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For the finale session of my Starfinder groups play through Dead Suns:Temple Of The Twelve I put together a little audio production with my daughter.


Its a kind of vision the party has which gives them an info dump about the Temples past, rather than just reading the books in the temple sanctum. Lots of credit of course goes to the fine folks over at the Cosmic Crit podcast who I totally ripped this entire idea and plot from ( Episode 27: the Shape of Slaughter)

Some background audio used is taken from the awesome app Syrinscape

more at gnomatsu.org

Neat! And timing is great - my party's about to enter the Library.

Any recommendations on using it other than just hitting play?

As some begin reading books in sanctum, say it'll take a few hours and encourage others to explore tower.

When first PC climbs to the top of the tower, they see the cystal at the centre of the telescope device. Have them roll a high DC will save and if they fail they feel compelled to pick it up.

When they do psychic blast radiates out and all have vision.

Holder is left fluent in elven

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