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Once upon a time, I thought System Mastery was a Wizard archetype.

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Nothing to offer here but to say - this was an interesting read all around.

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You've probably seen Wands for Everyone!, but her it is again.

I've built for wands before and it does work and it is useful but -that- waiting until it becomes viable is not fun. Theconiel mentions skill focus but that's a feat and a trait you lose. I'd be mapping it all before I did that.

Alternately, you could retrain into it at a level when it would become viable.

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Adding this related post in here. ...on upping DC's.

Mister Socks wrote:

Mister Socks List:
Eldritch Heritage Greater
Arcane Bloodline
Eldritch Heritage, Greater (Ultimate Magic) This can only be taken at character level 17 and you need charisma 17, but by selecting Arcane bloodline's 15th level ability, you can net +2 DC bonus to a school of magic. (Feat)

Bloody Tears and Jagged Smile
Bloody Tears and Jagged Smile (Rasputin Must Die!) Spells with the fear descriptor increase the dc by 4 (profane bonus). (Spell, wizard/cleric 2)

Arcane Concordance
Arcane Concordance (Advanced Player's Guide) 10ft emanation centered on you, gives arcane spells within the area a +1 enhancement to their DC, and allows a couple of free metamagics to be applied to it. (Spell, Bard 3)

Sharesister (Pathfinder Society Field Guide) Both targets have to be same gender, but allows you to give someone bonuses to CL and Spell DC's, at the cost of negative levels. A bit risky, best used if you like buffing people. (Spell, Cleric/witch 3)

Coward's Cowl
Coward's Cowl (Agent's of Evil) +1 to DC of readied spells aslong as you don't move closer to your enemies. (Spell, Alchemist/wizard/cleric/bard/mesmerist/shaman/psychic/witch 1)

Sacred Space
Sacred Space (Advanced Race Guide) Good spells, spell-like abilities, and channeled energy to damage evil outsiders, gain +2 to the DC. If the space contains an altar, shrine, or permanent fixture to your diety, it increases to +4. (Spell, Paladin/cleric 2)

Silver (Alchemy Manual) used as a material component will increase the DC of illusion spells by 1. (item)

Deific Obedience Mahathallah
Deific Obedience (Inner Sea Gods) Mahathallah grants +2 DC to illusion spells. (feat)

Dead Man's Headband
Dead Man's Headband (Ultimate Equipment) will increase the DC of any fear effect you create by 1. Note: it takes the headband slot, maybe see if you can combine it with a headband of int. (magic Item)

All-Seeing Eye
All-Seeing Eye (Giant's Revisited) +1 insight bonus to the DC of divination spells you cast. (magic item)

Dragon CraftingPerfume
Draconic Perfume (Dragonslayer's Handbook) increases charm subschool DC by 2 (Rosewood and Myrrh) or compulsion subschool by 2 (Sulfur and Honeycomb). (item)

Oakstewards' Favor
Oaksteward's Favor (People of the River) increases the DC of any enchantment spells the wearer casts against animals by 2. (magic Item)

Serpent Belt
Serpent Belt (Ultimate Equipment) increases poison by 4, whether your GM takes that to mean DC is up the them. (magic item)

Elemental Focus Greater
Elemental Focus/Greater (CRB) adds +1/+1 DC of spells with the energy type you select. (feat(s))

Outlander, Lore Seeker
The trait Lore seeker (campaign trait for ROTRL) lets you pick 3 spells to increase the DC and CL by 1 each. (trait)

Eastern Mysteries
The trait Eastern Mysteries (Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play) allows 1/day to increase a spell DC by 2. (trait)

Spell Focus Greater
Spell Focus/Greater (CRB) Increase the DC of a chosen school of magic by 1 (stacks with elemental focus). (feat(s))

Barbed Pentacle of Asmodeus
Barbed Pentacle of Asmodeus (Gods and Magic) Increase the DC of spells that are augmented by writing by 1. (Magic item)

Rod of the Wayang
Rod of the Wayang (Ultimate Equipment) +1 DC to spells of the shadow subschool. (Magic item, Rod)

Scarf of the Suggestive Dance
Scarf of the Suggestive Dance (Pathfinder Module: Murder's Mark) increases a bard's fascinate and suggestion bard performance DC's by 1. (Magic Item)

Perfect Golden Lute
Perfect Golden Lute (Ultimate Equipment) Increase all bardic performance DC's by 2 if using the lute. (Keep in mind this is an artifact, and up to GM territory if it's ever seen or owned) (Magic item, Artifact)

Player's Prize
Player's Prize (People of the River) Scribe it with a person's name and drop it into that person's pocket, they take a -2 (will save) against your bardic performances. (Very pricy option if you really can swing it) (Magic item)

Honorable mentions:
Below we have misc stuff that may not directly increase a spell's dc, but still worth noting.

Draconic Malice
Draconic Malice (Legacy of Dragons) Lets you cast fear spells on normally immune creatures. (Spell, Antipaladin/bard/wizard/bloodrager/cleric/inquisitor/mesmerist/psychic/sham an/witch 3)

Mesmerizing Tattoo
Mesmerizing Tattoo (Blood of Shadows) Whenever the bearer uses the hypnotism occult skill unlock, casts an enchantment spell that targets a single creature, or uses the hypnotic stare class feature, her target takes a –1 penalty on Will saving throws for the ability’s duration and the DC to affect the target with the hypnotism occult skill unlock is reduced by 1. (Magic Item)

Ability Focus
Ability Focus (RPG Beastiary) Increase a single special attack's DC by 2, check with your dm first. (Feat)

Sinner's Wage
Sinner's Wage (Champions of Corruption) If used as a focus component for a charm or compulsion spell below 5th level, the target takes a -2 penalty to resist acting against its nature. (Magic item)

Myrrh (Alchemy Manual) Spells of the abjuration school are cast at +1 CL for the purpose of CL checks and Dispel Checks. (item)

Genius Avaricious
Genius Avaricious (Pathfinder Adventure Path #30: The Twice-Damned Prince) Mammon's Mantle: grants up to a +5 untyped Charisma bonus which heightens DC's.

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Humans select one extra feat at level one as long as they don't alternate racial trait out of it. Anything else comes from class choice.

Fighter, for example, gets a regular feat and a combat feat at level one. That's three in all if they are Human, but one has to be a combat feat.

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Something Arcane. Or just muck it up with an urban Barb to mess with the party. Or play something evil, with a ring of nondetection - be the source of intrigue.

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Dexterity/Enhancement, Deflection, Armor, Shield, Dodge, Natural, Luck, untyped, size, racial? There may be more... maybe.

Size: Small, Tiny
Luck: Blundering Defense
Enhancement: Cat's Grace
Deflection: Shield of Faith, Ring of Protection.
Armor: Mage Armor
Shield: Ring of Force Shield
Dodge: The feat Dodge
Natural: Armor of the Pit
Untyped: Fighting Defensively
Racial: ?

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My 15th level duel cursed, Oracle/life is a pacifist. This is accomplished on based on spell choices - choosing life giving, aids, and control spells. With her high CHA and charm, she can talk her way out of anything. It's entirely possible to be a pacifist and not feel useless. And, make no mistake, she's optimized and OP in her own way. Incredibly fun to play.

...you by the way, might want to look at catfolk. Might be some RP value for you there.

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A character who has the channel energy ability from a class other than cleric may use these variant channeling rules if the class’s abilities are tied to serving a deity. For example, paladins can select alternative channeling abilities if they serve a deity, as can oracles with the Life mystery (as they serve many deities), but necromancer wizards cannot.

Great thread. Love the concept.

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Besides killing them at range, what are your go-to methods to bring down a flyer that is using winged or magical flight?

Secondarily, what happens if you blind a flyer and it misses the DC10 acrobatics check to move faster than half speed?

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Build Thread 3: Swinging Swords and Kickin Ass!

It was before Slayer builds but you could adapt what's in the thread to suit your tastes.

*reads up* Eeessh, Nargy. You necro'd for that?

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Not the only way to play the game, but variant multiclassing isn't allowed in PFS or AP's sadly.

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Fort Save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Umm, you died. Service is Saturday.
Notify your next of kin.

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Dylos wrote:

I completely understand the desire to remove Tieflings and Aasimars, with blood of angels/fiends they are very powerful for just about every class, also their removal means that the only race that can early entry into Eldritch Knight (base Aasimar) is now a boon race once again.

I'm slightly disappointed about the announcement that Kitsune/Wayang/Nagaji will be legal since I just traded for a boon of them, but I suppose I can let it collect dust until such time that they are no longer openly available.

Maybe next year they'll force everyone to be gelatinous gray cubes...just for you.

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Sounds like you played it like a player, not a GM. What GM uses Death Knell on a downed level one? Are you trying to make them never come back?

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I don't understand why they make these items, then don't spend five minutes to consider what they've just done. Maybe it's 20-20 hind sight, but if they were to ask their QA power gamer on staff to try and make a build with said item, five minutes later they'd have their eyes opened.

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It's a vanilla Zen Archer build.

Zen Archer Handbook, by StreamoftheSky.

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concerned-citizen wrote:
...some stuff

Ah, the number of times I've wanted to Necro a thread to offer the OP advice I was certain he should read... 3 years later.

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If a GM is hinging a game on one 4th level Cleric spell something is wrong and I don't mean with the spell.

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That you can take a 5-foot step at any point during a full attack. e.g. middle of a Rapid Shot attack, or a Whirlwind attack...even while Lunging during a Whirlwind attack.

One more:
You can voluntarily fail a saving roll, but you can't voluntarily fail a critical confirmation roll.

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Play what you like. That's definately the best advice you'll ever get.

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OP wrote:
Game Mastery is strong.

Blathering prattle.

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Raise your hand if this tread sent you hunting for the Wizard System Mastery archtype.

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Sounds like Catholicism. You can use the wand, but you must be guilt ridden afterwards and that's going to make you use it less. *glares at you* Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary! Hit me again!

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Nefreet wrote:
Normally a character not proficient in a particular weapon can still wield it with a -4 penalty. Since the Bastard Sword (and others) are listed as one-handed exotic weapons, some people argue you can wield them in one hand and just take the -4 penalty. This matches nicely with all established rules on proficiency, and those same people argue that these weapons are no different.


Nefreet wrote:
Others look at the text descriptions of the weapons and interpret them to mean the weapons can not be wielded at all in one hand unless you have proficiency. They point to obscure 3.5 FAQs and tangent developer comments to make their case.

You're proficient or you aren't. Stop over thinking it.

Pathfinder isn't 3.5. And - as someone said yesterday in another post that taking FAQs and running with them like this is akin to running with scissors. Here be a perfect example of that.

*edit* That said - I FAQ'd.

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Sounds like a , "perfect storm" scenario to me...on several levels.
Whatever you do - you're going get the most mileage if you sit down privately and talk to the GM.

More Advice:
1. Be the GM.
2. Take a break from PFS. If they need you in the chair, they're more likely to protect you. Additionally, if they're leveling up whilst you're remaking level one's - they are going to be stuck until you catch up to them. This assuming you don't play pregens, play up, etc.
3. Make an indestructable character. Shield Paladins with Hero's Defiance are hard to kill. Get some AC and hit points. GMs tend to ignore those guys. Also - there's an 18 CON Summoner build out there that's perfect for your situation.

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Seams like you're grossly overthinking this. Proficiency is proficiency. You are or you aren't.

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Treating bombs like spells is the way to go. The tricky part is deciding on a method of attack when not using bombs. That's why multi-classing into Rogue[but you can't sneak attack with bombs], Gunslinger or even Fighter at level one appeals. The natural fit is thrower but it suffers for numerous reasons that all boil down to damage output.

Deciding where to mix the various feats into your build is mentally taxing. Ranged: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Splash Wpn Mastry, Two Weapon Fighting and maybe Many Shot...etc. Spend so much effort in covering those bases and you'll realized quickly that you're stuck with a lot less "bombingness".

Assuming you're wanting something Range attack oriented...

Sample Build:
Elf Grenadier 12/16/12/18/12/7 (Precise Bombs, LongBow)
1. Point Blank Shot 1d6+4 bombs, 1d8 bow 7 Bombs/day to start
2. Tanglefoot Bomb
3. Rapid Shot
4. Infusion
5. Precise Shot or Splash Wpn Mastery
6. Breath Wpn Bomb
If you bump your Dex to 17 at L4 you can take Manyshot at L8 for three attacks - bow only. Could also invest in a composite long bow for 1d8+1.

Sample Build
Elf Mindchemist 12/16/12/18/12/7
1. Fighter, Rapid Shot, Point Blank Shot
3. Tanglefoot Bomb, Precise Shot
5. Precise Bombs, Infusion
7. Breath Wpn bomb, Splash Wpn Mstry
Defender of the Society gives you +1AC. If you choose Mstwrk Agile breastplate you'll be -3 armor check but you'll have 20AC. You could also have a Great Sword for a melee weapon and a Composite Longbow...or hurl Chakrams.