Stealthed NPC's: To see or not to see, that is the question?

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TLDR: If one PC in the group spots a stealthed NPC, does everyone in the party spot them?

I'm running an encounter (half way through, we play short sessions at lunchtimes in work) and the opponent in the combat has main tactic whereby he will try to stay stealthed, snipe, move away into the rocky terrain and stealth again (he has a cloaking shield to boost his base stealth bonus which is pretty high already).

Its a nice challenge for the group as instead of just murder-hoboing in and flattening him, they keep getting shot at and can't find him.

I'm unsure whether I should play it that anyone who fails the perception check can't see him or let everyone one see him once any member of the party spots him.

The latter is easier to manage as i just put the token on the board when he's spotted, but with the former I have to ask the players who didn't spot him to pretend they don't know he's there ( in the last game this lead to the daft situation where someone far away saw him, but our big-dumb-hit-things lizard who was almost on top of him him couldn't see him.

Should I play this:
A) big dumb lizard sees him because friend told him where he was (as free action i guess)
b) big dumb lizard sees him because friend pointed to general area and he can hit but enemy gets concealment because big dumb lizard is swinging wild?
C) big dumb lizard can't see him at all and can't take a shot.

what would you do?

Personally I would run option B.

But, I think a strict reading of the rules it would be C), and the friend would have to take aid another just to give the lizard a bonus to his perception check (which he would technically make on his turn, the group wouldn't make the check together at the same time)

"Aware of Location
When you are aware of a creature’s location, you know exactly where the creature is located, but you still can’t observe the creature with a precise sense such as vision. Generally, this occurs because you have blindsense, or because the creature is hidden but you have succeeded at a Perception check to pinpoint the creature with an imprecise sense. You must at least be aware of a creature’s location in order to directly attack it, though it is considered to have total concealment from you. It is, however, subject to area effects affecting that location."

Seems like this covers the situation exactly. "Because my friend told me where the enemy is" seems a perfectly valid example of 'Aware of Location'. Thus, you can target them, but they benefit from full cover.

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I agree with Metaphysician. It keeps the PCs from looking like bumbling idiots, and doesn't step on the toes of Envoy abilities that let players share Perception.

Thanks guys i'll go with that, I like the "Aware of Location" concept

Gnomatsu wrote:
Thanks guys i'll go with that, I like the "Aware of Location" concept

You should read the rules around awareness that aware of location is a part of - npcs and players get massive stealth bonuses in a lot of situations

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