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So I'm starting up a new Slayer character. Whe I first looked, it seemed like a range-heavy class, but looking through the forums, most seem to play it more as a combat rogue. Am I doing something wrong here?

Because you have access to the ranger fighting style, you can build a slayer any way you want. Ranged, 2H, TWF, etc. I even have an intimidate build on the shelf waiting to be used. It just so happens that slayer is one of the few classes that can do a STR TWF build b/c of the ranger feats.

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The other reason you tend to see melee build is normally easier to get sneak attacks with melee, which is part of the appeal of the class.

Slayer is a really good class because of the ranger fighting style - not the roguish Rogue talents. The archetypes are a minefield, but there are a few gems there too. It also sets up nicely to multi-class really well Slayer 6/ Fighter 6.

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