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Just got my email. Seems that the order was split into two shipments and with two different shipping speeds. This also happened last month. Thanks

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Since your subscription is set to use "First-Class Mail" the system tried it's hardest to make everything go First-Class.

The setting "Cheapest (usually Standard Post)" is the only method that will try to ship it as cheap as possible. All other options will do their best to stay at the method chosen even if it is cheaper to ship another method.

If your order was able to ship cheaper in previous months, that was actually an error in the system previously. It is calculating things correctly now, based on the shipping method that is selected as preferred on your account (First-Class).

If you are choosing between USPS options, then Priority is probably cheaper than First Class if you have multiple subscriptions. "Cheapest" is the only method that will change a specific month's shipping if there is a cheaper option. Every other choice will do its best to ship via the selected default even if there is something cheaper.

The reason for this that:

We do have some customers who have issues with specific methods, be it UPS or USPS or Standard Postal which uses UPS-Mail Innovations andUSPS for delivery. We need them to be able to select an option and not have it change even if something else is cheaper, so that they can avoid a specific method. Example: a customer used UPS and they always leave it on the door step where it gets stolen whereas if they use USPS, the carrier can put it in their mailbox. Therefore, theoretically, if you choose anything other than cheapest, the shipping code will do its best to ship your subscription orders the method you selected, unless it physically can't, at which point it selects another service (and I can't remember off the top of my head if it defaults to cheapest at that point or uses another criteria). Since for these customers it is often a matter of whether or not they can subscribe from us, we want to make sure they have as best chance as possible to ship things their preferred method.

If you do not want your orders to ship in multiple First-Class packages in the future, you should change your preferred shipping method in the settings on your My Subscriptions page.

If you would like to change the shipping method for you subscriptions, please let us know what option you would prefer, then we can recalculate this order. Thanks!

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