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Once upon a time, I thought System Mastery was a Wizard archetype.

We are all playing goblin is Hell's Vengeance. GM gave us free weapon finesse and dex to damage for light weapons. It was enough.

Interesting. 30 DEX at what level?

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Nothing to offer here but to say - this was an interesting read all around.

An optimized Zen Archer.

System Mastery Wizard. ;)

I imagine how I want to play the character, then I read every spell description on the class spell list and pick out the spells that match that vision. Sometimes I read them two or three times or six times, or nine times. I also read forum posts on how a certain spell works, and it's effectiveness for the slot. ..then I mull it over and take the ones I know I want, and if I can, I take a couple I might like to try.

Wizard 3rd - Spellsword + rod of maximize(lesser) + scorching ray, or fireball.

Can anyone think of a support role task that a cleric or an oracle can't do?

Greater Forbid Action is my goto for trash packs. I stopped using it on bosses...

Huh, interesting you two. I wonder if there are any another thoughts.

It's ambiguous, but it makes sense that it wouldn't stack. Cast once, take CON; again and take STR, etc, etc. Second casting overwrites the first, etc, yes/no? Sources? ...and Yes, I know multiple enhancement bonuses of he same type won't stack.

Human Potential:
The target chooses one ability score and gains a +2 enhancement bonus to that ability score. The bonus confers the usual benefit to skills and abilities based on the ability enhanced, but does not affect bonus spells or skill ranks.

Lady-J wrote:
mithril for armor adamantine for weapons


Start here.

Matt2VK wrote:

My opinion, you only really need a UMD skill of +5 if you're planning on using it with only wands that apply long duration buffs (plenty useful of those buffs out there).

Dumping more skill rank into UMD is useful but I find those ranks better used elsewhere.

With a wand you can try over and over again till that dreaded 1 on a d20 comes up.

So taking a trait for using INT for UMD might be nice at 1st level. Just don't think its worth it later on. As theres so many other useful traits.

I wonder what probably is of rolling a 15+ before you roll 1, or 13+ if CHA was dumped.

I also wonder what your list of useful long duration buffs is.

I like Ravingdorks Mighty Elmon (10th-level halfling slinger).
It's not OP but has a certain Halfling coolness quotient to it, and is very well thought out.
Uses free-action loading of a Sling.

Ravingdork wrote:


He's routed armies! Brought down dinosaurs and giants alike! Feared and respected by all sensible folk! He's deadly dangerous! Brought to you now by popular demand, I bring you THE MIGHTY ELMON! :D

Have you considered a 'muscle' oracle?

You need something like magic aura, or the greater.

I tried building one myself based on the info I linked you in that PM. I'm fuzzy on the trainings so I didn't get one completed. I imagine the character to be a fun switch hitter type. Solid build. Someone mentioned that two-weapon fighting would make up for Many Shot but I really doubt that.

I'm guessing a Ranger + Pet version of this would be fun to role play - not over powered. For something really strong a WarPrist, maybe with a Halfling Double Sling.

Anyway, love the build. This is one I could imagine quite a few people would enjoy playing. Kudos.

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You've probably seen Wands for Everyone!, but her it is again.

I've built for wands before and it does work and it is useful but -that- waiting until it becomes viable is not fun. Theconiel mentions skill focus but that's a feat and a trait you lose. I'd be mapping it all before I did that.

Alternately, you could retrain into it at a level when it would become viable.

<3 Awesome!

FuelDrop wrote:
Here's one of my crazier tank ideas

Ha, I remember that thread. Loved that idea!

Ignore them. Play what you want to play. Besides, "tank" is an unoptimized way to play - there is nothing that forces a mob to attack you. Miss enough times, and that GM will be looking for softer targets and there's nothing you'll be able to do about it.

You're 100 times better off making an offensive guy with some defensive characteristics.

Now that Halfling Sling Staff is viable, it's time for some Halfling love, sir. Would make for a fun build - and I imagine, a popular one.

Ectar wrote:
Funny enough, I'm pretty sure the person that originally asked the question wrote that feat style.

Heh, funny. It does read like a disgruntled would-be sling user had a rules-lawyer write the feat. Nicely done.

Slayer is a really good class because of the ranger fighting style - not the roguish Rogue talents. The archetypes are a minefield, but there are a few gems there too. It also sets up nicely to multi-class really well Slayer 6/ Fighter 6.

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Adding this related post in here. ...on upping DC's.

Mister Socks wrote:

Mister Socks List:
Eldritch Heritage Greater
Arcane Bloodline
Eldritch Heritage, Greater (Ultimate Magic) This can only be taken at character level 17 and you need charisma 17, but by selecting Arcane bloodline's 15th level ability, you can net +2 DC bonus to a school of magic. (Feat)

Bloody Tears and Jagged Smile
Bloody Tears and Jagged Smile (Rasputin Must Die!) Spells with the fear descriptor increase the dc by 4 (profane bonus). (Spell, wizard/cleric 2)

Arcane Concordance
Arcane Concordance (Advanced Player's Guide) 10ft emanation centered on you, gives arcane spells within the area a +1 enhancement to their DC, and allows a couple of free metamagics to be applied to it. (Spell, Bard 3)

Sharesister (Pathfinder Society Field Guide) Both targets have to be same gender, but allows you to give someone bonuses to CL and Spell DC's, at the cost of negative levels. A bit risky, best used if you like buffing people. (Spell, Cleric/witch 3)

Coward's Cowl
Coward's Cowl (Agent's of Evil) +1 to DC of readied spells aslong as you don't move closer to your enemies. (Spell, Alchemist/wizard/cleric/bard/mesmerist/shaman/psychic/witch 1)

Sacred Space
Sacred Space (Advanced Race Guide) Good spells, spell-like abilities, and channeled energy to damage evil outsiders, gain +2 to the DC. If the space contains an altar, shrine, or permanent fixture to your diety, it increases to +4. (Spell, Paladin/cleric 2)

Silver (Alchemy Manual) used as a material component will increase the DC of illusion spells by 1. (item)

Deific Obedience Mahathallah
Deific Obedience (Inner Sea Gods) Mahathallah grants +2 DC to illusion spells. (feat)

Dead Man's Headband
Dead Man's Headband (Ultimate Equipment) will increase the DC of any fear effect you create by 1. Note: it takes the headband slot, maybe see if you can combine it with a headband of int. (magic Item)

All-Seeing Eye
All-Seeing Eye (Giant's Revisited) +1 insight bonus to the DC of divination spells you cast. (magic item)

Dragon CraftingPerfume
Draconic Perfume (Dragonslayer's Handbook) increases charm subschool DC by 2 (Rosewood and Myrrh) or compulsion subschool by 2 (Sulfur and Honeycomb). (item)

Oakstewards' Favor
Oaksteward's Favor (People of the River) increases the DC of any enchantment spells the wearer casts against animals by 2. (magic Item)

Serpent Belt
Serpent Belt (Ultimate Equipment) increases poison by 4, whether your GM takes that to mean DC is up the them. (magic item)

Elemental Focus Greater
Elemental Focus/Greater (CRB) adds +1/+1 DC of spells with the energy type you select. (feat(s))

Outlander, Lore Seeker
The trait Lore seeker (campaign trait for ROTRL) lets you pick 3 spells to increase the DC and CL by 1 each. (trait)

Eastern Mysteries
The trait Eastern Mysteries (Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play) allows 1/day to increase a spell DC by 2. (trait)

Spell Focus Greater
Spell Focus/Greater (CRB) Increase the DC of a chosen school of magic by 1 (stacks with elemental focus). (feat(s))

Barbed Pentacle of Asmodeus
Barbed Pentacle of Asmodeus (Gods and Magic) Increase the DC of spells that are augmented by writing by 1. (Magic item)

Rod of the Wayang
Rod of the Wayang (Ultimate Equipment) +1 DC to spells of the shadow subschool. (Magic item, Rod)

Scarf of the Suggestive Dance
Scarf of the Suggestive Dance (Pathfinder Module: Murder's Mark) increases a bard's fascinate and suggestion bard performance DC's by 1. (Magic Item)

Perfect Golden Lute
Perfect Golden Lute (Ultimate Equipment) Increase all bardic performance DC's by 2 if using the lute. (Keep in mind this is an artifact, and up to GM territory if it's ever seen or owned) (Magic item, Artifact)

Player's Prize
Player's Prize (People of the River) Scribe it with a person's name and drop it into that person's pocket, they take a -2 (will save) against your bardic performances. (Very pricy option if you really can swing it) (Magic item)

Honorable mentions:
Below we have misc stuff that may not directly increase a spell's dc, but still worth noting.

Draconic Malice
Draconic Malice (Legacy of Dragons) Lets you cast fear spells on normally immune creatures. (Spell, Antipaladin/bard/wizard/bloodrager/cleric/inquisitor/mesmerist/psychic/sham an/witch 3)

Mesmerizing Tattoo
Mesmerizing Tattoo (Blood of Shadows) Whenever the bearer uses the hypnotism occult skill unlock, casts an enchantment spell that targets a single creature, or uses the hypnotic stare class feature, her target takes a –1 penalty on Will saving throws for the ability’s duration and the DC to affect the target with the hypnotism occult skill unlock is reduced by 1. (Magic Item)

Ability Focus
Ability Focus (RPG Beastiary) Increase a single special attack's DC by 2, check with your dm first. (Feat)

Sinner's Wage
Sinner's Wage (Champions of Corruption) If used as a focus component for a charm or compulsion spell below 5th level, the target takes a -2 penalty to resist acting against its nature. (Magic item)

Myrrh (Alchemy Manual) Spells of the abjuration school are cast at +1 CL for the purpose of CL checks and Dispel Checks. (item)

Genius Avaricious
Genius Avaricious (Pathfinder Adventure Path #30: The Twice-Damned Prince) Mammon's Mantle: grants up to a +5 untyped Charisma bonus which heightens DC's.

The purpose of a reach weapon is in the adjective itself – reach. If you are useless at creating space and maintaining space between your character and the things you’d like to attack, then yes – reach weapons are completely useless – in your hands.

Now, as has been said, if you invest in the right feats, use tactical positioning, then a reach build will really shine. You’ll want things like phalanx formation and combat reflexes – and a decent dexterity score. You’ll want a way to increase your size to further increase your reach. Being large with a reach weapon really shines. Spells like long arm are almost too good.

Fools rush in. Getting your party to play for Attacks of Opportunity make’s reach builds shine even more - setting up a kill zone and allowing things to come to your party. It helps if you play with people who understand using positioning as a tactical advantage -- and don't play stupid because they dumped INT.

Anyway, if you want more info – look up reach cleric builds for one example of how to impress your table mates with your characters massive length.

Halek wrote:
Tell them to buy a wand for healing. In combat healing besides the Heal spell wont outpace damage.

I haven't heard this one in a long time.

Nice build, ShroudedInLight. Thank you both for the explanations.

How do you get value out of color spray when 5 or more HD is only stunned for 1 round?

Quentin Coldwater wrote:
4. Invisibility

I wonder what you mean here. I don't remember slayers getting invisibility.

You don't miss much. Admire your builds. ~regards.

Did you watch Legend of the Seeker, or read any of the books?

I never play the same character twice. Favorites so far are an Oracle/life and an Ape riding, Switch Hitting Ranger.

FAQ wrote:

Steadfast Personality

In the current version (2nd printing errata), the table and the text are inconsistent. Does the feat apply on all Will saves, or on Will saves against mind-affecting effects?

The table is correct. It only applies against mind-affecting effects.

YogoZuno wrote:
...what are you expecting to happen differently?

No expectations beyond understanding. Thank you both for the replies.

Let's say that you have a character (non-magus) holding a touch attack charge that quick draws a second weapon and full-attacks - say at +16/+11, +15/+10. How does this play out?

WhoDKnee wrote:
I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to have any unfair advantages that make the game easier, I would feel like I was cheating. Does anyone feel the same? Or am I just making up problems?

You're overthinking it...like way over thinking it.

BadBird wrote:

Do you need a 'free hand' to use material components?

To cast a spell with somatic spell components, the spellcaster must be able to perform precise hand movements with at least one free hand ~Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

...or basically what Claxon said.

Claxon, I wonder if you feel the same way about caster feats - Spell Specialization, Spell Penetration, etc.
The prereq for Greater Spell Focus is Spell Focus.. becomes two for one.

bitter lily wrote:
And, btw, I am willing to hotly argue that 9-level casters are, indeed, feat-starved!

No kidding. You're choosing between upping spell DC's, upping ranged touch to hit, spell penetration, adding metamagic, improving your familiar, or just adding things like toughness, dodge, combat casting. ...or other cool things!

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Humans select one extra feat at level one as long as they don't alternate racial trait out of it. Anything else comes from class choice.

Fighter, for example, gets a regular feat and a combat feat at level one. That's three in all if they are Human, but one has to be a combat feat.

^interesting and valid take.
Potion of Shield, though - I'm pretty sure you'd need a wand for that.

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Something Arcane. Or just muck it up with an urban Barb to mess with the party. Or play something evil, with a ring of nondetection - be the source of intrigue.

Side note: Heighten doesn't do anything for Spell Perfection, or at least it shouldn't. They conflict in purpose.

Spell Perfection:

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 15 ranks, at least three metamagic feats.

Benefit: Pick one spell which you have the ability to cast. Whenever you cast that spell you may apply any one metamagic feat you have to that spell without affecting its level or casting time, as long as the total modified level of the spell does not use a spell slot above 9th level. In addition, if you have other feats which allow you to apply a set numerical bonus to any aspect of this spell (such as Spell Focus, Spell Penetration, Weapon Focus [ray], and so on), double the bonus granted by that feat when applied to this spell.

Pick (1) spell you know and cast it Quickened - meeting the other requirements. It doesn't say any one but the Quicken Spell metamagic feat. Why is there a need to FAQ that?

"Kudaku" - Melee Tactics Toolbox, p. 8 wrote:
Using the total defense action prevents you from attacking — including making attacks of opportunity — but you still threaten foes for the purposes of flanking.

Give them clown masks.

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Dexterity/Enhancement, Deflection, Armor, Shield, Dodge, Natural, Luck, untyped, size, racial? There may be more... maybe.

Size: Small, Tiny
Luck: Blundering Defense
Enhancement: Cat's Grace
Deflection: Shield of Faith, Ring of Protection.
Armor: Mage Armor
Shield: Ring of Force Shield
Dodge: The feat Dodge
Natural: Armor of the Pit
Untyped: Fighting Defensively
Racial: ?

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