Pit fall traps


I was reading through an adventure that had a pit fall trap in a narrow hallway. Let's say those who wandered first would obviously fall in the trap first as the floor opens up (or saved with Reflex). My question is, now how would the other characters cross this hole in the floor if it takes up the whole hallway? Do the options change if the pit has a spiked floor? What if there are enemies on the other side shooting arrows/bullets at the PCs?

Firing back and forth seems really boring for some PCs, so I always like to give options to PCs to do other more exciting things if I can think of it.

Jumping, obviously, unless the pit is really big. They could use a grappling hook to throw a rope across and climb across with that. Or, they could attach rope to something above the pit and swing across. If they have a long pole, the could pole vault across. Teleportation, flying spells, or other magic transport, if they are high enough magic users. A rogue might be able to raise the trap doors and disable the trap so it stays closed. They cold fill the hole in with dirt or rocks if they aren't in a hurry. They could lay a long board or log across the gap.

I don't think the spiked floor would affect much, except the consequences of falling in.

Could always have a narrow ledge on either side. Acrobatics checks to get across.

Create water.... alot

A favorite of my PCs is to simply descend into the pit (unless hazardous at the bottom), walk across, then climb out. While they're down there they always search.

Other potentials I've seen/heard but not had in my games:

Grab and throw a PC (preferably Small size) across

Utilize a flying familiar/animal companion in some way

Scale the wall and then wall crawl horizontally (I lied; this one HAS been done in my game)

Run back a room or two and toss in the dead

Make a ladder using rope and weapons

Hack down a door to lay across the gap

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