lvl one human gets 2 or 3 feats?

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i blame having to ask on having a major brain fart and not being able to remember where to find the information. i think its two but three if your a fighter.

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Humans select one extra feat at level one as long as they don't alternate racial trait out of it. Anything else comes from class choice.

Fighter, for example, gets a regular feat and a combat feat at level one. That's three in all if they are Human, but one has to be a combat feat.

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1) Everyone gets a feat every odd level (including level 1).
2) Humans get an extra feat at level 1; that's a racial ability and so you find it under the description of the human race.
3) Fighters get bonus combat feats at level 1 and every even level. This comes from the description of the fighter class.

So in total a human fighter starts with three feats, one of which must be a combat feat.

thanks guys

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