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cancel my adventure path subscription. Thanks

Pathfinder Adventure Path #109: In Search of Sanity. This is showing in my pending order. Got my replacement copy in last months shipment. Thanks

Was reading my copy of Issue #109 and after page 16 it goes straight to page 33. My copy is missing pages 17-32. Pages 33-48 are in there twice.

Just got my email. Seems that the order was split into two shipments and with two different shipping speeds. This also happened last month. Thanks

Will not download

Any updates? My local stores should have these products by Friday.

Just tried to pay for some paper minis but the credit card I use was declined. This the same one that was used before for other orders. The card is valid until 01/2016

Got my shipment yesterday. Still waiting on subscription pdf's. Thanks

It shows that bestiary #4 shipped yesterday and everything else is still pending. Everything was to be shipped at once. Thanks

All I wanted to cancelle was the Pathfinder role playing game subscription. I still want to get the players guides and the adventure paths. Dont know what caused the confusion.

This shows that it shipped on 10/26. Checked my mail today and still havn't received it. Thanks

Just wondering when this was going to ship? Thanks

LordNull wrote:
Can you go ahead and seperate this order. I am willing to pay extra shipping for seekers for when it comes out.

Thanks for spliting this order!. You are number 1 in customer service. Thanks

This order has been pending for 1 week. It still hasn't shipped. i ordered Revenge of the Kobold King monday, and it shipped out already on wednesday. So what is the holdup? Thanks

What are the products going to released at gencon? Also will subscribers get there copies before then? If not can we go ahead and pick them up at the show? thanks

Just got my shipment today no Pathfinder Chronicles Gazetteer. Just ship it with my next monthly shipment. Thanks

Is there anyway I can pick up my subscriptions at Gencon this year? Two reasons; first it saves on shipping and second I can have it on hand for you sign instead of hoping the post office gets it to me before I go. Thanks

Just wondering,are there going to be anymore new releases for complete encounters? Thanks

I subscribe to both Pathfinder and Gamemastery Modules. When I set up my subscription for the Gamemastery Modules I selected to have everything to sent in one shipment per month. Does that start with module J2 or will the next one ship with Pathfinder #5. Thanks