Fantasy maps art gallery showing in NYC, in July

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The Soho Gallery of Digital Art is hosting a Cartographers' Guild Art show on July 16 - 29th, 2010, in New York City. At least three of my maps will featured in the show. Gicle prints will be avaiable for sale at the gallery with a 70/30 split in profits between artist and gallery.

I think its very cool that the CG site is getting its own NYC art show, and that my work will be a featured part! Looking forward to the event!


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If it weren't for my sacrd vow never to set foot in New York City, I might have considered attending.

Been there once, and visited the Twin Towers. Then once on a horrible redirected flight - I was going from Chicago to Cancun, and was forced to take a 4 hour layover at La Guardia Airport (9 months before 9/11).

Haven't been there since, and though I'm thinking of attending at least a single night's showing at the Art Gallery - I'll need time on my schedule and that's probably unlikely. So we'll see, though how often does an artist get an Art Gallery showing in NYC?


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I am annoyed at not being able to see pictures of these works of art online.

Crossing the country to see something in person is not the best option. These shows make relatively little money on the cover charge (if they even have one) compared to the sales. You'd think they would have an online viewing as well to generate more sales.

Yeah, looking at that link to the site they describe past exhibitions and show views of art in photos at a distance showing the "showroom", as well as a list of upcoming events. The event in question has only just been arranged, so it doesn't appear on the list of upcoming events, but the dates are available since one show ends on the 15th and the next show listed starts on the 30th, and the specific event for the CG is the 16th through the 29th. I am sure they will list the event soon.

I agree, it would be nice to see an online version of the art, as though there seems to be a $5 cover charge (which can be waived according to the website), the gallery seems to make its primary money in the sale of Gicle canvas prints of the art in the exhibition (after cost, profit is split 70/30 between artist and gallery.) One could still purchase a gicle print shipped to buyer even if not directly attending the show, but doing so online only. But its the gallery's policy, not mine.

And I live 90 miles from Chicago, if I can find the time, I might try to go to NYC for a couple days to enjoy the event and meet a few of my fellow gamers/cartographers there while doing so, but going to NYC on my schedule and tight budget may be problematic. I would like to attend, however.

The member of the CG who is organizing this event with the gallery is someone I consider a friend and colleague, but have never actually met, it would be worth going just to meet him and his family.

So I agree, it would be nice, but I don't think that's their policy.


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Nothing against you. Just a grief I have against living in middle-of-nowhere Idaho. We never get anything cultural here.

The good stuff has this whole, "gotta be there in person" thing so we miss out on tons of plays, and art shows, and the like.

I would give anything to see a video of Waiting for Godot currently being performed in England but they forbid any pictures or filming.

I may be going to this, I need a cartographer for Freehold.

Freehold DM wrote:
I may be going to this, I need a cartographer for Freehold.

Well you can always send me an Email request for a map commission - support (at) gamer-printshop (dot) com. Tell what your geography is like, what kind of resolution, scale and style. I offer many map styles to accomodate various cartographic needs. I can then quote you a price and we can negotiate from there.

I'm really quite busy with a number of publications of my own, however I can fit in a map commission now and again.


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AZ: Why the goofy vow?

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Well the show starts today, if anyone is interested...

Here's an article I got put in my local paper about the event and my participation in it...

Maps for Art Show

Here's the website to the gallery, the show is listed now...

Soho Gallery of Digital Art Site


The Exchange

Did anyone go to this?

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