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Wardens of the Wild is the essential sourcebook for all things elven in RPGs. This massive 100+ page lorebook encompasses a huge amount of content for the elven race, an indispensable sourcebook for both players and GMs. A myriad of classic subraces have been revisited and new ones added. The half-elf gets a fantastic revision and expansion. Much of roleplaying's open content for elves has been gathered and expanded. There are amazing new options for the elven reverie, new feats, archetypes, mythic options and magic. All this is just the beginning though. A host of new options are within as well, all designed by many of today's favorite up-and-coming game designers. This will be the one sourcebook to play them all.

Not only will the content be amazing, but the artwork will wow you as well. We start with the gorgeous cover art by female artist Anna Pazzinuk, who hails from the Ukraine. Much of the interior art will be by famed D&D and Magic the Gathering artist Tony Szczudlo (Birthright Setting, 2e), who's art inspired us greatly in our early years. As stretch goals, we'll be including several other outstanding artists.

New subraces, more art, additional archetypes, spells, feats, psionics and even mythic options await in this kickstarter.

Check it out here now!

Will there be any creatures in the book? Such as animal companions. Thanks

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I know that the elven cooshee dog gets inclusion as a companion, and if we hit sufficient stretch goals we'll get more monsters for sure.

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Additional flora and fauna art by industry veteran artist Terry Pavlet! Also, the elfling subrace by Dale McCoy (Jon Brazer Entertainment) and Brian Berg (TPK Games).

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Only about $200 away from unlocking a new subrace for our kickstarter, the Umbral Elves with Rick Hershey and Brian Berg.

Also upcoming are bonus PDFs like the Guide to the Feyborn by Fat Goblin Games, War of the Goblin King adventure by Necromancers of the Northwest, Faerie Passions by Legendary Games and Fallen Leaves: Into the White adventure by Adventure-A-Week Games. There are a lot of other great names on this list, so check it out!

I read the title not as "kickstarter for Wardens of the Wild" but "the Wild Kickstarter's wardens." :D

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Total Party Kill Games’ Wardens of the Wild kickstarter is ending soon! This massive sourcebook is a Pathfinder and Fifth Edition Fantasy compatible project that seeks to capture the existing rules for elves in gameplay and update them with a wealth of new options. Some of those options are new subraces, archetypes, spells, feats, magic items and even mythic abilities. The project has a host of great designers across many different publishing companies and will be an indispensable asset for those players and GMs who love to include elves in their games and wish there was more content.

The kickstarter ends Saturday night (7/25), so be sure to take a look at this great project. You can back it in PDF for as little as $15!


Are there going to be separate Pathfinder and 5e versions or is it all in one book? It seems like a lot of crunch (sub-races, archetypes, spells, feats, magic items, possible mythic and psionic content) to duplicate. It would essentially cut the content in half.

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