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Got my shipping notice today in Ireland! Thanks

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Still no EU shipping details? I can order and have it arrive from Amazon to Ireland by tomorrow. Kind of frustrating.


My subscription from August, Order 36630478, still has not arrived. I'm presuming at this stage it is lost in the US postal system.

I got a refund for my previous package from June which didn't arrive either ( )

Is it possible to get a refund for this one too?

I'd prefer a refund if possible over resending as unfortunately I recently cancelled my subscriptions due to ever increasing delivery times to Europe (not just Paizo all US post). I'm going to purchase via Amazon in Europe instead.

Thanks so much for your help with this.

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My subscription for June, Order 36533145, still has not arrived. I'm presuming at this stage it is lost in the US postal system.

Is it possible to get a refund? I'd prefer a refund if possible over resending as unfortunately I recently cancelled my subscriptions due to ever increasing delivery times to Europe (not just Paizo all US post). I'm going to purchase via Amazon in Europe instead.

Thanks for your help with this.

Thanks Logan


Could I please cancel all my subscriptions:

Pathfinder Lost Omens
Pathfinder Adventure
Pathfinder Rulebook

This is due to the postal time (to Ireland) getting longer and longer each month. I used to get items within 3-4 weeks of shipping, then it creeped up to 6 weeks and I have still yet to receive my package that shipped in June, Order 36533145, not sure if its lost or delayed.

Anyhow its much quicker to just order from Amazon UK on release and it gets to me sooner.

Thanks for your help


I'd like to cancel the following subs:

Starfinder Roleplaying Game
Starfinder Adventure Path

(keeping the rest of my pathfinder subs)


Thanks guys, taking a look through these now, players are level 9

My players have just been through along slog of combat heavy sessions and i'm looking to shake things up a bit with a sidequest with something involving a bit more social/skills related gameplay.

Can anyone recommend some good starfinder(or anything else) modules/scenarios with something like this that I can plunder and fit to my story.



Could I cancel my "Starfinder Accessories" and "Starfinder Maps" subscriptions effective asap (and keep all the other ones)

Thanks for your help

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Not showing up for me yet. I hope this isn't a US only release, that would suck for us Europeans

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello Gnomatsu,

Thank you for letting us know this happened to you and providing images. I have set up a replacement for the book in your current pending subscription order. The replacement will ship with your next subscription volume. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

Super, thanks Sam


I received this order containing "Starfinder Adventure Path #21: Huskworld" a little bit back but didn't get around to reading it until today, when i noticed it has a misprint

After page 32, it skips to page 49 and then reprints the pages from 49 to the end twice.

Photos of misprint.

Is it is possible to get the issue resent,

Thanks for your help

A PC is climbing across a knotted rope making (making DC10 athletics checks on their turn to move)

Mid rope they are attacked by an aerial creature.

Do they have to make any sort of roll to maintain their grip on the rope? I feel like they should but I can't find a rule?

There's a high likelihood they'll die in combat (ship boarding action gone drastically wrong).

That's why I'm wondering how long it's takes driftdead to "form" as if it's in the order of rounds they'll spring back up in the current combat.

So I may have a player about to die while en route in the drift next session.

I know if they have a strong negative emotion at death they may turn into a Driftdead.

However this says "MAY", I'm guessing I roll a 50/50 chance. Unsure though how long this driftdead process takes, instantaneous or many days/weeks/months.

In the event they don't become driftdead, what happens their soul with no access to the river of souls, they just haunt the ship? Would the ship exiting the drift bring their soul with them?

Any guidance/suggestions on the above.

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Vanguard looks fun at first glance, can't wait to get my hands on some shields, think its time rebuild my Captain America Absalom character

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Yep I love the shorter APs, I find some groups start to chomp at the bit when they've been playing the same AP for too long (even though they enjoy it they want to finish up and try something new)

Thanks guys i'll go with that, I like the "Aware of Location" concept

TLDR: If one PC in the group spots a stealthed NPC, does everyone in the party spot them?

I'm running an encounter (half way through, we play short sessions at lunchtimes in work) and the opponent in the combat has main tactic whereby he will try to stay stealthed, snipe, move away into the rocky terrain and stealth again (he has a cloaking shield to boost his base stealth bonus which is pretty high already).

Its a nice challenge for the group as instead of just murder-hoboing in and flattening him, they keep getting shot at and can't find him.

I'm unsure whether I should play it that anyone who fails the perception check can't see him or let everyone one see him once any member of the party spots him.

The latter is easier to manage as i just put the token on the board when he's spotted, but with the former I have to ask the players who didn't spot him to pretend they don't know he's there ( in the last game this lead to the daft situation where someone far away saw him, but our big-dumb-hit-things lizard who was almost on top of him him couldn't see him.

Should I play this:
A) big dumb lizard sees him because friend told him where he was (as free action i guess)
b) big dumb lizard sees him because friend pointed to general area and he can hit but enemy gets concealment because big dumb lizard is swinging wild?
C) big dumb lizard can't see him at all and can't take a shot.

what would you do?

Captain Cosmos wrote:

I love it.

I think I found a Typo:

I think ">= 1/2 Max HP Dam" should read "<=1/2 Max HP Dam"

I do that all the freekin' time. Lower right corner of the chart.

Fixed and new version uploaded at link above, thanks for spotting it

I've come close to killing my PC's a few times, and while I'm willing to hand wave a lot of rules I don't want to accidentally kill my PC's due to a rules fail so I decided to nail the rules of death and dying as much as I could.

Being a programmer I struggle with the prose style of some rules so I decided to translate the "Injury and Death" section of the CRB into something more algorithmic and ended up with the following flow chart to consult whenever a player hits zero HP.

A4 PDF on Google Drive

JPEG on Google Drive

It has a number of entry conditions across the top and you follow it from there answering each section or taking the the action.

Green lines mean yes/action taken and red lines mean no/action not taken.

A lot of the healing options are optional, as even if you have resolve points or a medic nearby you/they can chose to let you die.

You might not understand it all if haven't read the CRB section in detail yourself at least once as the items in each box are shorthand.

I'm sure it has some mistakes so if you spot anything let me know, but double check the rules first because in some case while not explicitly stated in a section, its the logical conclusion of items written in separate sections (which is why prose for rules always irks my programmer brain ;-) )

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Steve Geddes wrote:

One thing I could have sworn I remember is that the maps aren't produced digitally - they're drawn by hand and then scaled in at an appropriate scale (and touched up in a cartography program). I seem to remember that being another barrier as to whythey weren't 'super-zoomable'

This is untrue definitely for starfinder at least. How do I know? If you purchase the fantasy grounds digital AP pack all the maps are available in it in hi res.

You can't extract them from the app however but they are present on disk in an encrpyted form. Fantasy grounds don't commission the artwork, they receive it from paizo.

Given the ready availability of the hi res images and the fact they supply it to online tabletop licensees, makes it extra frustrating that they won't supply it to regular customers too, even when we're willing to pay extra. ( I even paid for fantasy grounds just to see if I could extract images.)

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Mark Moreland wrote:

Out of curiosity, because I honestly can't think of any, can you point me to some adventures on the scale of an AP that come with full 1'-scale maps that aren't boxed sets?

Hi Mark, thanks for replying!

Yep I can't point to any either, but thats not really what I'm asking fo though, as I can see that would be cost prohibitive and effectively be a whole other product line.

The thing is the hobby lives in a digital age now where people either play online (not me) or have cheap and easy access to printers (free for me in my job ;-) ). I know paizo know this already as they've lead the way in making PDF's of their products easily available.

It would be a real boon to players if the maps included in an AP were provided separately as a digitally downloadable resource such as a zip pack maybe like the community resource packs. Or if it needs to be watermarked then as a pdf with full page maps as these are high res enough to print well. Charge or not for these, whatever makes most economic sense for paizo. Also some maps in APs (eg sunrise maiden deckplan) are sold separately as part of the maps line which is fine, just leave these out of the other pack.

I can see how paizo might want to avoid this for online use as they want to license it to fantasy grounds and roll20 and have it be a perk of that purchase, but that leaves traditional tabletop players in the lurch, who just want to print out the pretty map ;-)

Anyhow i'm sure paizo know their business way better than me, all I'm asking is for paizo to allow a way for customers to print out the maps already included in the AP in a way that isn't horribly grainy and fuzzy, and involve having access to pdf tools that extract images.

Thanks again Mark.

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Steve Geddes wrote:

but my understanding is that the maps are drawn for the required size/resolution. I believe getting the cartographer to make a more detailed map is more pricey (and would just be wasted money if they're not going to use it).

Nope digital artists always create high res images and scaled down for whatever context it's being printed in. The images in the AP's have been made available in the fantasy grounds content packs in hi res (which I haven't worked out how to extract) and a few on the original artists websites before being removed or slapped with a big watermark presumably at paizo request (which is fair enough). So paizo already own and have paid for the hi res images in all liklihood.

Steve Geddes wrote:
I may be misunderstanding what people are asking for?

It's simple really, I'm questioning the purpose of the AP' as a printed/digital document.

Is it just to be fun read and not play? If so then fine it certainly is fun to read and and the maps are pretty to look at at low res in the corner of a page.

Is it to be a toolkit to run a game? Then it fails on the map front because the maps are not provided to the customer in any usable form.

While yes you can mess around with PDF viewers and try and extract the images this can't be a serious proposition for non technical users.

The answer is simple I think just make a zip available with each AP' with all the maps in hi-res. It might be awkward, it might take time, but it'll increase the usefulness of the AP's tremendously

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Okay, pardon me for ranting and if I seem a little frustrated but I'm just prepping book 3 of Dead Suns for play and dealing with map pain again.

For context I'm a subscriber, I buy the APs and the pdf, and I do have the minimal technical knowledge and access to the tools to actually extract maps from the PDF (which many people do not from looking at reddit and forum threads).

But what I want to know is what is the Paizo's expectation of customers use of the maps with the AP's:

- Am I supposed to just use the ones in the book as inspiration and draw my own
- Am I supposed to extract them and blow them up and print them myself
- Am i supposed to take the 10 foot grid maps and overlay another grid so I can make them into usable 5ft maps (which is what i do)

Given that Paizo have access to hi-res versions of the maps (i've seen them on artists websites and in the fantasy grounds content packs) why is there no way for me to acquire them physically or digitally even if i have to pay extra.

Why do paizo even bother making nice maps when their primary customer has no access to them and has to fiddle around with image extraction just to get a crappy low resolution image to print out.

Am I crazy here, whats going on! I mean I love paizo, everything they do is just top notch but this map issue is just like someone kicking me in the balls for fun everytime I go to start an AP.

Why not just include all the maps as a downloadable resource somewhere (I'll pay extra)

So in Pathfinder every corner of the inner sea has a Pathfinder lodge with a venture captain holding the fort, and it's a handy story hook and player resource.

So is it the same in Starfinder? Are there field offices other than the lorespire complex?. I've mostly been running Dead Suns and just read a couple of the society scenarios andI haven't seen any mentioned.

As some begin reading books in sanctum, say it'll take a few hours and encourage others to explore tower.

When first PC climbs to the top of the tower, they see the cystal at the centre of the telescope device. Have them roll a high DC will save and if they fail they feel compelled to pick it up.

When they do psychic blast radiates out and all have vision.

Holder is left fluent in elven

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For the finale session of my Starfinder groups play through Dead Suns:Temple Of The Twelve I put together a little audio production with my daughter.

Its a kind of vision the party has which gives them an info dump about the Temples past, rather than just reading the books in the temple sanctum. Lots of credit of course goes to the fine folks over at the Cosmic Crit podcast who I totally ripped this entire idea and plot from ( Episode 27: the Shape of Slaughter)

Some background audio used is taken from the awesome app Syrinscape

more at


I'm wondering if the pazo website has been hacked in someway.

Every day on my Google Now newsfeed on my Android phone I'm being suggested links like the one below. Going on for the last week at least.

It's looks like a spam content injection attack similar to one I had on my own WordPress website a few years back.

Just thought I'd let you know. If it's not a hack it's some mighty strange content that is getting promoted.

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So thankfully as i'm not the best as when it comes to being a complete and total ass I figured I might struggle when portraying Ailabiens 21:2 from book 2 on the fly.

So I made myself a little reference sheet for the encounter that I gleaned from gathering insults on the internet and thought I'd share in case its helpful to others.

Upon entering :

“Ohhh..Come in, it’s not like like I’ll be permitted to get even a scrap of work done today so by small means enter, and waste my time with your undoubtedly petty concerns and questions.”

When they enter:

“Oh don’t you lot look like a sorry bunch, bet your going to make my day even more intolerable, go on then open your mouths and get it over with it, Statistically speaking if you keep talking you might eventually say something intelligent.”

Comebacks if called rude:

Well I could say nice things about you, but I’d rather tell the truth
No, no, I’m not insulting you I’m describing you.
It’s not that I’m not being condescending, it’s just I’m too busy thinking about far more important things that you wouldn’t understand.
Oh no, I’m not being rude, you’re just insignificant.
Believe me, I wouldn’t dream of insulting you, as the I’d only have to explain it afterwards, and I don’t have all day.

If told they are are starfinders:

Ah yes, starfinders, tell me, is your job devoted to spreading ignorance or is that just a side effect.

Asked to explain

I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain it to you.
Aww, it’s so cute when you try to talk about things you don’t understand.

General Insults

Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology
Tell me do you still love nature, despite what it did to you
If opposites attract, then I hope you meet someone who is attractive, honest, intelligent, and cultured
You know you strike me as just the the kind of creature that one could use as a blueprint to build an idiot.
Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all stupid people.
Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today.
I don’t know what makes you so dumb but its really working
I’m often told brains aren’t everything and it seems in your case they’re most likely nothing.
You possess a rare confidence in your abilities, albeit entirely unfounded.
If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth.

The next series of pathfinder comics "Spiral Of Bones" apparently has a mini Starfinder story at the back

Goblin TLDR: Me shiny thing seem broke once me see new shiny thing. Me now want smash shiny things together.

So I jumped all in on starfinder six months ago and I'm GMing a really enjoyable campaign.

So you'd think the announcement of Pathfinder 2 wouldn't impact me right!

But because like most people I'm not a rational being I keep glancing over at the new shiny thing with its fancy action economy and bells and whistles, and thinking Starfinder isn't as good anymore. While pathfinders move forward to a glorious land of fluid rules and non racist ancestries, us poor Starfinders will struggle on for years with an already defunct filesystem.

Now clearly this is nonsense, and in reality if PF2 is good I'll play that too or instead of Starfinder and still have a good time, but it's a known phenomenon called The Osbourne Effect that happens whenever a company announces a new product that supercedes or appears to supercede an old one.

Given that paizo surely had Starfinder in gestation when PF2 was conceived it would have been ideal if we could have got some sort of common core mechanics like the action economy etc and had a second layer of more specific/tuned rules for each.

Maybe we will someday when PF3/SF2 come out with a new XFinder Core Rules, until then I'll just have to glance out the window of my Kevolari Venture knowing that out there somewhere is another plane with shinier rules ;-)

So my mystic player has been feeling like space combat doesn't feel like it offers his character much thematically.

While the engineer and more martial classes fit neatly into the roles RP wise, its like there isn't much of a role for a more purely mystically oriented character.

I'm thinking maybe something like magical ship to ship weapons that work better with a mystic operating them might work but thats all I've got.

Has anyone got any ideas for adding a more mystical flavour to space combat and ship roles, that might make a mystic a bit more vital or involved from an RP stance at least

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Used this in my session the other day, it went down very well, players loved it.

I played Elysium from The Gladiator soundtrack lowly in the background to accompany it, worked really well to enhance the emotional impact.

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Used these the other day as my players made their way through the drift rock, great stuff.

I kept randomly playing the garaggakal sound effect and it freaked them out.

Awesome, my players are about to hit this next week, just in time! Thanks so much for making this.

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I fancied up the notes from Halkueem Zan for use as handouts in Dead Suns Adventure Path number two: Temple Of The Twelve:

You can find them here on imgur

Or find more here on my website

I'm in the beta too and I love it so far.

At the moment it's purely a character creator, with a play tab to see stats and do dice rolls etc.

In this regard I'm already switching over my group of noob players to use it as it makes char creation, levelling and equipment tracking so much faster and easier.

As to be expected with any beta there are a host of small issues, some functional, some with regards to stability and responsiveness. However this is normal for any software project and I imagine most will be resolved before exiting beta.

Beyond fixes the upcoming feature list looks great with ship and party management being my most wanted.

Looks nice, I've backed it, good to see a Kickstarter with cheap shipping (for us Europeans ;-) )

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Inspired by Halkueem Zan’s book description in the Temple of the Twelve, I decided to bring the book's cover to life for my players in what is hopefully all its pulpy glory!

Check it out here:

Are there rules for Drunkeness?

My party are going to be thrust into a skirmish after having one too many.

I was going to apply one of the various conditions for different levels of inebriation, and maybe use fortitude saves somehow to gauge how much they can hold their liquor, but I was wondering if there's a good way to handle this out there already.


So about to hit the first starship combat part of Deadsuns with my players this week so brushing up.

Can anyone tell me what the modifiers section of the ship stat blocks mean.

For instance piloting modifier, does my players pilot get this added on top of their own piloting modifier?

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Just got my Alien Archive PDF and I just discovered Skittermanders!

Paizo please halt all work in progress and get working on the following ASAP:

Skittermander plushies
Prepainted Skittermander minis in glorious technicolour.
A full hardcover gazetteer on Skittermanders.
A new "Rise of the Skitterlords" AP
A whole new Skitterfinder Society organised play program.

Also please promote whoever invented these to be head of the new Skitterfinder department!!

P.S. In case it wasn't clear, I love skittermanders

I printed at A1, a bit fuzzy here and there but perfectly useable

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Or download from artist page here.

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Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure

I was at Thought bubble in Leeds last weekend, and it was on sale at the con and at "Travelling Man" games and comics shop in Leeds, loads of copies in fact.

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Reading this thread I think I must live on another planet.

I don't go online, I am online on wifi always, in my house, in my job, in bars and cafes, in large sections of my city with public WiFi, even on the bus, and failing that I have 4G with enough data to handle a webapp easily.(I live in Ireland)

I don't really see Herolab online as a problem in fact it seems way more convenient to me, and it will have a nice modern slick HTML5 responsive UI, not the aging and ugly desktop UI we have now.

I think there are loads of people like me and Herolab is right to pitch their product for a marketplace with ubiquitous internet access. If you don't live in this market you probably are in a decreasing minority. I work in software and we made a similar move with one of our products and it has made excellent economic sense for us, and I think it will for Herolab too.

If this doesn't suit you that's unfortunate, but statistically you are in a decreasing minority and Herolab can't bet on you for it's future.

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