What is your favorite character / class to play as?

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Hello everyone! I'm a rather new player of Pathfinder, Playing my very first character and I'm quite enjoying myself. ^_^ But I was curious, If you are willing to tell us, Mayhaps everyone could say what their favorite class or character are to play?

I'm on my first character, Who is a Cleric, But I'm quite enjoying myself so far. ^_^

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My favourite is a elf reanimater alcamist, he became a adventurer to get specimens for research. I love playing alcamist in general.

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This is just PFS Characters... I have a Core Cleric-4, Core Barbarian-1, Monk-11, Zen Archer-7, Unchained Rogue-3/Brawler-1, Zen Archer-3, Bard-1, and plans for Bloodrager, Fighter, and Unchained Monk.

So I would have to say Monks, and generally I just like being up in combat rather than spell slinging. (Even the Bard will be taking 2 or 3 level dips in Unchained Rogue.

Any of the 6th level progression spell casters, which usually have the great combination of 3/4 BAB, d8 or d10 HD, spell casting, and skill points.

You may not be the best at anything, but you will best good at a lot of stuff. Spell give you a lot of diversity. And you're still usually a very capable of martial combatant.

The Inquisitor is probably my favorite example of this.

I don't really have a favorite...but some of my favorite characters were a half-fiend rogue ...dwarven fighter... drow preistess, and a human artist who "dabbled" in wizardry. Great times with those, and all but the half-fiend are still alive.

I always liked full casters a lot, but I can enjoy any kind of character as long as it has some resources. I really love bards, they are probably my favorite class (even though they are not full casters) but strangely enough I have never played one.

My most recent Pathfinder characters are a NG elven cleric, a NE dark elf ninja and a N changeling witch. It's not that I have some kind of neutral fetish, but I guess they came out like that.

Among them I'm really loving the witch. Both the roleplaying and the mechanics are awesome and I really love this character. I like wizards a lot but I'm liking witches better because of the hexes and I also like the concept of the class.

I've played a Sorcerer, Oracle, Mesmerist, Witches, Spiritualist and a Druid but I've made Inquisitors, Occultists, Kineticts, Alchemists, Brawlers and a necromancer who was Oracle but mechanically they're so different from Oracles so I thought it worth mentioning.

My favourites have been the Sorc and the Oracle, it's quite possible to make a spell list with a pleasing amount of combat and utility and since every spell you pick is gonna be useful you are always useful yourself. And being charismatic you get to play the guy that's amazing at parties and everyone loves and can talk his way out of anything, then when something goes down you say "I think I can help with that" and do something kewl.

The Druid taught me that I like nature magic and summons are very powerful. But also that summoners are a real ball ache around the table.
The spiritualist was very useful with his phantom shifting through walls and floating down sheer drops to see what's at the bottom and stuff he was very good actually just nothing exciting.
The witch was also great fun but I was always stressed that an ally would mess up and someone would charge me because they have limited personal defence. She was very powerful though, book keeping prepped spells was a bit more of an ordeal with her than the Druid since the Druid had spontaneous summons.
The mesmerist has been great fun too she's a melee focused mesmerist though, I like their casting but hey just don't have enough spells per day to focus on it in my opinion.

The necromancer would be the one I'd pick to play next, I think they're potentially extremely powerful and like a summoner but less fiddly.

I've played with a wizard (3.5), arcanist (divination specialist) and witch (twice); dabbled with the monk and kineticist. I found the monk and kineticist a bit repetitive, I can say my heart is with the spell casters.

The 3.5 human wizard was a convoluted collection of PrCs and one example of why I prefer Pathfinder. The ifrit arcanist was great, I loved flexible spontaneous casting and the exploits but the character was wasted on a not so great campaign.

My favourite class has to be the witch. The moment I read the flavour text I decided I wanted to play it without even checking the mechanics.
I played a vanilla half-orc witch in a campaign I was part of for a few months. I didn't use any archetypes as it was the first time my group used Pathfinder and I didn't want to over complicate things. As I was only in the campaign for a few months I never felt that I made the most of that character and so decided to remake him for our current campaign. This time around he's a hedge-witch/herb witch (just turned level 6) and I'm very much loving the character. Having spontaneous healing means I don't have to worry about allocating slots to cure spells and having remedies means I don't have to prep many negative status removal spells.

I agree with Chromantic Durgon <3 that the witch does lack decent personal defence. My go to tactic was to make use of the flight hex and keep out of range of melee though I'm regularly mocked by the other players for this.

What did you do before level 5?

We started at level 5. The plan was to start at level 3 but one of the other players pushed for a higher starting level.

For sufficiently spacious environments I had planned to make use of the mount spell for mobility/meat-shield. If there isn't space for that I have caltrops to make getting near me that bit more difficult. Fortunately I tend to appear as the least threatening member of the party and as such I've not really been the focus of attack yet.

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One of my favorite classes to play in Pathfinder is paladin. I enjoy the features you get, and if you play a paladin with a brain, it's easy to avoid the stick up your butt stereotype.

I'm playing a slayer in a game right now, and I've been having fun with that class too.

I am known as the charisma guy in my real life group. Paladins, Bards, Face Rogues, Sorcerers, Oracles. I like being the one who can get things across in conversation without getting into a fight. I like being the one who kills monsters with his good looks and force of personality. I like being the one who incites riots and quells them too.

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I'm very fond of divine spellcasters (Clerics, Paladins, etc). More than half of my characters are divine, in reflection.

I have two favourite classes though - Warpriests, and Investigators. I enjoy having way too many resources to juggle for my own good, and stacking enough buffs that my attacks reduce people to a fine paste. The next step for me is the Occultist, likely.

I'm fond of the Suli monk (master of many styles class for the genie styles) it makes me feel like a badass.

I almost exclusively play the wizard, and prefer to play an elf controller focused wizard. I play it so much I have a huge backstory made that ports into the majority of adventure's with very little editing. I like the fluff and lore given to wizards and magic.

Favorite classes:

Core: Paladin (honorable mention: fighter)
Base: Oracle
Hybrid: Bloodrager (honorable mention: swashbuckler)
Occult: Kineticist (honorable mention: occultist)
Unchained: Monk
Vigilante Specialization/Archetype: Avenger

My favorite character I played is a Zealot Vigilante of Milani in Hell's Rebels.

Favorite class is hard to say, but if it combines strength based melee with intelligence based casting I'm usually a fan. So Alchemist, Magus, Occultist, Investigator. But really any melee/non full caster will usually make me happy.

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Human Fighter

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I don't have a favourite class to play, but I do have two classes that I enjoy thinking up concepts for: Bloodrager and Magus.

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Rules-wise: Human Ranger (Switch-Hitter)
RP-wise: Human Cleric, good deity

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I love spell warriors that can actually spell while they war. Plus, you can flavor them in so many ways. Be Thor with a lightning hammer. Be a Naruto-styled ninja complete with a chidori attack. Be a mystic spell samurai. Etc.

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Bards and Paladins have always been my favorites as far as personality goes and how easy they are for me to build. But I also like some oddball builds using Fighters and the like.

I also have discovered that the Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain makes the Warpriest BADASS and I like that.


Love the mobility and 'wuxia' feel.

I like to play around with archetypes for a particular emphasis and multiclass for flexibility.

I do a lot of classes. I think I prefer martial builds mostly, and due to my paranoia something without many expendable resources. Probably fighter because I like to crunch numbers and use fun combat tricks. I can make whatever I want with that, which makes me content.

Martial Prestige classes are also super fun. i just made a Swashbuckler/Slayer/Duelist.

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Going by AP "pre-gen" characters* (discounting prestige classes and one level dips):

Bard - 7

Ranger - 6
Witch - 6

Barbarian - 5
Inquisitor - 5
Oracle - 5

Alchemist - 4
Magus - 4
Summoner - 4
Wizard - 4

Cleric - 3
Druid - 3
Gunslinger - 3
Monk - 3
Paladin - 3
Rogue - 3
Shaman - 3
Sorcerer - 3

Arcanist - 2
Fighter - 2
Investigator - 2
Occultist - 2
Spiritualist - 2
Warpriest - 2

Bloodrager - 1
Brawler - 1
Cavalier - 1
Hunter - 1
Kineticist - 1
Medium - 1
Mesmerist - 1
Psychic - 1
Skald - 1
Slayer - 1
Swashbuckler - 1

Vigilante - 0 (but will probably be considered for the next "urban" AP)

*- Rise of the Runelords to Ruins of Azlant; using the most recent versions only (if I've created "alternate" groups with newer options)

My go-to for any new game/system is the Barbarian (or equivalent).

The Summoner, by far. Eidolons are a really fun feature, allowing you to custom build whatever fantastical creatures you so desire. Your imagination is the limit, and the Summoner/Eidolon dynamic is a wonderful springboard for roleplay.

One duo is a spoiled noble and his mutation-addicted lovely assistant. Another is a battle-hungry halfling and the voracious, arachnid demon that serves as his steed. There's also an imprisoned Devil who is summoned by his parole officer as part of a work-release program to earn back his powers. Other in-progress ideas include a Gnomish art prodigy who uses magic to literally bring her paintings to life, or the effeminate half-elven entertainer who plays the part of the pretty face while acting as the real brains behind a portly 'aspiring Mob Boss' fire elemental.

I tend to favor flashy, magical classes that can serve as a proper 'problem solver' as well. My PFS Roster includes several Summoners, a rogue-like Aether Kineticist, and couple of 9th level Arcane casters. My most 'mundane' character is a shape changing Kitsune rogue who spent his first two Rogue Talents picking up as much magical utility as possible.

I always go for the exotic. That's part of why the Summoner is such an easy fit for me. Alchemist is a solid second, though. I love me some mutations.

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I like ost classes but i prefer being a half-orc barbarian with very high strength and very low charisma

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I will have to say Monk. :)

I tend to like the more martial classes.

Planning on rolling up a Paladin, Warpriest or a Cleric for the next game.

Kineticist is my favorite. I love having all my combat needs solved in two feats, always having a solid attack to use, and that feeling of invincibility that comes from a ton of health plus elemental defense.

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I'm an unabashed narrativist player: I come up with the PC story first, then I try to figure out the best class options and other mechanics to bring that character to life, and to make it decently effective.

To me, the character's story and motivations come first, and then I pick the class.

Some of my favorite characters that come to mind...

A physician who lost the love of his life to the walking dead. He then turned his scientific mind to the study of necromancy in order to learn all he could about undead creatures... so as to better destroy them, destroy them all! NG Human wizard (necromancer) with the Caretaker trait, Skill Focus (Heal), and max ranks in Heal skill.

The eldest son of a minor nobleman whose father squandered the barony's fortune, leaving a huge debt to another noble house after his death due to excessive drinking. After a youth spent as an idle dilletante, he started taking life seriously when he inherited the title of Baron, only to find that he and is family were land-rich but penniless. Taking the sword of his grandfather, a legendary hero of the realm, he pledged himself in direct service to the King in order to bring honor and glory back to his family, sending back most of new-found wealth to re-build his barony's treasury. LG human aristocrat (1 level)/fighter. Used the 3.5 Legendary Item rules to start play with an ancestral weapon (bastard sword) that increased in ability with his level.

The Westcrown-born daughter of a native Varisian and a Chelish merchant. Born with a butterfly-shaped birthmark, her Varisian mother realized that she had been blessed by Desna, and raised her under the tutelage of an illegal underground Desnan church. When she came of age, she took vows as a priestess of Desna in secret, always a step or two ahead of the Asmodean authorities. She then began a career as a professional troubadour who surreptitiously wove Desnan teachings into her performances throughout the devil-haunted land of Cheliax. CG human cleric of Desna (hidden priest) with the Sacred Birthmark trait, posing as a bard.

A half-orc warrior from the mountainous Hold of Belkzen. As a young man, he had been impressed by the combat skills of a Crusader heading off to the Worldwound. The crusader had called himself a "Paladin of Iomedae." Thinking that "paladin" meant "god-inspired warrior", he then became a "paladin" of his own god: Gorum, Our Lord in Iron. CN half-orc barbarian. When he "smites" his foes, mecahnically he's actually entering a rage.

I never play the same character twice. Favorites so far are an Oracle/life and an Ape riding, Switch Hitting Ranger.

I don't favor a single class: I favor many classes. I multiclass extensively. I identify wicked combinations of Feats and Class Abilities and cobble them together into some kind of Frankencharacter.

Bards and Paladins.

Bards because of the combination of insane skills and spontaneous spellcasting. I tend to be a somewhat outgoing player, so having lots of skills helps me justify doing much of the talking, and while I love having spells I find figuring out prepared spell lists tedious.

Paladins because they're a very self-sufficient class. They've got good defenses, good saves, can heal themselves, and with Smite can shine. They don't need to be buffed, they don't need to be protected, they don't need someone else to help them set up, they just wade in and crack heads. I'll play bards with people I know well, but I play paladins when it's a pickup group and I don't know how far I can rely on those other jokers. Plus, classic superhero!

I'm about to start my third alchemist. In the second of two back-to-back campaigns (my alchemist PC had an alchemist cohort in our Iron Gods campaign.)

And all three of them are so different as to be hardly recognizable as belonging to the same class.

So safe to say it's alchemist for me.

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The more skill points, the better. Love them skill points.

Jader7777 wrote:
The more skill points, the better. Love them skill points.

Same here. That's why I love int based characters and bards. Rogues are also great but I enjoy spellcasting too much so I don't play them often.

Jader7777 wrote:
The more skill points, the better. Love them skill points.

I know the feeling. I try to squeeze at least 12 Int out of everytjing I build, and I kust can't bring myself to play a 2+ Int skill class that doesn't use Int as a casting stat.

I also try to make high INT characters because I like to make plans and strategies and I want my characters to be logically able to do it. As much as I like having some CHA so I can make some roleplaying at social situations.

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In no particular order:

Zen Archer

When it comes to Pathfinder, I've probably played Oracle more than any other class but combining all of the iterations of D&D it'd either be Bard/Sorcerer as my most played class.

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