Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition


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Please Send me a copy. I want to start a pathfinder campaign with some old friends. This was my very first adventure way, way back.
Thank you in advance!

jag1 @ Rochester . rr . com

Silver Crusade

Hi thanks for this generous offer! I would like to have a copy emailed to me, please and thank you!

gamerdork at gmail dot com

Game on!
- Corey

I also would like a copy ! Dm'ed this module a loooooong time ago :-)

A gazillion thx in advance.

Liberty's Edge

It is late, but I will send out more copies tomorrow.

I am still amazed that this thread is going some five years after its creation.

I would love a copy of this please.

junkpostb AT gmail DOT com

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Check your e-mail, SwagMan!

Shadow Lodge

I sent you a PM with my email address William and thanks for doing this all these years!!

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Jacob, check your e-mail!

Shadow Lodge

Got it and thanks!!

I'm amazed & relieved that this thread is still alive after so long. Here's another humble request for your PF KotB, if it's not too much trouble.

4321throwaway1234 (at) hushmail (dot) com

Also a copy.

Old school gamers converting from 2.0 to 3.5 aka Pathfinder. May I have a copy of the converted Caves of Chaos? Russellwsmith @ yahoo dot com.
Thank you

Scarab Sages

Is this still a thing? if so, please shoot a copy to wolfsnap(at)hotmail(dot)com

Liberty's Edge

Yes, it is still going on. I will try to send some copies out tomorrow. (I am running a PFS event Sunday, so I have been busy prepping.)

I would love a copy of your conversion as well!
You can email me at
kittyhmommy @ gmail dot com

Thank you!

I would also love a copy of your conversion to run for my friends.

you can email me at

Thank you.

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I have been swamped, but I can e-mail out some copies tomorrow night. So, if anyone is interested, jus tpost here.

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Are you still offering copies of this? If so, count me in.


I would love a copy as well, many thanks!


Ditto please!
I love PF fans as a community - we do so much for the love of it.


Thanks William

Thank You for you work on this!

Liberty's Edge

I will send some out right now.

Warren, feel free to list an e-mail.

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I'll take a copy! I'll send you my email address in a Private Message.

William Ronald wrote:

I will send some out right now.

Warren, feel free to list an e-mail.

Here you go


Hey william.
I cant believe you have been sending this out all these years. I just stumbled upon this, and its super cool.
I am working on my own conversion for B2 right now. It strikes me as funny how many baby monsters get killed in this module. Sooo working on something where the EVIL monsters are actually just like average neutral trying to get by kind of folks and the good people at the KEEP are evil oppressors. Of course the party is going to have to figure all this out somehow. first game is on Saturday.
Anyway it would be super helpful if i could get a copy of your
conversion still have to do all the monster/NPC stats. it would probably half my workload.

Thanks man

pjalig AT gmail D O T com

I too would very much like a copy of this

Please send to

I'll take a copy.

Please send me a copy too

Gasp! Email:


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I'd like a copy too, please. Thanks in advance.

Ill take a copy when you get time please and thank you

If you could send me a copy that would be great.

Grand Lodge

I started working on my own (noob that I am) and then it dawned on me that someone else who knows what they are doing must've done this before... I can't be the only one who wants to replay KotB. If you would be so kind, please send me a copy as well.

Thanks very much!

aaacsss "at" gmail "dot" com

I to would would like a copy if possible, I will send a PM with email address if that's ok? Thanks for your hard work on this and helping us all out.

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First, I am sorry for not checking this thread more often. Second, I just responded to the most recent requests.

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I'm returning to RPGs after a 25-year absence, and would love a copy when you have a moment. Thanks!

jared AT cloudmanor DOT net

I would absolutely love a copy of your conversion if you still check in here. Thank you so much in advance.

I'd like a copy too please! robgale at metamediaassociates dot com

I would also love a copy of the KotBL pathfinder conversion William. Thank you in advance. You can send it to
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I am sorry for not checking this thread since October. So, please check your e-mails. I will check back this weekend for additional requests.

Would like a copy also. sending PM with email address. Thanks

I just saw this too. I'll take a copy. Thanks for your work.


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Starting a new campaign with so old school gamers would love to revisit the classic, can you please email me a copy of your conversation thanks.

Conversion would be better lol damn auto correct.

Could someone please send me the Pathfinder converted KOTB?


I know this post is kinda old but I was wondering if someone could send me the Keep on the Borderlands conversion for pathfinder. wanted to take my group through this great dungeon. if you can email it to me;

Thank you!

Next time you are sending out emails, I would love a copy. Plan on teaching my kids to play this summer and this is always a good intro adventure.


When you get a chance, I would also enjoy reliving my youth with a copy of the conversion. Thanks!

Would you believe that people are STILL interested in this?

Yes, I am one of them....

My good lady has never played Keep on the Borderlands, it is time to fix that. >:^)

TheAuldGrump@GMail dot Com

also interseted in this

I would love a copy of the conversion as well, next time you mail them out. Thinking about starting a family game, indoctrinating the kids young ;), and this is a good campaign for learning the basics.

master.tmo at gmail.


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