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Did I come off as too enthusiastic in PIE? I did, didn't I?

I'll try here: Who's idea was it to have a country ruled by a


lynora wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
lynora wrote:
...looks like a good night for gyuzo...
Gyoza? Pot stickers?
Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry, typo. It's a good night for gyoza.



Can't carry a tune
Auditory cortexes
Their leaky buckets

Hot summertime days
Texans hope they are over
Futile to hope so

I should be doing Haiku with this alias!

Jedi Jack wrote:
In Japan honorable FAWTLers, instead of using rope to hang yakuza and other "no good" ones from fat pony, we behead them with katana. No lynch mob, but so much more fun and it has a level of personal satisfaction that can't be found with a coil of rope.



What is the sound of one hoof clapping?


Lilith wrote:
3.5 Loyalist wrote:
That link is really good and lively!
All of the Yoshida Brothers albums are on rotation in my gaming playlist...especially if it was for my Minkai/Rokugan games. :D

Thanks, 3.5L & Lilith! Viera-casting right now from Pandora. Completely new to me.

gamer-printer wrote:
Leonal wrote:
What are the differences between this re-released version and the one that was released in 2009? (Other than that the later parts will also be released now)

Back in the 2009 version, I tried my best to integrate works by two authors and created a truly 'Frankenstein' monster out of it. In this version, Wicht (Jonathan McAnulty) was lead designer and author, so one mind (with my outline and some direction) this is a much better read, better design, better designed monsters. Much of the original was developed during PF Beta, while the current version is so much more closely to Pathfinder, plus elements of the APG is in this one.

Much of the art is the same, though some of the monsters has been moved (and redesigned) to the later adventures, with other monsters in their place. I've created several new maps in addition and in some cases replacements of previously designed maps in the adventure.

Also since The Gift, is an introductory adventure to the setting more care has been placed of including the 'new mechanics' in early encounters so players can experience the unique aspects to the setting.

There are new elements added in this updated version that carry through the following modules, so I feel its imperative to obtain this version of the Gift to best integrate with Parts 2 and 3 of the mini-arc.

Note: all three adventures are completed in writing and editing, I have just completed the layout for Dim Spirit, the second adventure and it has already gone to Cubicle 7 for printing and distribution. I will do the page layout for Dark Path, the final adventure this week (as well as work on some maps for the Convention Games, Wicht is running at Origins).

We also have supplements for this version in addition to the Curse of the Golden Spear mini adventure arc, including PC Monster race books, soon to be followed by faction books beginning with one on the Yakuza.

Plus in a week (June 9th), there is the print version which can be ordered from the Paizo Store, as well as...

Very helpful, GP, thanks. Looking forward to a paper copy!

Pellatarrum wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Well, we do have the upcoming Flip-Mat: Monastery and Map Pack: Shrines. :)
Well played. These are exactly the sorts of things I'm looking for. Now if I can just get something with shoji screens, tatami mats, and possibly a koi pond, I will be thrilled beyond measure. :)

Yes, please!

Rite Publishing wrote:
Tomorrow will see the release of The Gift (Curse of the Golden Spear part 1) for the Japanese Horror setting Kaidan, 101 Monsters Feats (The 14th release in the 101 Series), Fantastic Maps: The Bandit's Lair which appeared originally in Kobold Quarterly, and finally Pathways #4 which has an interview with Greg Vaughn.


All right! Another one!

I will be your second.


::Grabs brown paper bag to slow breathing::

Continuous drone.
Bees looking for Spring blossoms.
Honey? I doubt it.

Jess Door wrote:
...is it wrong that all I can think while watching the "turning Japanese" video is "They're standing on tatami in their shoes!!!!!"?

I say, IEE!

Gorbacz wrote:
I'm curious if the OP will make a comeback :)

Maybe he's off consulting the Radish God?

riatin wrote:

Good movies for Samurai reference (Kurosawa movies):

Seven Samurai
Hidden Fortress


The historical references are great, but for me, Kurosawa is the strongest touchstone for the American imagination of the samurai.

::Hugs Gamer-printer::


Studpuffin wrote:
Kaidan Booster wrote:
Haiku Monster wrote:

Move beyond the dot

Unity must be achieved
Power outage! Nyah!

Nothing to achieve

Dwell in primal unity
Thusly sages post

Though hide you might try

Your post will still get dotted.

Do you see it now?
Haikus are taking over.
All five-seven-five.

What's there to hide from?

Double haiku'd Studpuffin?
Posting's beyond dot.
Where there's no anxiety,
Sophistry dwelleth neither.

Yes, I went Tanka on yo ass.

Haiku Monster wrote:

Move beyond the dot

Unity must be achieved
Power outage! Nyah!

Nothing to achieve

Dwell in primal unity
Thusly sages post

At least the wedding wasn't held hostage.

::Sets out tea for Gamer-Printer::

::Gets out hanky::

Did I say bends? It was all a ruse for his lightning-ass strike!

He bends like the willow before the boisterous storm-wind.

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
What is called the spirit of the void is where there is nothing. It is not included in man's knowledge. Of course the void is nothingness. By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist. That is the void.

"Form is emptiness; emptiness is form; form is not other than emptiness; emptiness is not other than form." Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra

GP: Congratulations!

AZ: Why the goofy vow?



This is great news, indeed. Well done, GP. I bet Paizo can get you a list of person's who previously published. I'm real excited that The Gift will be improved and Dim Spirit will be released. Also, I'm really glad you're going with Rite Publishing. GP wins. RP wins. Kaidan Booster wins. Woo-hoo!

I got a bad feeling...

*Boing* *Boing*

gamer-printer wrote:

Sneak Preview of that cover art design (art only):


Woo-h...er, Banzai!

You should post this preview in the Kaidan thread as well to stoke interest in the next release.

I love the cover on the The Gift.

Demands to argue
Like short pants in winter time

Waiting patiently

Winter passes without word

My spirit undimmed






Time to bump.

Where's The Dim Spirit?

I want The Dim Spirit!

Thanks, GP. I honor your with my newest alias.