The Pyramid People of Ukulam

Dead Suns

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Inspired by Halkueem Zan’s book description in the Temple of the Twelve, I decided to bring the book's cover to life for my players in what is hopefully all its pulpy glory!

Check it out here:

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Very Nice!

Yep, very nice, I just 'borrowed' it. :)

I love this! Reading the log entries I knew I had to make a hand-out of them. This cover is far better than anything I had imagined. If you put together the "annotated" pages, I'd glad to use them. ;)

Much appreciated, Gnomatsu! I will definitely be using this as a prop when I run this.

In a side note,

Spoiler for Temple of the Twelve: anyone thinking of cutting Whaloss from Book 2? From a story standpoint he doesn't seem to serve a whole lot of purpose other than an intro of Dr. Muhali, and if you just make Dr. Muhali the point of contact that Chiskisk knows of, and the PCs have to single her out, then Whaloss does not serve much purpose - plus, with Muhali being the linguistic expert, she'd be the more logical choice to be sought, and after Muhali and Ailabiens, he makes no more appearances in the AP.

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I love the Pulp! Good work.

Good to have some free pulpy pyramid people stuff out there for the first Starfinder AP (could also be used, theoretically, in a system neutral way too). ;)

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Dotting this for later. Super cool.


Thanks for making these, going to use them in the game tomorrow night :)

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