Jade, kobolds, and zombie monks oh my!


For those who don't want to read a wall of text: Kobold disease cultists are infected by a divine jade virus. What should the disease do them? Helpful or harmful.

Having brought one horror campaign to a nice messy end I'm starting another one based off of a religious war between Urgathoa and Ghlaunder. For those who don't know who they are they're both deities that deal with disease.
The setting for the first adventure is in a mining town known as Greenstone. This town got its name from the heavy jade deposits mined nearby.
Having done a little research online I discovered that jade is often formed where two earthen plates rub together and minerals are shifted around.

Going with this I decided that where the mine is now once stood a monastery dedicated to the Evening glory(A 3.5 goddess of love and eternal life through undeath. She was from the book Libris mortis).
Finding the concept of the living trying to become undead abhorrent a group of druids caused a earthquake that swallowed the monastery and caused the jade to form in the first place. Shortly after news of the earthquake reached a nearby village several people explored the site and found a mysterious and beautiful green stone. Thus the mining town of Greenstone was formed.

Now the people of Greenstone have been facing a problem as of late. They can't get to their mines to dig for more jade because a group of kobolds have decided to take up residence in their mine. As if a sudden infestation of kobolds wasn't bad enough the people of Greenstone are worried that there is something hidden in their mine. At all hours of the night tremors can be felt and explosions can be heard coming from the mine. It seems the kobolds are looking for something. But what?

When the adventure starts the blast digging has stopped. The town mayor believes that the kobolds have either found what they were looking for and left or brought the mine down on their heads. one morning a mining group is sent to begin reopening the mine. They don't come back. The next day the mayor organizes a search party to see what happened to the miners. Only one member of the party makes it back to the town.
He claims to have encountered the missing miners. when a person tried to call out to a miner he lunged at the townsperson and began eating him. The other search party members tried to pull the miner off but the other miners stumbled out of the tunnels and attack the search party.
The townsperson didn't escape unharmed however. He was bitten by a miner and has developed a blistering rash with several tiny jade-like growths at the site of the injury.
The mayor gathers one final group of people to explore the mine and wipe out the sick miners. Thus the pcs are introduced.

Here is the behind the scenes part. The kobolds are led by a cleric/alchemist of Ghlaunder. He unearthed the monastery to search for the secrets of the evening glory on how to become undead. Having found the scrolls he created a bacteria that alters the body and destroys higher brain functions rendering the infected little more then beasts(Cough...Cough...Zombies...Cough). Introducing the bacteria to powdered jade caused it to enter a gas-like state.
The gas hangs like a fog along the floor seeping into cracks. This gas has revived the monks laying dormant since the earthquake. The monks are not happy about being buried under the earth, awoken by blast digging, or infected with some sort of divine powered disease. As such they are attacking he kobolds and everything else that is alive. The monks are treated as fast zombies each with one to three levels of monk. The lower ranked monks would just be a regular zombie with one level of monk.

Now to the topic at hand. The kobolds are infected by that jade gas and are mutating. What kinds of mutations should be applied to the kobolds? I'm picturing a few kobolds growing into medium size and gaining a increased natural armor bonus as well as gaining the barbarian rage class ability. I plan to fluff it so that clusters of jade are growing through their skin causing extreme amounts of pain and heightened aggression.

Still nothing? any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

Ok, so how about Jade claws that infect targets who fail a fortitude save. They could also rip fragments of developing Jade from their bodies and throw them like daggers at the PCs.

Ooh, how about some of them go a feral and pounce on targets, grappling them and doing damage each round through biting crystal damage.

I can see the larger kobolds throwing chunks of jade. Perhaps the small sized kobolds specialized in grappling and biting. Great idea. Thanks.

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