Maybe a very silly question


Alright. I can't for the life of me find this... I'm likely just dumb and missing it, but... the hell does the slash and additional number under later base attack bonuses mean?



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It means that your base attack is now high enough to allow a second attack in a full attack action.

Then a third, then a fourth.

Also keep in mind that whenever you have multiple attacks (with exception of dual wielding) your attack bonuses will always be 5 less than the attack before it.

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Also with the exception of Natural Attacks. Primary attacks (Claw, Bite, Talon, etc.) will always be at your full BAB, Secondary attacks (Wing, Tail Slap, Slam, etc.) will be at BAB -5. There's a chart under Natural Attacks that describes which attacks are Primary and which are Secondary. If you have NO Primary Natural attacks, Secondary Natural attacks are considered Primary and do not take the -5.

ALL Natural attacks are considered Secondary and rolled at BAB -5 (plus all necessary bonuses) if combining Natural Attacks with a manufactured weapon (Sword and Bite in same round, for example).

Oh! Well I guess that makes sense.

Okay. But. I am going to be a two weapon fighter... does that apply to both weapons? Say, level six. I do my first attack with my main, then do my off-hand. Then do my second attack with my main. Do I just get those three, or do I get a second with my off hand as well?

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No, normally you only get one attack with your off-hand. It's made at the same BAB as your main-hand weapon's first attack, with the necessary Two Weapon Fighting penalties to both (-4 if you have the Two Weapon Fighting feat, reduced to -2 if your off-hand weapon is a light weapon). Note these penalties apply to ALL your attacks that round.

Improved Two Weapon Fighting grants you a second attack with your off-hand at -5. Greater Two Weapon Fighting grants you a third attack with your off-hand at -10.

So in total, seven attacks in a round. Unless I get a haste thing or w/e. Mmk, good to know. Thanks to both you.

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