Concealing one's magical aura


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How much would it cost to make a slotted item that conceals all of the wearer's magical auras generated from magical items? Does any such item exist already?

According to item pricing formula, it comes up to about 500gp.

Use-activated or continuous: (Spell level [1] × caster level [1] × 2,000 gp) / 2 = 500gp.

Similar items I've found are the amulet of proof against detection and location (35,000gp) and the iron circlet of guarded souls (30,00gp). However, both of these do far more than what I want.

Magic aura only protects one item, but I want my magical item to protect all of my items, not just one, as well as itself. Ergo, it should probably cost more than 500gp, but less than 30,000gp.

So I started thinking of it in terms of multiples. How many magic items does a high level adventure typically carry? 10? 20? Should this item thus cost 5,000 or 10,000gp respectively?

Kind of leaning towards the latter price myself. 10,000 means it's still cheap if you're crafting it yourself, but expensive enough that not everyone is going to want one. What do you guys think?

you could always do spell research and work out what lvl the higher lvl spell to conceal multiple items's magical auras would be - maybe 1+/lvl then work out the cost of that - lvl 2 = 3k, lvl 3 = 7.5k etc

Like I pointed out in your last thread on this subject, Infiltrator's Mail does this. Its price is 19 650 gp but the construction price seems off at 13 650. Assuming the first is correct then taking off the cost of +2 scale mail gives a market value of 15 450 gp for the hiding effect.

Edit: Actually, also drop off a few hundred for the no ACP to stealth effect. I'd probably round it off to 15K.

You need something like magic aura, or the greater.

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There's a greater magic aura spell?

Ravingdork wrote:
There's a greater magic aura spell?

Yes, scroll down on this page. It doesn't hide multiple magic items, though it has some other odd uses.

Shadow Lodge

Came out in Ultimate Intrigue, along with Greater Detect Magic.

Probably you just want the Magic Aura function but spread over multiple items. avr's cost suggestion sounds reasonable, though personally I think the Infiltrator's Mail is a bit overvalued.

Would it just hide that items are magical, or would it also hide their magical effects on you when you activated them?

For example, your hat of disguise wouldn't detect as magic, would you detect as magic if you were using it to change your appearance?

Intelligent item that continually casts magic aura (or greater) in your items.

Also, I believe nondetection would make it harder as I assume they'll only see your auras through divination. Same with mind blank minus the chance to penetrate with a dice roll.

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