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Are there rules for Drunkeness?

My party are going to be thrust into a skirmish after having one too many.

I was going to apply one of the various conditions for different levels of inebriation, and maybe use fortitude saves somehow to gauge how much they can hold their liquor, but I was wondering if there's a good way to handle this out there already.

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I'd suggest the poison rules. If you give everyone a save or two depending one how many one too many is for each it'll also cut short complaints that the 14 con Vesk shouldn't have as many penalties as the 10 con Ysoki.

You may want to reuse the rules from Pathfinder:

SRD, alcohol wrote:
Just like drugs, alcohol can be abused and have significant negative effects. In general, a character can consume a number of alcoholic beverages equal to 1 plus double his Constitution modifier before being sickened for 1 hour equal to the number of drinks above this maximum. Particularly exotic or strong forms of alcohol might be treated as normal drugs. Those who regularly abuse alcohol might eventually develop a moderate addiction.

However you divide up how much is "Too much" think about different stages of intoxication.
For example:
1) Buzzed- No penalties
2) Feeling it - -4 Dex, +2 Stamina / level
3) Sickened
4) Nauseated.
5) Unconscious.

Using a modification of Darkling's and Obscure's ideas:

At Con mod # of drinks start saving, DC=10+ # of drinks over con mod
Each fail is a step up the chart.

OR maybe a simpler way is Skip 1 and 2, just make saves for each drink after 5.

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You can make it a DC 10 drug with the following track:


No need to overcomplicate it.

I seriously thought this was going to be about players/GMs getting drunk. Now I'm wondering if it's a bad thing that I immediately associate roleplaying with drinking.

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