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Oh, ability scores are different from AC. AC = armor class. The ability score cost system is based on a point buy system (i think page 16 of the core rulebook). The point buy is used to make every character created equally within set parameters. That way one person who is lucky with dice doesn't outshine the poor guy who rolls very badly. Thus you spend your points in a point buy to purchase ability scores above 10, with them growing increasingly more expensive.

That point can only be spent on a single skill for one rank in that particular skill. If spent in a class skill with no ranks then the character gets a +3 bonus on that skill every time they use it.

An AC modifier is any thing that boosts a players armor class. Armor, shield, dodge bonus, spell buffs, etc. It's very important to note that you cannot have 2 of the same bonus stack though. Using 2 shields would not give a person both bonuses, but using a shield with armor would allow each to protect him and stack.

AC cost? Not sure what you mean by that, I need you to put it in context. Where did you see something with an AC cost?

Correct. The negative intellect reduces the skill point allotment accordingly, to a minimum of 1 point per lvl.

Also, starting out it is very highly recommended that you "dumb down" a lot of mobs you use against your party. If you go through the bestiary and like something, write down it's hit points, ac, saves, CMB/CMD, and one or 2 abilities you like and forget the rest. Once you become more familiar with the nuances of combat and such you can start adding in the extras. If you want a slightly harder fight, don't focus on abilities, use the "advanced template". Basically add 2 to every thing for the monster, AC, saves, attack rolls, damage rolls, etc.

Also, its much more fun for you and your party to have more than one enemy at a time. If you put out a single big guy then your party will just surround and pound it. But if that big guy comes with a slew of goblins to support him, or a combat capable mount, illusions, etc, he will be much more interesting.

I'd suggest coming up with a "specific" weapon of legacy, or destiny, etc. that could be used to combat the BBEG. Secondly, I suggest that the environment give the PCs some options when fighting this guy, otherwise it comes down to one person doing all the work with the special item while the rest sit back and watch. A basic Iron golem would probably suffice, you could ramp it up with more hit points or demonic abilities to fit a CR that you are aiming for. I suggest that is be able to summon ally's as it would give the rest of the group something to battle.

A great thing about the rules for pathfinder, and even earlier dnd editions, is that there are very few rules for "rituals". Spells are outlined as tenable options for a great many things, but are mostly instant solutions to a problem. Thus, if the alchemist had the necessary information to design a ritual then he could definitely pull off his transformation. Also, consider that an alchemist has mutagens that allow his body to transform, and maybe he just needs to figure out a way to overpower the dragon enough to get to the valuable "reagents", thus needing help from the PCs.

Ok, so how about Jade claws that infect targets who fail a fortitude save. They could also rip fragments of developing Jade from their bodies and throw them like daggers at the PCs.

Ooh, how about some of them go a feral and pounce on targets, grappling them and doing damage each round through biting crystal damage.

I own 10 Tact Tiles. They are the BEST DMing object I have ever owned. Im very sad they went under. Keep an eye out on ebay/amazon. Maybe you'll get lucky some time.

Seems like you might be too attached to this guy. Well done on the build, but he's so involved that I feel like you won't wanna see him die. That said, he better have some lackies with him or he's gonna get surround & pounded. I'd say have them fight him til he dies, or if it looks like he's gonna win have him run off after his lackies die so as to be a recurring boss type guy.

So after the 4th Chessex mat option, I noticed a distinct lack of options. I would suggest going out and getting a piece of Plexi-glass cut to a size you would like (reasonably priced at Lowe's/Home depot). Then take a ruler and mark out one inch spacing along the edges with a marker. Finally buy some pin striping (very thin automotive tape) and grid out the side of the Plexiglass that will be touching the table. I deally the pinstriping will be black or white depending on the background. Next find either a cheap walmart frame or duct tape to seal the edges so they aren't jagged. It's a good idea to sand them first. The reason I chose the frame was that they have the plastic edges that just fit right over top of the frame, they are perfectly designed to cover the edges. Budget route: just use the clear plastic that comes with the frame. Lastly use dry erase markers to draw out whatever you want.


The first list from the Core Rulebook applies in full to any dwarven character. The list of racial "feats" are added options for you to choose from for your 1st lvl feat (in place of whatever other feat you would pick). The Traits are replacements for the options from the core rulebook that permit you to "swap out" the new ability at the cost of losing the core ability permanently. Each trait will include in it's description which ability it replaces.

For an oracle with something like fireball from the Flame mystery, would the spell be considered divine per the feat Glorious Heat?

hmmm, weaponless... worth considering.

Could always have a narrow ledge on either side. Acrobatics checks to get across.

I'm going for a Half-elf oracle with the flame mystery. High dex & cha assume 10's for other stats. I've been wondering what kind of flavor oriented weapon would fit well with my flame build seeing as I intend to drop Adaptability for a weapon prof feat. I've considered whip but have such a low CMB I can't justify it. Also I could cop out and go with a shortbow but it just seems too overdone. Thoughts?

I suppose I did throw in a little too much there. But even minus the HD limit I feel like it's overpriced at 2nd lvl. I'd like it more if it staggered on a failed save for 1 round. That way you get something for your higher spell slot.

But now you are just adding a status (sickened) that otherwise doesn't fit into the flavor of the spell. How about the spell having a duration during which any standard action that requires focus (attacking, casting, etc) requires a fortitude save from the target or it's dazed that round. Lasts 1 round per level, each save gets a +2 bonus from the round before. If target spends a full round action to "shake it off" then they get a save to negate the effect at +5 bonus.

The water is the only thing that can put out the fire ring around the white dragon, waking it up. Under the dragon is a "key, rune, insert important door opening item" That will allow them to bypass a harder part of the dungeon if they figure it out.

Early on in my DMing career I learned that a BBEG without support quickly went down to surround and pound, regardless of hit dice/abilities. I'd say your best solution is to present a couple different "strong" targets to force the group to split their efforts or have to take a beating from the one they are effectively ignoring. Also, you can have the BBEG come out halfway through the fight when his minions are tying up some of your group so that the blaster's daze is less devastating.

Now the question begs, would she have "proficiency" with the natural weapons. Especially bite...

As a DM i'd rule that any "supernatural" ability would require at least minimally conscious effort to produce. That said, I'd give them the option to notice an unfamiliar lifesense in the same way they would subconsciously hear a sound that isn't just background noise. It would basically amount to a hearing check without giving the enemy a stealth bonus.

On the other hand I'd just attack them with skeletons at night.

I have to say that Pendagast has the right of it. Healing in combat should be the exception, not the norm. Go a couple of fights letting the "wildly flailing frontline" get themselves smacked down so they don't get to play for half the combat and just maybe they will reconsider thier actions. If they don't, then they get to reroll a new character when you aren't there to pick them up, repeatedly.

1. Why are you a Pathfinder?

Given my parent's disregard for my well being I felt the only option I had was to carve my place in the world.

2. Do you have a name and surname that is not ripped straight out of existing Earth mythology or popular culture?

My headmaster at the orphanage called me Rathis, that she would have learned such from my parents I've since come to doubt strongly.

3. Which nation did you grow up in? How did this nation influence you?

Having obligated myself to escape the cesspools I grew up in, I can't right say I even recall the name of my home nation. The wizard who paid to train me was located in the city of the Magi.

4. What do you look like? What are your wearing? How does this vary when you’re stalking through forests, sewers, deserts or in glittering cities?

I garb myself in a variety of dark leathers and dulled metals to secure my image from the eyes of my foes.

5. What do you love? (Treasure and experience doesn’t count)

Love? A peculiar concept for one such as I. I suppose the closest thing to something I may love is looking into the eyes of a tyrant or oppressor as their fear turns into the realization that they are now the victim.

6. What do you hate? (Unclear and irritating darkness level rules don’t count)

Simple, any person who believes they have the right to hold power over another.

7. Which other Pathfinders (PCs) do you rely on for teamwork, survival and butt-kicking? Do you have a bro? a mentor? a father figure? maybe a rival?

I'm a bit of a lone wolf. I suppose as long as someone is willing to draw my foes attention from me then I shall capitalize on the situation to our mutual benefit. However, boisterous personalities are often at oddes with me.

8. How does your race influence your views? Are you a stereotype of a certain race? How are you different from most humans/elves/gnomes/orcs/tengu?

I suppose as a stereotypical human I wouldn't have the acceptance of mortality that brings so much certainty to my strikes, or so much surety to my decisions.

9. What are you afraid of? Do you have any phobias or worries?
Fire. I'll have no quarter with the reckless use of those who weild influence over such a monstrous element. I've certainly appropriated my wrath toward many for lesser offense.

10. What is your most treasured possession?
My cloak, it is both my namesake (Rathis Darkcloak) and my safety net. The ability to become ethereal is not one that I could easily turn my back on.

Sure there is, how much blood needs cleaned up after. :)

While I'm not sure on the rules for falling into water, I would personally call that a swim check over an acrobatics check. "Tuck and roll" doesn't really help when hitting water, however skill with diving would.

Yeah I'm definitely riding the "Mind Blown" short bus myself. lol. I guess I spent way too long playing 3.5e.

Here's some food for thought. Kirin Strike is based on "studying an opponent" and rewards that effort with extra damage. Thus I would think that the damage is "cashed in" upon a successful attack therefore adding to the overall and in your above example not being reduced. Lets be honest is your wizard gonna "study" his opponent to death after the shot lands? I highly doubt it. It would seem that the only reason they want the damage applied after is to increase the value of the ability by allowing it after you know you have successfully dealt damage. Thus you aren't wasting the ability before you know the outcome (an intelligent option for an INT based ability lol).

It does NOT work for INT. Intelligence increases are only applied from the time the INT modifier actually goes up and on.

Valid point, my apologies Seeker of 7 if anything I said may have been confusing.

Hmm, it would seem from a rules standpoint that the end result is treated in the same manor as an attempt made without a weapon. You can't drop the longsword to respond to the opponent's trip reaction, just like you can't drop your "leg" for a normal trip. I suppose the only real difference then is any enchantment on the weapon.

My apologies, I'm going from memory here, I don't have my books with me at work. I agree with Oladon.

With a trip weapon you still provoke the attack of opportunity, however if you fail to meet their CMD then you may drop the weapon to avoid being tripped in return. Alternatively if you attempt a trip with a non trip weapon it's assumed you aren't using the weapon as part of your trip attempt. Thus a LS doesn't factor into a trip, but a whip does.

I think that disruptive spells would have to have a longer lasting duration to maintain the disruption effect (think Melf's Acid Arrow). Thus a disruptive silence spell could be especially nasty, but a disruptive magic missile would do nothing (except maybe a readied one by way of quicken in the effort of disrupting another caster).

Also keep in mind that whenever you have multiple attacks (with exception of dual wielding) your attack bonuses will always be 5 less than the attack before it.