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I'm going for a Half-elf oracle with the flame mystery. High dex & cha assume 10's for other stats. I've been wondering what kind of flavor oriented weapon would fit well with my flame build seeing as I intend to drop Adaptability for a weapon prof feat. I've considered whip but have such a low CMB I can't justify it. Also I could cop out and go with a shortbow but it just seems too overdone. Thoughts?

Why bother with a weapon? I play an Oracle of Flame and the only time I enter melee is to heal a wounded party member. Plenty of Acrobatics makes defensive fighting an option, but I don't pretend I can actually hit things and make it matter. You just won't have enough durability if you focus on strength, or the other way around. And if you go archery, you'll never have enough feats without compromising your spellcasting. A regular heavy crossbow will be just fine, or a longspear.

My chosen feats currently are (level 6, human):

Spell Focus (Evocation)
Varisian Tattoo
Versatile Performer (3.5 feat - roleplay reasons)
Glorious Heat

[Future options I am looking at include Elemental Spell and Quicken Spell]

Now, if you *do* insist on maneuvers I would prefer bladed sash over whip - but I can't see it work without gimping your strong suits. Better to get a decent strength and stick with Power Attack and some kind of twohanded weapon if you must melee on a character that has a very nice array of possible offensive spells. Get enough strength to be in light encumbrance in a mithril breastplate and call it a day. About 11 should do it.

hmmm, weaponless... worth considering.

Scarab Sages

How about an Elven Curveblade, the biggest finesse weapon in the game? Conceptually, I'd say it fits a Half-Elf pyromancer of any sort quite well, and you can take advantage of your superior Dexterity if you see fit with the Weapon Finesse feat AND the 18-20 threat zone will compensate some for the blase damage you'd otherwise deal.

EVERYONE needs some kind of hand weapon both melee and ranged, I say. I would never go weaponless.

One additional problems with maneuvers that sprang to mind (a little too late, of course) is that you'll pretty much need to have Int 13 for Combat Expertise. A good int is far from a bad thing, but you did mention 10s in most scores....

Liberty's Edge

You could consider taking Improve Unarmed Combat. I could this working flavor-wise and it opens up possibly taking a Style Feat. You'll always be ready to attack of opportunity or spell cast and you can tear it up in the obligatory bar fight.

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