscription pdf's. Thanks

I just called customer service about the same issue. They are having some problems with the pdf's at this time. When the problems are fixed they will then be available.

How many new monsters are in it. Thanks


My subscription shows the next three Adventure Path volumes are shipping together in February.

Thanks! Great customer service.

It shows that bestiary #4 shipped yesterday and everything else is still pending. Everything was to be shipped at once. Thanks

My order shows that the Bestiary 4 shipped yesterday. And everything else is still pending. Got no shipping notice or PDF granting. Also everything was to shipped together.

Got mine today. Lot of interesting monsters. But some of the artwork is on the dark side and i noticed that pages 15-16 are a little of center and need trimming. Other than that it looks great.

Just wondering how many monsters there are. Thanks

Mechuitl, Cannibal Demon Lord, and ecology of dragonkin. Are these articles still the magazine?

Just wondering are monsters at the back of the book or in each chapter. Thanks

All I wanted to cancelle was the Pathfinder role playing game subscription. I still want to get the players guides and the adventure paths. Dont know what caused the confusion.

Any updates? Thanks

Check out Magalictis or Ekorus for a dire wolverine. And Potamotherium for a dire weasel.

Any news when this is going to released?

Zen79 wrote:

I'm looking for ideas of how the heraldic symbols of the neighbors of the PC's kingdom should look like:

- Brevoy: already defined, a two-headed red dragon on a field of silver and gold.

- Restov: probably something with a sword...

- Mivon: maybe derived from Restov's symbol, only more villainous.

- Drelev: no idea.

- Pitax: grapes or other fruits would fit nicely, maybe on a green field.

Have you any ideas or opinions?

Here a link to a website that you can creat your own coat of arms. It runs on Java.

Just tried to down load it and it works. Thanks

Just bought it and the download for me isn't working

More fillable sheets on the PC.That way if anythings changes they can just fill it out and print. Thanks

I would like to see more fillable sheets. For example,the used for the eidolon or for spells.

Will this be available at Gencon? Thanks

Any updates on its release. Thanks

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